Gender Neutral Playroom

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Today I’m having a bit of fun designing a gender neutral playroom for one of my besties!  “She’s Pregnant!” and of course I just shouted it out like Oprah!!  Now check under your seats!  Um, that was disappointing.  The seat thing, not the pregnancy – duh.  I am OVER THE MOON, CRAZY ECSTATIC for her!!  And being that I’m all up in the beeswax, I get to reminisce about the lovely pregnancy parts and laugh my ass off at the sucky stuff.  Being pregnant is NO joke.  On the count of three, worst part about being pregnant….1. 2. 3. Getting dressed!!  Arg, I hated picking out clothes in the morning.  My friend was telling me how uncomfortable wearing a bra was becoming.  I’m like, Yo in month 9 that thing will feel like a freaking noose!  Amiright?!

Anyway, most of it is wonderful and fun and full of (my favorite) shopping!  She has a suite off the master bedroom that she’s going to dedicate to the baby, so planning a nursery isn’t really in the cards.  But a playroom?!  That can double as a guest room?  Oh yes, girl need that.

The room in question is right off the living room, which has this color palate.


I wanted to keep the colors the same since the rooms are right next to each other.  So without further ado, here are some ideas for a super fun, gender neutral play room!  All that’s missing are the billions of toys!!


This sofa is dope.  For $500 they will add in a bed, which is such a great deal.  And the size is customizable, and the cushions can be slip covered, and I’m totally buying my next sofa from them.  I adore the idea of a coffee table/kids table.  This one is 16″ high, with a marble top, so it’s basically indestructible and perfect for toddler Panton chairs to slip under.  The two side tables would easily adjust to bedside tables, and maybe a sconce or two over the sofa would be a great addition.  Cummon, that elephant stool!  Too cute!  The rug is large at 9×12 but it’s under $200.  The kids can spill spaghetti or barf all over it and you won’t have a heart attack.


Toy storage!!  And a fun chair to spin around in.  Yes please.


All that’s missing is a bit of book storage and some whimsy, which is where these pieces come in.  I’m 50-50 on the teepee idea, but that’s because I have 4 rambunctious hooligans; that teepee wouldn’t last 5 minutes in my house.  But one kid, maybe two and it should survive… a little longer at least!!  I think a mirror is a great addition, long enough for baby to check themselves out and possibly for dress-up later.

Of course, in all my searching I found some other stuff I liked too… I have been crushing hard on this rug from Nate Berkus.  It totally works and would add some softness…


I also found so many chair options… I see them and I think, would I want to sit in that chair??  Does it beacon me??  This one does.  Bigly.


My favorites though might be these…  They are definitely riskier, but they are so COOL.  And a steal for $200 bucks.  I could see kids doing some weird shit with these.

That’s it!!

I hope she has fun looking at these boards and maybe you’ve found something new to stare at!!  All sources below.

Abstract Art 2004, Article Sideboard, Clad Home Sofa, Tan Stripe Rug, Marble Side Table, Egg Coffee Table, Lambswool Pillow, Suede Pillow, Elephant Stool, Toddler Panton Chairs, Red Kilim Lumbar, PlanterNate Berkus Rug, Cream Vase, Kantha Tulip Chair, Wood Carved Side Table, Kilim Pillow, Hmong Batik Pillow, Carnival Photo, Giraffe, Gold Sculpture, Indigo Prints, Spoonbill Lamp, Cupa Leather Chair, Rocking Chair, Black and White Blocks, White Teepee, Bookcase, Pouf, Bone Inlay Mirror, Baskets, Red Sling Chairs

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