Step 1, Wallpaper!

Well howdy there!

Now that I’ve finished up the fireplace and I’m still scratching my head on the master bath, I think I’ll move on to our powder room.  Why not?!  And this is a project that I want to have done before the holidays – Because I’m a crazy person who likes to be stressed.  Honestly, I’m not sure I can do it, but heck it’s worth a shot!  (Insert my husbands panic here.)

The room right now is ok… It’s covered in wheat colored grasscloth, has travertine floors and a custom (albeit small) vanity from Thailand.  The combo isn’t the worst.  But it’s in NEED of repairs – the wallpaper is lifting above the sink from moisture, the drain isn’t working properly, and the wheat color is kinda blah in a room with zero natural light.  (Never again will I go with a yellow undertone if there are no windows!  Lesson learned.)  Plus, little boys and natural stone are not a good fit – I didn’t know 10 years ago that I’d have so much “splashing” to deal with.  And yelling, “Just sit down!!” or “Watch where you’re pointing that thing!” doesn’t seem to be working.

So, I’m slowly formulating a plan.  I really want to have all the elements ready before I start tearing stuff out.  And I figure the perfect place to begin is with wallpaper!!  I just LOVE wallpaper.  It makes a huge statement, for not too much dough, and it’s fairly simple to put up.  In a powder room I know I can go a bit bolder with my choices and make this tiny bath super fun!  The feeling I’m going for – Fresh, California, Happy, Collected, Fun.

Both bathroom inspo photos – Tracy Hardenburg

I immediately went to Wallpaper Direct and ordered a bunch of samples – 12 actually!  I’ve ordered samples from them before and theirs have always been shipped so nicely and the prices are great!

Here are my favorites…

Banyon Tree,  2.  Dancing Cranes, 3. Kallvik,  4.  Oodi Blue White,  5.  Vertex,   6.  Sussex Downs

As you can see I’m definitely leaning blue, but grey and green are also options.  I think I could honestly make an argument for any of them, but I’m curious which one you’d pick!!

Once I nail that down, I can move on to floor tile and ceiling color decisions.

Or shall I just start demoing this mutha out!?!?


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