Gender Neutral Nursery!

Guess what, chicken butt?!

Can you believe my luck that I have another bestie that’s literally giving birth any day now?  And the fun part (not sure for who, cause I’m DYING) is that no one knows if it’s going to be a girl or a boy!!  Or as I like to say, a taco or a noodle.  Yeah.  I’m gross.  Deal.

So just for giggles I put together a gender neutral nursery that I think she would love.  Here’s what I know about Julie’s design taste – she’s a big fan of gray in interiors, likes more muted colors, and is a beach girl; She’s from Venice, for gosh sakes!

Enjoy the virtual eye candy!!


Want to know if it works for a little lady?  Just by swapping out the throw, it looks so different!  Imagine with peachy pink bedding!


Those baby llamas very much tug at my heart.  It also happens that recently Julie and I fed llamas together.  See what else I found below?  MORE Llamas!  Ack!  They’re so freaking cute!!


The table and chairs are super adorable and come in a bunch of colors.  I played around with the colors on my screen, to get this combo, but man, I really like the blue.  And the green.  And the orange.  Honestly, they’d all work here since the background is fairly neutral.

Anyhoo, I’m VERY excited about holding all these sweet smelling nuggets in the near future.  I know that my little guy will look like a giant next to them and I will feel a momentary pang of sadness that the baby in him is almost gone.  That should last approximately 30 seconds.

Say a little prayer for my girl!!  She’s going to do AWESOME and will probably be running marathons with a kid in each arm in no time.

*All sources below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM

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  1. It’s scary how well you know me! I literally love everything! I’m so ordering that table and chairs set as soon as I get home! LOVE YOU!!!!

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