Can your room be inspired by Heidi Klum?

Is it weird that I think about Heidi Klum?

I’m not much into models, actresses or reality celebrities… but oh, do I like me some Klum.  She’s just… she’s just so cool.  When I grow up, I want to be like her.  Well, I want to be like her on the outside, for sure!!

What do I gravitate towards?  I love, love, LOVE her everyday style.  I like Heidi the most when she’s out with her kids, being a normal person.  For some reason (crazy me!!) I feel like I could maybe come close to her style with some effort.

What do you think?


Ya, I could do this.  I could rock a mixture of stripes.  Or hey, I could just do this…


I’m definitely better at this, than I am at getting my hair that frizz-free!  Wow, it’s so smooth.


She’s the total cool-girl, who’s also nice.  Kinda like myself 😉


Pink and red?  That ain’t no thang for Ms. Klum.


When she mixes patterns, that’s my favorite.





Can someone please find me this scarf???? I need.


Side note – Cactus flowers are amazing, huh?  I think I need those, too.  Who’d da thunk?

Inspiration is everywhere!  A favorite outfit or style icon can give us some new ideas about how to mix fabrics and what kind of vibe we’re most comfortable in.

So, dish.  Who inspires your style?  Has it changed your interiors?

Have a great weekend!!  Happy Creating, Jessica


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