Duvet; It’s French for Expensive

We live in a modern world with an insane amount of choices.  But when it comes to bedding, I’m pretty sure we all want the same things; Quality workmanship with hand-stitched details, gorgeous, hard-to-find fabrics that are both unique and extremely durable, which can be washed in our own home without fear of shrinking, wrinkling or change of any kind, organic, sustainable, not made by children in a 3rd world country, stain resistant, soft, comfortable, covetable, at least a million thread count AND affordable.

Yes, affordable.  As in, I’m not crying like a little school girl because my “Freebok” knock-offs were just called pedestrian.  True Story.

I want a duvet that’s so good, I’m happily handing over my hard earned bills.  Take my money!!  I want that DUVET!!  Is that wrong of me to want so much?

Turns out, it kinda is.  Man, it ain’t easy to find a duvet that not only looks fabulous, but feels fabulous from every angle.  But here are a few that I’m contemplating… these just about check off every box.  And they may, (just may) make me want to switch out the duvet I’ve had on my bed since I got married.  Yup, I’ve had that sucker for almost 9 years and it still looks good.  Quality!!  Gots to have it.

Calle Woven  – $219


Linen Italian Stripe – $379


Kelly Wearstler Paragon – $120


Block Stripe – $179


Lindstrom Grey – $199


You can see that I want something neutral, but with texture.  I figure I can add in fun elements with pillows and a quilt.

So, what do you think?  Which do you like best?

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM




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