I’m Getting a Sofa – Part 1

Can we just scream together for the next 10 minutes?  It’s all happening and I’m DYING of happiness.

After years of searching, obsessing, questioning and reasoning, I’ve finally given the thumbs up (and dolla dolla bills, y’all) to a Clad Home custom sofa.  It feels good.  Real good.  And scary – ain’t gonna lie.  Because you can’t touch and feel what you’re getting when you order custom, there’s a BIG trust factor.  And a big reason why I went with Clad Home.

The wall that I’d like the sofa to fit on is 169″, which is 14 ft long.  Where in the world was I going to find a sofa that long?!?  I tried, though.  Ideally, I would have found a place that sold the perfect sofa that I could test nap on and um, return if I didn’t likie.

I had seen this room on Amber Interiors and knew it was where my room needed to go.  I loved the long bottom cushions and the denim look of the fabric!  I sent Clad Home the photo and since they are awesome, they said I could get exactly that sofa, right there.  Just the way it was in the photo!!

You guys, that was 1 year ago.

Then I got scared and took a break.  Not so much a break-up, just a short separation to reevaluate my feelings.  I knew I wanted them to do the sofa, but was I ready for that commitment?

My (very vocal and very anti-new sofa) husband kept telling me I was crazy.  These boys would tear the thing up.  And yes, they will… but it’s like this, I will be happier that they’re tearing up a beautiful sofa instead of the beast we have now.  That slip cover was only supposed to last a year.  NOT FOUR!!

Is it the worst ever?  No, but there are a bunch of things we’re going to fix.  See how the current sofa goes past the door way?  Our new beauty will perfectly fit on the wall.  And all those bottom and top cushions will look more streamlined, less busy.  AND (getting excited!!) there will be zero holes for the remote to get lost into… yeah, it can go between two cushions, but it won’t make it to the floor.  ‘Cause it’s one piece.

It’s also going to be on a plinth.  Dreams coming true, people.

The hard part is deciding on everything.  I took FOREVER picking the fabric and FOREVER picking the wood tone of the base.  It’s hard.  I ended up putting ketchup and mustard and coffee and pen marks on all my fav’s and washing them in the laundry.  I thought I would pick Lucky Denim, but after the wash it seemed more frayed than the others.  Bennett Indigo washed beautifully.  A winner!!  Everything came out except the pen… which I don’t think comes out in the wash on anything, (but it was worth a try)!!

And of course, I went into the store (around month 4) to see the product first hand.  Quality!  I think that if you can visit the store, it’s a must because, not only is it super cute, but you can see everything first hand.

I left changing a few things up… I went with the Dawson instead, and asked for extra thick cushions on the bottom.  I also like having the cushions on the sides of the sofa too, whereas my inspiration sofa doesn’t have them… it gives you more options for lying on the sofa and also protects little heads that want to try and practice flipping.  Which are NOT allowed.  Not that those monkeys listen to me.  Whatev.

Once you figure it all out (and pay), you get a rendering.  Here is mine…  All the cushions will be slip covered, but the frame won’t be.  Fingers crossed we can control ourselves!!

It’s good, right?

I’m excited!!  In 6 weeks my new sofa will be here!  Stay tuned!

Green Nightstands

Hi guys!

It’s been a wild few weeks, amiright?!  With the end of school and baseball, a girls’ trip to Ojai, work caca and a dental emergency (worst EVER), I’ve been an over-heated ball of nerves… mostly good stuff, though!  Needless to say, I’m pretty geeked up that this (should?) could be a week of relative normalcy.

With that outta the way, are you guys ready for the randomest post in the world?  I have actually been trying to write this darn thing for over 3 weeks!  Not too long ago, I was reading something, somewhere and I saw these dark, green nightstands.  They got into my brain space and I could not stop thinking about them.  Like, should I be (immediately) painting my nightstands hunter green?  So, of course, I had to tell you, my buddies, all about my new obsession BUT I COULDN’T REMEMBER WHERE I SAW THE DARN THINGS.  Arg.

I searched and I searched and I searched.

Then I saw them… And do you know what?  They are NOT green!!!!  WTF.

Here is the picture from Little Green Notebook, that Jenny’s team designed for a client.  Look at those nightstands… like a super, dark green, right??

Okay, exhibit B –

Not green!!  SOOOOOOOOOOO not green.  She edited the photo exposure and changed a bunch of colors in the room…. Look at the pillows.  Damn Gina.  Of course that doesn’t change the fact that I much prefer the green color on the nightstands and think it is a fabulous option, if you go painted.  Everyone and their mama has wood nightstands, why not be different?!

Here are two others I found that I thought also looked pretty sweet.

RoomforTuesday spray painted this!

This one’s really cute too.  And it’s certainly unique!

I think overall, I’m really loving green in the bedroom and I’ve got a few ideas on refreshing my own room.  It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done anything to it, so a plan may be forming…. and maybe green nightstands should be on the list.  Perhaps?

Shopping the 4th of July Sales!

Haaaaapppppy Fourth of July Week!

I’ve joked that the older I get the more patriotic, but it’s so true!  I love being an American – I take for granted liberties everyday that parts of the world are fighting for.  Yes, I know that we’re not perfect, and we have a way to go where everyone is treated equally, fairly and with respect and love.  But I also know that in this wonderful country I can truly choose my own path – even as a woman, mother, daughter of an immigrant, former sorority girl!  If you work hard, and believe, then YOU CAN FULFILL YOUR DREAMS.

My favorite way to celebrate?  Fireworks, of course.  But 15 minutes of celebrating is never enough (for me or my 4 boys who beg for more), so in that case, I enjoy a discount or two!!  I’ve already put a bunch of these in my cart and I’m seriously contemplating the chairs… are they good?  I can’t tell if I’m just in awe that I can get TWO for less than $100 and they’ll wipe clean.  That sounds so luxurious…. clean.  Fantasies, folks.  Just my sick, clean fantasies.

However you enjoy the festivities, either shopping or stuffing your face with watermelon….

Happy Celebrating!

Measuring Spoons $13.96, Bone Inlaid Side Table $280, Light Blue Dress $22, King Linen Pillowcase $8.98, Embroidery Caftan $26.99Eyes Print Pillowcase $3, Gold Trivet $7.99, Soap Dispenser $7.99, Ruffle Blouse $14.99, Island Pendant $165.99, Pair of Faux Leather Chairs $95.99, Clementine Painting $300, Tripod Plant Stand $17.50, Stripe Fedora $12, Ethnic Fabric Napkins $13.99

Moroccan Inspired Baby Shower Invitations!

Hi there friends!

Remember how I told you that my friend Yaso was having a baby?  That was a long time ago, I realize, and said baby is now out in the world and even smiling, cooing and just being all around cute!  But before all that goodness, there was a shower (which I got very few pictures of – DOH!) and there were invitations.

My crazy friend didn’t want to find out the gender of the baby before hand – like, HOW CAN YOU RESIST?!  Not me.  Oh, not me.  I wanted to know.  No.  I needed to know!!  Since I had no clue to the gender, there would be no rainbow unicorn or space cowboy themed shower.  (Although, dang, those two would be amaze-ball ideas, right?!?)  So I came up with the very original, (not), Moroccan theme idea.  It’s been done soooo many times, and VERY well, I might add, but I knew that I could really get colorful, keep it fun and inject one of my friend’s favorite animals, the peacock, into the mix!!

Enter my vision for the invitation – A flying peacock carrying a baby.  There should totally be a picture like that on-line.  Everything’s on-line.

Not this, you guys.

So I drew something myself, using inspiration from the ol’ faithful baby deliverer, the stork.  Here’s what I came up with.

While I was working on figuring out this, I was also learning how to use my new Cricut.  Honestly, uploading the peacock and cutting her out in the design space was fairly painless.  Winning!

I found this great paper and used that to just go crazy with color and pattern – It’s like an explosion of prints!

The trick to making the card, is to add an inch to the length and make an accordion pocket like the photo above.  In the fold you’ll put in the peacock, which I mounted on a clear plastic cut-out (from a strawberry container!!).

When you open the card, there is a SURPRISE!!  Do you see how that peacock is literally flying in the air?!

It’s damn near impossible to find double-sided glitter paper, so I used glitter from a spray can, and glued on a gem for the eye.

The rest was pretty straightforward, just a bunch of gluing!  I used textured foam for the front and sprayed those too.  Why not?

Just a fun idea you can use to create a special card!!  And I love the Cricut – sometimes it gives me a small heart attack, but overall, I’m very happy!

Finds – Spring 2017

Holy cow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted some finds!  Time to clear out the photos on my phone from my last few visits to the flea market and thrift store!

Let’s see if you can guess which of these came home with me!

A Pair of Henredon Nightstands for $40. These needed a bit of tlc, but I LOVE the drawers!
This huge armoire was $375, in perfect condition, and would be amazing in a master bath! I wish I had the room for it!! Look at that wood!
So, you guys I almost bought these chairs. They are Italian with chrome legs and leather backs. The seller wanted $800, I tried to get them for $400 (he was wavering but wanted a bit more) and now they are on sale on Chairish for $1,500!!
Two things to check out here… this awesome vintage sectional and the weird dude hiding in the back!! Omg, it kills me! I actually bought this guy for $120 and it’s now in my dining room. It needs a reupholstery job, for sure, but I’ve never seen something like it and I think it’s cool for a table!
A gorgeous dresser for $250 – why are you still available, you’re so pretty??
I debated this one, but it does have potential. $90
A jungalicious magazine table for $30, you really can’t go wrong with that.
A vintage,chrome and glass EXTENDING table! Ah!! I love this table, it’s so cool!! They sell for 1,000’s and this one was only $150.
I tried to buy this sweet lady for my goddaughter, but she is a bit of a commitment at over 3 ft tall. For $45 though, I’m having a major case of remorse… the inside was totally clean and in need of wallpaper and furniture. Whaaaaa!
A brand new outdoor table for $50, in a super sweet shape. Yes, please.
Let’s call her, the one that got away. $47. Yes, you read that right.
Here’s another fab find that came home with me! I’m smitten and have NO IDEA where I’ll put her, but who cares?! For $38 I couldn’t resist… she’s got a broken leg, so that’s something to figure out, but dang, baby got style!! Those knobs!
I also bought this dresser which I’m thinking I may sell in my Chairish shop. I paid $90, which isn’t nothing (and it needs some work), but I’m very much in love with the shape. Maybe I should just cram her somewhere in my house?!? I. can’t. let. go.
The Overman Pod sofa for $600. It needed new upholstery but dang it, I adore this sofa. I’d put it in my bedroom in front of the bed. In a tribal print? Omg.

So there you have it!  All my dirty little secrets!

Any great finds you’ve had recently?!?