Let’s deck the doors!

Hi Everyone!  Are you all going crazy with the holidays yet?  I am!!  We got our tree last week and not a thing on it… sigh.  So much to do and only a few days to go until showtime.  Gotta put the ol’ back into it!

I wanted to share a super easy project that I did last week.  I had found this plain wreath a few months ago for a steal – $3!!  I snagged it up, as all good hoarders would, and figured I’d decorate it with stuff I had laying around the house.  The great part was that there were already berries and pinecones attached – saved me some time!


I started by using some gold leaf paint to make a few leaves sparkle.  Easy peasy, right?!  I only painted one side of the leaf, the side facing out.

Then I made a ribbon out of fabric I had on hand.  (If you have ribbon you’d like to use, this whole bow thing is even easier!)

I cut strips from the fabric 4 1/2 inches wide.  I measured the width of the wreath and added 1/2 an inch to come up with that number.  I ended up using 3 strips of the fabric for the bow and the ties.

Then I used my glue gun to fold over the rough edges.  I wanted pretty loops!


Once you’ve got that done, start forming loops and cutting the fabric to the right size.  To keep each loop together I used a few drops from the glue gun – but don’t put too much!  You don’t want the fabric to get stiff.


Once I was done looping and stacking, my pieces looked like this.  Then I cut a piece for the ties that hang down the bottom of the bow and put that all the way in the back.

With some flower wire I picked up at the dollar store, great stuff for all sorts of projects, I simply twisty-tied it and then using the same piece, wrapped it around the wreath.  It literally disappears in the leaves.


Dug through the ornament pile and I thought this owl was kinda cute!  Again, I used wire to attach it… then I can switch it all out next year if I change my mind!


Finally, hang and enjoy!  Yay!!



Give this a try – it’s seriously doable!  I even attached pine cones, glittery flowers and ornaments to all the plain greenery I had in storage, just by using the flower wire!

I’ll share a few more holiday projects soon… just trying to finish them!!

Happy Decorating and Creating!  Jessica



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