Master Bath Makes Progress!

It’s been a long few weeks, but I can finally say that the dust has settled in the master bathroom… I think.  Maybe?  Well, wall dust, at least!!

Changes have happened, that’s for sure.  Am I done?  Nope.  Not even close.

I added in that moulding we talked about here.  That proved to be a fun and fairly straight-forward project.  I bought 250 linear feet of moulding from Superior Moulding, which has an awesome selection of all kinds of goodies!  I tried Lowes and Home Depot first, but they just didn’t have anything I liked in my budget.  I really didn’t want to spend more than $100 and I was thrilled to find this option at $0.43 a foot.  With the 10% off discount the salesperson gave me at Superior, I was right on budget!!  Whoot!

Measuring and nailing the moulding is pretty simple.  Getting all your pieces level, at least to the eye, is another story.  A few of my walls were NOT straight… Of course.  After putting up a few, I realized the best way to go about it was to place the top securely and put the sides in with one nail in at the top.  Then I could make small tweaks if it was straight and level, but didn’t look level.  It’s always more important that it look right to your eyeballs… most all of my squares required this and the top and bottom pieces usually turned out to be different lengths, which hopefully you wouldn’t even know!

I used a measurement of 2.5 inches in between everything.  I wanted more of a framed look, but once I started painting I wished I had gone with 3.5″.  There are lots of great rollers that are 3″, not so much at 2″, so that one decision probably cost me a few extra hours in painting.

I started with the longest lengths and went from there.  Of course, as is my DIY luck,  I needed a few lengths that I just didn’t have at the end.  When you need to join two pieces, cut them each at a 45 degree angle this way (vs a straight cut) because it really disguises the seem.  Tricks, people!!

I grabbed two samples of Home Depot’s paint and primer in one because the paint is awesome!!  And it’s cheap – double Whoot!!  I wasn’t feeling either of them, so I asked for a sample of the right (Elephant Skin) 1/2 lightened up, which is the top baby sample.  I’ve heard so many experts say not to do that, but hey, I do it all the time and I’ve had great luck getting the perfect color I want!  What can I say, I’m a rebel.

Before painting, fill your nail holes, caulk and generally die of boredom.

You know your room needs paint when the primer looks better than the original paint.  All my trim was painted in oil, so that was a WHOLE other can of worms.  I know, yawn, yawn, yawn… I FINALLY got there tho!

Hallelujah!  5 different painting sessions later…

Oh, and I also changed out the mirrors and the faucet.  I’ve been in love with these Jason Wu for Brizo for so long.  They are my favorites.  And I just remembered that I stained the cabinet black.  That is NOT my favorite – but a fun experiment none the less.  I added in wood panels to the doors to see if I liked it… better, but it’s still not quite there.  Don’t you think?

What in the?  In this picture the tile looks pretty brown, but then see what happens below…  Sigh.  I did not color correct these.  It’s really just that maddening.

I also added a Panasonic whisper-quiet heater/vent and then patched and painted the ceiling.  That was lots. of. fun.

And last, but not least, here is the door painted with the same color to hide it away.  Remember?  We talked about that here… it leads to the pooper.

A vast improvement and yet, MUCH to do.  Should I change out the marble counter?  That wall seems so naked now… hmm??  What the heck to do with the vanity?  I’m contemplating wood doors because that black is killing me!  And the lighting.  There’s that biggie too.

So what’cha think??  Ideas friends!  I need ideas!




  1. WOW!!WOW!! Looks amazing, what DIFFERENCE! great job Jessica as always a pleasure to see your work
    Love it!!

  2. Can you change the doorknob on the pooper door to ORB to match your faucets? And sorry, I’m not loving the light fixtures. What is your opinion of crystal? (#sorry/notsorry, I’m a sparkle girl!) (pricey 🙁 (OMG, so cool, but a def statement and $$$)

    And of course, it’s YOUR home so feel free to completely ignore me!!

    1. Hi!! Thank you so much for the suggestions! I’m in a pretty indecisive funk right now with the vanity and tub situation. I’m totally going to change out the pendants, but I’m sure you probably won’t love em since they’re not crystal! Lol! I found them a few months back at a flea and they’re WOOD. Will they work? Not sure at all!! I haven’t even taken them out of the bag since I bought them! What about over the tub? I’m all over the place with that lighting.

      1. Oh LOL, you know I’m gonna say CRYSTAL!!

        However, in NY where I am, it’s against code to hang a light fixture over a tub. We also can’t have sockets in the floor, which sent my on-line designer into fits — totally ruined her vision for my family room. Strange, but I blame it all on McDonalds — the whole “I burned myself because my hot coffee was actually hot and someone’s going to pay for it” mentality (yes I know there’s probably more to the story, but you get my drift)

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