Progress in Arrow’s Room

Thank you guys so much for being the coolest!  Last week I was nervous to tell you about my rut, but y’all made me feel so much better.  Support and some sweetness are totally just what I needed!  Thank you!!

Remember when I said that even in my funkiness I did some stuff?  Well, I painted Arrow’s room and started on general organizing.  Wanna see?


You’ll think this is crazy, but I couldn’t find the original blue paint color that I used on the walls.  You’d think I would write this crap down or something.  So, I picked another blue that I liked and cut it by 50%.  It’s freaking the SAME color.  Kinda sick.


Bye, bye koi fish.

Heeellllloooo Ikea rug.  You’re so big and stripy.  I just love you.

And tell me the crib isn’t a whole lot cuter!  I won’t believe you!!  Just a few cuts and pastes, and now it looks Scandi.  I have a few more plans, possibly involving olive colored fabric, and new bedding.  But, omg, it’s WAY better now.  High Five!


And the wall is cleared and ready for some art!!  Them were a lotta holes to fill.  I’ve also got a few ideas about the dressers.  That’s next on the list in the room… well, that and a rug pad.  Sheesh, freaking thin rugs and their lumps.

Me:  Rug, you have your flaws.

Rug:  You can’t handle this goodness!!

Me:  I need to stop talking to my furniture.  They’re a bunch of dickheads.


Progress is happening.  I’ve got curtain fabric, an idea for a wall mural (another one?! ), bedding to buy and dressers to paint.  Stuff’s about to GO DOWN.  And that trim’s getting a coat of bright white.  It is pissing me off SO much.

Me:  Just kidding.  I wouldn’t put you through that again.

Stay tuned.

And hey, have you done anything on the Rut List??

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM



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