Maybe Your Room Just Needs… A Map!

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Taking a small break from sanding the dining chairs to share some inspiration.  I am a huge fan of maps.  You?  A few years ago I bought a cheapy world map on-line and glued it to a corkboard so I could keep track of all our fun travel adventures.  And now with the little ones in the mix, I’m using different colored pins so we can have a healthy competition to see who travels the most!

Maps are just one of those things that will never go out of style.

But it seems like we’ve relegated them to the kids room or the office.


Which I love by the way, but now maps are turning up everywhere.

So, maybe your room could use a map?

2010-Wall-Decor-Wall-Art-Maps-02-lgn 6a015433e2ad49970c017d3c29b8a1970c-800wi world map - map wallpaper - maps - framed maps - map art - interior design and home decor - crafts - DIY - dining room design via pinterest4 white-walls-10-lgn

And you know that I’m a fan of trying the map idea in some unexpected ways too!

Light fixture, perhaps?


How simply cool to hang one as a shade?!  Love this idea!!


As flooring, it makes a statement!


Here are some quick and easy ideas of where you can go to get in on the action…

Dry Erase Board $15
Dry Erase Board $15

This peel and stick board is super cute and a no-brainer!  Amazon

Heart Map $38
Heart Map $38

Home is where the heart is!  Etsy

Map Covered Lamp Shade $59.91
Map Covered Lamp Shade $59.91

Lamps Plus

Vintage Pull Down Map $250
Vintage Pull Down Map $250

Just enough color to go over a window!  Ebay

Hope I’ve inspired you this morning!

And don’t forget to check in later this week to see my progress on the One Room Challenge!

Be Creative!  Tootles!


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