Things I can’t get my mind off right now…

Hi Friends!

Can you believe that I wrote this totally gung-ho post about getting outta a rut and I’m still lagging SO much?!  Grr.  It’s hard, man.  I’ve been pretty busy at work, which is great, but also not – you know what I mean?  I love my day job actually, but after a stressful day, do I want to sew some curtains?  No.  I do not.

Alas, my struggle to get into the Madonna groove continues…with a teeny bit of progress here and there.  On the plus, I’m feeling a WHOLE LOT better.  Phew.

So, what’s up with me?  Well, I’m very happily drooling over some cool stuff.  Maybe you are into a few of these right now as well!!


Goddammit collars are cool.  Like all my shirts must now have a collar and I’ve got to button it all the way up.  Shirt, get in my cart NOW!!


Elle Decor’s cover photo has been whispering to me.  Nonstop.  And, you guys, it’s from June.


I don’t care if every room in the world is white right now, I still love a fiery red!


Deep breath.  It’s so good, right?!  Is it plaster?  Is it stone?  I NEED to know.  ASAP.  And the chairs – I’m obsessed with them.  In fact, I want to know more about this whole house, but where o’ where is this photo from???  Does any one know?  I found it here



Is this the sofa I’ve been dreaming of?  It could be.




Like this one, from Nordstrom for only $113.

It’s so genius and versatile.  Imagine a lovely plant… it would really spice up a drab bathroom.

I think that’s it for now.  These are the fun things that have been occupying my mind when I’m not scrambling to get 4 boys out the door or making grocery lists… How can such little people eat so very much?

Talk to you soon!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM


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