A Rose Napkin


Want to be all fancy at your next party?  Like so fancy, that your new name will surely be fancy-pants?

Of course you do!  What am I thinking?!

The way to elevate your party is with cloth napkins.  Here me out on this… when do you actually use cloth napkins?  At fancy restaurants…. you feeling me now?


This all started because I wanted to make something special for Tricia’s Baby Shower – I wanted cloth napkins.  But man, fabric is kinda pricey.  Joanne’s had nothing that was the feel and weight that I was after – so disappointing.  Then, as I made my usual rounds of some thrift stores I ran into this bolt of cotton/linen fabric that had been professionally dyed a gorgeous fuchsia.  For $10, I dragged it home, laughed my evil genius laugh, and started cutting up a storm!  Great success!!


Wait.  I washed it first.  Don’t forget that part.

There’s nothing fancy about yucky cloth napkins.

I used some pinking shears to make pretty edges.  Mine are from Ikea, but you can find these scissors anywhere.  I knew that these napkins would be a one-time-use so I didn’t kill myself hemming all the edges and I didn’t stress too much making them perfectly square either.

Then I put each into my washing sink and, using a tooth brush, splattered and flicked bleach (diluted with water) to make a fun pattern.  The funkier the better!


At this point, I washed ’em again (a few needed a quick blast of the iron) and then I made the cutest swiggle detail with metallic thread!  Since I actually made about 40 of these I had some time to mentally ponder life’s mysteries while squiggling… Does eye cream really work?  Can I wear sneakers with wide-leg pants?  You know, the important questions that plague us all.

Now for the folding!!

Do this…

Then fold from the bottom, like so


And now, roll it up…


Tuck the ends into the little roll


And lastly, pull the ends apart and to the sides – these are your “leaves.”


You’re done, you’re done!

Sooooo fancy!


Of course, it looks much better here


And feels a lot nicer on your face than some razor blade paper napkin.

I think it added just a little bit of something.  And for a dinner party, these would be gorgeous… not to mention easy!  You could whip up 10 in no time!  Of course, if you already have napkins just sitting in some dusty drawer, get them out and fold them into roses!

Get your napkin on!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM


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