Moroccan Inspired Baby Shower Invitations!

Hi there friends!

Remember how I told you that my friend Yaso was having a baby?  That was a long time ago, I realize, and said baby is now out in the world and even smiling, cooing and just being all around cute!  But before all that goodness, there was a shower (which I got very few pictures of – DOH!) and there were invitations.

My crazy friend didn’t want to find out the gender of the baby before hand – like, HOW CAN YOU RESIST?!  Not me.  Oh, not me.  I wanted to know.  No.  I needed to know!!  Since I had no clue to the gender, there would be no rainbow unicorn or space cowboy themed shower.  (Although, dang, those two would be amaze-ball ideas, right?!?)  So I came up with the very original, (not), Moroccan theme idea.  It’s been done soooo many times, and VERY well, I might add, but I knew that I could really get colorful, keep it fun and inject one of my friend’s favorite animals, the peacock, into the mix!!

Enter my vision for the invitation – A flying peacock carrying a baby.  There should totally be a picture like that on-line.  Everything’s on-line.

Not this, you guys.

So I drew something myself, using inspiration from the ol’ faithful baby deliverer, the stork.  Here’s what I came up with.

While I was working on figuring out this, I was also learning how to use my new Cricut.  Honestly, uploading the peacock and cutting her out in the design space was fairly painless.  Winning!

I found this great paper and used that to just go crazy with color and pattern – It’s like an explosion of prints!

The trick to making the card, is to add an inch to the length and make an accordion pocket like the photo above.  In the fold you’ll put in the peacock, which I mounted on a clear plastic cut-out (from a strawberry container!!).

When you open the card, there is a SURPRISE!!  Do you see how that peacock is literally flying in the air?!

It’s damn near impossible to find double-sided glitter paper, so I used glitter from a spray can, and glued on a gem for the eye.

The rest was pretty straightforward, just a bunch of gluing!  I used textured foam for the front and sprayed those too.  Why not?

Just a fun idea you can use to create a special card!!  And I love the Cricut – sometimes it gives me a small heart attack, but overall, I’m very happy!

Finds – Spring 2017

Holy cow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted some finds!  Time to clear out the photos on my phone from my last few visits to the flea market and thrift store!

Let’s see if you can guess which of these came home with me!

A Pair of Henredon Nightstands for $40. These needed a bit of tlc, but I LOVE the drawers!
This huge armoire was $375, in perfect condition, and would be amazing in a master bath! I wish I had the room for it!! Look at that wood!
So, you guys I almost bought these chairs. They are Italian with chrome legs and leather backs. The seller wanted $800, I tried to get them for $400 (he was wavering but wanted a bit more) and now they are on sale on Chairish for $1,500!!
Two things to check out here… this awesome vintage sectional and the weird dude hiding in the back!! Omg, it kills me! I actually bought this guy for $120 and it’s now in my dining room. It needs a reupholstery job, for sure, but I’ve never seen something like it and I think it’s cool for a table!
A gorgeous dresser for $250 – why are you still available, you’re so pretty??
I debated this one, but it does have potential. $90
A jungalicious magazine table for $30, you really can’t go wrong with that.
A vintage,chrome and glass EXTENDING table! Ah!! I love this table, it’s so cool!! They sell for 1,000’s and this one was only $150.
I tried to buy this sweet lady for my goddaughter, but she is a bit of a commitment at over 3 ft tall. For $45 though, I’m having a major case of remorse… the inside was totally clean and in need of wallpaper and furniture. Whaaaaa!
A brand new outdoor table for $50, in a super sweet shape. Yes, please.
Let’s call her, the one that got away. $47. Yes, you read that right.
Here’s another fab find that came home with me! I’m smitten and have NO IDEA where I’ll put her, but who cares?! For $38 I couldn’t resist… she’s got a broken leg, so that’s something to figure out, but dang, baby got style!! Those knobs!
I also bought this dresser which I’m thinking I may sell in my Chairish shop. I paid $90, which isn’t nothing (and it needs some work), but I’m very much in love with the shape. Maybe I should just cram her somewhere in my house?!? I. can’t. let. go.
The Overman Pod sofa for $600. It needed new upholstery but dang it, I adore this sofa. I’d put it in my bedroom in front of the bed. In a tribal print? Omg.

So there you have it!  All my dirty little secrets!

Any great finds you’ve had recently?!?

It’s an Art World

Hi there!

Lately I’ve found myself more and more interested in art.  It’s probably the natural progression of decorating my home, since now that it’s filled (to the brim!) with furniture I’m able to put stuff up on the walls.  But man, oh man, I don’t know shit about buying art.  It’s so intimidating.  And it’s an expensive classroom, if you know what I mean.  Sometimes I’ll see notices about what’s sold at Christie’s… an edition print selling for millions?  Like, what the what?!  How can that even make sense if it’s not the original?!?  And then, there are those pieces that are like 1 color and they’re worth 100k.  Are we looking at the same thing?!  Alls I can say, is that art is a crazy world, but I kinda want in… just a a lot!!

Obviously, what we all want are ORIGINAL works of art.  These are one-of-a-kind pieces made with the artist’s hand.  Since there are only 1 of these in the world, they are more expensive.  (Pamela Bell’s home below)

But that doesn’t mean that art made through a printing method is to be discarded… at least that’s what I used to think!  Recently, I was at a flea market and saw a lithograph done by Picasso.  (That one piece inspired this post!)  It wasn’t cheap.  It wasn’t expensive.  I really loved the colors and the feeling of it, but I hesitated… was it worth the price?  Obviously it was worth something, but I just really knew nothing about what the heck a lithograph was.  Enter some HOMEWORK!!  Now, I’m kicking myself for not buying the darn thing and I’ll share with you why… and some other stuff I just learned about printed art.

What’s a Serigraph?  This is a term I see quite a bit on art listings.  It’s when an artist uses a screen printing method to make prints.  They run a squeegee over a fine mesh (which could be made of a number of materials) and with a stencil (or 100), they imprint one color at a time of an image. It’s also called silkscreen.  Each one is done by hand, but obviously the actual image is the same.  Though slight variations will occur because of the process, there is more than one out in the world.  However, they ARE worth something (sometimes A LOT) since super famous artists have enjoyed making serigraphs and they often mark the number of prints and sign the piece too.

A lithograph is made using a printing method, with a type of plate (usually stone) and ink.  Newspapers are still made this way!  Isn’t that crazy?  (It’s called off-set lithography)  Of course, with art, the materials are higher end, so the result is much nicer, but it’s still pretty interesting to note.  A lithograph was a way to bring the cost of art down and for commercial use in the 19th century.  And many famous artists became taken with the process… why not get their art out into the world?  Here’s a cool video showing how modern lithographs are made – it’s pretty interesting.  I especially like seeing the guy put this huge stone into the printing press.  Lol!  Even though these are made using a template, they are still each made one at a time, have variations and are worth some bucks.  A Picasso lithograph?  Yes, please.  I’ll take a Calder one too.

Have you heard of a Mezzotint?  It’s made in a very similar fashion as a lithograph, but the plate is made with thousands of tiny dots that give the print depth and tonality.  Because of the use of these tiny indentations, it’s good to know, that you can only get about 100-200 good prints out the process.  Usually there is also a “sepia looking tint” which makes it look antique (and cool).

An etching involves making a metal “picture” with wax and acid.  Once the “picture” is etched into the metal, it can make hundreds of prints with ink!  Engraving, also involves making a photo on a plate (a number of different hard materials) and then using that plate to print art.  Some dude named Rembrandt made this one below….

It’s kinda crazy right?!

I was thinking that these printed methods were similar to art you would find on Minted.  But those are printed on a specialty printer, NOT done by hand the way these are.  Now, I can’t tell you how much any of these are actually worth, but I can tell you that I will have my eyes peeled for the next fabulous lithograph I see!!

The more you know, right?!  Of course, you might need more information – Check these out too,  Easy to understand, and MOMA Videos!

Master Bath Makes Progress!

It’s been a long few weeks, but I can finally say that the dust has settled in the master bathroom… I think.  Maybe?  Well, wall dust, at least!!

Changes have happened, that’s for sure.  Am I done?  Nope.  Not even close.

I added in that moulding we talked about here.  That proved to be a fun and fairly straight-forward project.  I bought 250 linear feet of moulding from Superior Moulding, which has an awesome selection of all kinds of goodies!  I tried Lowes and Home Depot first, but they just didn’t have anything I liked in my budget.  I really didn’t want to spend more than $100 and I was thrilled to find this option at $0.43 a foot.  With the 10% off discount the salesperson gave me at Superior, I was right on budget!!  Whoot!

Measuring and nailing the moulding is pretty simple.  Getting all your pieces level, at least to the eye, is another story.  A few of my walls were NOT straight… Of course.  After putting up a few, I realized the best way to go about it was to place the top securely and put the sides in with one nail in at the top.  Then I could make small tweaks if it was straight and level, but didn’t look level.  It’s always more important that it look right to your eyeballs… most all of my squares required this and the top and bottom pieces usually turned out to be different lengths, which hopefully you wouldn’t even know!

I used a measurement of 2.5 inches in between everything.  I wanted more of a framed look, but once I started painting I wished I had gone with 3.5″.  There are lots of great rollers that are 3″, not so much at 2″, so that one decision probably cost me a few extra hours in painting.

I started with the longest lengths and went from there.  Of course, as is my DIY luck,  I needed a few lengths that I just didn’t have at the end.  When you need to join two pieces, cut them each at a 45 degree angle this way (vs a straight cut) because it really disguises the seem.  Tricks, people!!

I grabbed two samples of Home Depot’s paint and primer in one because the paint is awesome!!  And it’s cheap – double Whoot!!  I wasn’t feeling either of them, so I asked for a sample of the right (Elephant Skin) 1/2 lightened up, which is the top baby sample.  I’ve heard so many experts say not to do that, but hey, I do it all the time and I’ve had great luck getting the perfect color I want!  What can I say, I’m a rebel.

Before painting, fill your nail holes, caulk and generally die of boredom.

You know your room needs paint when the primer looks better than the original paint.  All my trim was painted in oil, so that was a WHOLE other can of worms.  I know, yawn, yawn, yawn… I FINALLY got there tho!

Hallelujah!  5 different painting sessions later…

Oh, and I also changed out the mirrors and the faucet.  I’ve been in love with these Jason Wu for Brizo for so long.  They are my favorites.  And I just remembered that I stained the cabinet black.  That is NOT my favorite – but a fun experiment none the less.  I added in wood panels to the doors to see if I liked it… better, but it’s still not quite there.  Don’t you think?

What in the?  In this picture the tile looks pretty brown, but then see what happens below…  Sigh.  I did not color correct these.  It’s really just that maddening.

I also added a Panasonic whisper-quiet heater/vent and then patched and painted the ceiling.  That was lots. of. fun.

And last, but not least, here is the door painted with the same color to hide it away.  Remember?  We talked about that here… it leads to the pooper.

A vast improvement and yet, MUCH to do.  Should I change out the marble counter?  That wall seems so naked now… hmm??  What the heck to do with the vanity?  I’m contemplating wood doors because that black is killing me!  And the lighting.  There’s that biggie too.

So what’cha think??  Ideas friends!  I need ideas!


Ikea Desk Hack in Tween Room

Hi there!

It’s been awhile since I had checked out Savannah’s room, so last Friday I popped by to drop off a few things for her and surprise her with a quick desk hack!

You guys, these are my favorite projects!  Easy and foolproof!!

Last year I had picked up this Ikea desk for the foot of her bed.  Because of the way the room was laid out, this made the most sense for her.  She could sit on the edge of the bed and study or plop down on one of the cute stools – there was even plenty of room for some of her squad to hang out!

I’m sure you don’t remember, but I had found these stool for $15 at the Pierce College Flea market eons ago…

The chipped paint and shape really spoke to the boho vibe I was going for.

Well, now the space looks like this!!

I had some multi-color thin washi tape, and used it to make a bunch of sprinkles!  Like a yummy donut.  Homer likie.  The stools got a face-lift with 3″ foam and fluffy hot pink fabric (that was cut up from a pillow I bought at HomeGoods)!

I used spray adhesive to mount the foam to the existing seat, then glued and covered it in batting and lastly, I stapled the fluff to the base.  Then the stool got these cute feet added to make sure that they never scratched the new wood floors.

You even get a glimpse of the mural I painted…and why didn’t I take more pictures of it?  I dunno, beats me.  This picture below is waaaay over exposed.  Whoops.

I’m happy to see that she’s still using some of the pieces I created for her and it’s interesting to see how the room has evolved.  Kids just have their own style and seriously, some things that I thought were amazing she hated.  The good thing is that if she’s not a fan of donuts, confetti or washi she can quickly just peel it right off!