Now Go to Bed!


The bed is in and it’s just about ready for some serious business!!  Tell me this isn’t the coolest bed for 3 little boys?!  No, wait.  Tell me it is the coolest.  Please.  I’m so exhausted from sanding, painting, nailing that a few “good girl” pats on the back would do the opposite of harm right about now.

I kid.  (Kind of)  I’m actually so thrilled with how it’s all coming together.  I say coming together because although the hard part is done there are still a few details that need to be addressed. I want to make some bedside shelves with a light, so that is certainly on the agenda.  Oh, and bedding.  Ya, that’s gotta happen soon too.

As for the little playhouse area, I’m kinda torn on what I want to do in there.  Should it be more of a reading nook (that my boys will probably just fight over) or like a Lego extravaganza (that may or may not contain the Lego mass that is my daily struggle).  Nevertheless, a cute rug, maybe some seating, art… stuff like that… is going to happen…. once that lightning idea strikes me.

For now, feast your eyes on some photos.  And pray (for all our sakes) that these nut heads don’t try anything too Evil Knievel!!


IMG_3012 IMG_3011 IMG_3014

You can see all my fun bed posts here and here for all the construction and paint details.

The green handles are from Amazon – they are fabulous and SO strong!!  In fact, I’m going to add some to the other bunk too!

Hope you’re a bit inspired today to make something great!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM



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