He Said, She Said – Reclining Sofa

Hi there!

Recently I was chatting with my girlfriend, Yaso (you may remember her from the bridal shower post) about a few furniture pieces she was looking to score for her new home.  Not only is she recently married, but she just bought the most gorgeous home in Santa Monica.  Obviously, I’m putting myself all up in the mix because I just have to hear about every single detail.  It’s a sickness.

Anyway, she needs a new sofa/sectional/something and said that her husband wanted a recliner.

Horror.  HORROR.  I tell you.

Here is what I’m picturing


Omg, it’s just so bad.  So bad.

Of course, I shrug and say, “Well, you said no, right?”  (Make that “H” to the “ell” to the No.)

And here’s the kicker.  She said (I’m still in shock) yes.

H TO THE ELL TO THE NO!!!!!!!!!!

Once I came to from a dead faint, I told her that I was sure (not at all sure) in this world of a million options there had to be a reclining sofa that didn’t look like grandpa’s house.

And you know what?  There kinda is.  In fact, these sofa’s are pretty cool… well, for recliners!!


Tibet Sofa – This looks like it would even be comfortable to sleep on, for really couching out.  Unfortunately I found it difficult to get a lot of info on it.


Motorized Ellie Sofa – Anything is instantly better when it’s motorized.  It’s like, “I’m so high tech even my sofa is controlled by an app.”


Valpo Reclining Sofa – A 3 seater!


Altea Sectional – Super customizable!


Natuzzi Volo – Uhm ya, this sofa radiates cool factor.  So sleek and modern.

What do you think about a reclining sofa?  Have you ever owned one?

I’d probably opt for a few reclining, swivel chairs instead. Or let’s be real, I’d laugh in my best I care what you think laugh, and then buy the sofa I really want.  Insert husband head nod here…and maybe an eye roll…if I’m not looking.

But it is good to know that there are sofa manufactures out there helping to make marriages just a wee bit happier.

And for that, we’re thankful.

Happy Creating!  Jessica


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