My Girl February

Can I just say that the greatest thing has happened?!

I know you are thinking that I have mastered the universal conundrum of how to store legos, but no, friends, this may be even better than that… well, for me at least.  One of my best girlfriends in the whole world, Tricia, is not only preggo (hooray!) but she is HAVING A GIRL!  Double, TRIPLE HOORAY!!  TGFLG!  That stands for Thank God For Little Girls, ’cause those same little girls will grow up into powerful, beautiful beings… and hopefully this is one that will also want to go shopping and get her nails done with Auntie Jess.  Ladies, we are tough (and smart and capable of amazingness AND create life with our own bodies), but we also love to shop.  #Acceptance

So, can I just get a little pat on the back?  I know she’s carrying this angel (who won’t let her eat or feel comfortable at all) but it’s really my day to celebrate!!  Yay for me… and for my boys!  Maybe… I’ll just stop there… but you know what I’m thinking.  It starts with D and ends with “owery.”  Dad is Nigerian and I’m pretty sure that means we’re going old school here.  Don’t worry Tricia, I won’t be all crazy MIL on your perfect daughter… unless she tries to change my perfect son.

Halloween 2010
The Girl Gang!

To say that we’ve been through a lot, complete understatement.  To say that she is in for the ride of her life?  Man, she has no idea.  Can I just say how fun it is to watch?!  Her pregnancy  = Like wwaaaaayyy better than Amy Shumer on tv.

In honor of my friend, here are some fun nursery ideas inspired by other fab women that I’d love to hang with!  ENJOY!

CAMERON- She’s blond, athletic and one of the dudes.  Heck Yes, I want to be friends with Cameron!  Let’s face it, she’s the ultimate cool girl, party animal and she’d definitely have me, er, regular stat.  Oh, and I kinda like that she’s got her head in the clouds =)

Cameron copy

Bird Chandelier, Pink Cloud Tapestry, Overdyed Pink Rug, White/Grey Crib,   Milo Chrome Etagere, Thomasville Dresser, Modern Rocker (gotta paint those legs though), Fur Pouf

DREW – Isn’t Drew Barrymore just awesome?!!  Like, you know she’s nice and fun and gives great advice… stuff like, just be yourself and don’t dwell on losers (’cause girl has dated her fair share).  I love her natural, almost hippie vibe… lots of flowers and bright colors in trendy combinations!

Drew copy

White Crib, Chinoiserie DresserWhite Flower Chandelier, Modern Rocking ChairIndian Fabric as Wall Mural, Yellow Rug, Moroccan Pouf, Bone Inlay Mirror

JENNIFER – Who could leave JLaw off the list?  She’s the girl next door, but on steroids… from a small town, she’s real but then hello, she’s Katniss Everdean one of the greatest female heroines ever.  Ever.  She’s talented, smart, totally nutty and kinda quirky.  Perfect combo in a future bff if ya ask me!

Jennifer copy

Oval Pull Dresser, Marion Chandelier,  Jere Wall Sculpture, Bird Hardware, Turkish Rug, Ikat Fabric for Curtains, Hand-dyed fabric for bedskirt/pillows,  White Crib,  MCM Rocker, Photography

Anyhow, I hope you all got a kick out of this, especially all the preggos surviving the crazy heat!

Which do you like the best?

Again, congratulations Tricia!  I love you!!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with for My Girl February!

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