Mother’s Day… We need this.

Hi there friends!

Big week ahead, right?! It’s getting hot up in here, so I need to get the patio ready for relaxing. And this year, we’ll be hosting a Mother’s Day Linner… that’s a late lunch/early dinner. So perfect. I’m very excited.

Just a few nights ago, we were watching Superstore. Have y’all seen it? It’s freaking hilarious – even my boys think it’s funny and will point at our local Walmart thinking that Glenn works there. Annnnyyywwwaaayyy, in the episode one of the characters says, “Are you guys celebrating Mother’s Day? ‘Cause if your mom is anything like mine, then she needs this.” HELL YES, WE NEED THIS!

But now that I’m a mother and I’ve been through a few MD’s, I can honestly say that mom’s don’t need or want an extravagant gift or over the top planning. It’s about a little extra love… Look Mom, we got you your favorite coffee. Look Mom, we didn’t use your bathroom for the whole day or pee on your toilet seat or leave it up. Look Mom, we love you and appreciate you, even when you ask us to do the craziest things like brush our teeth or change our underwear.

Feed your mom something delicious, acknowledge that you need her in your life, perhaps surprise her with a small gift and you are GOOD!! Better than good, you will be the favorite you always knew you were.

So here are some things I would love… and what my 4 boys might be trying to tell me by picking them (since boys don’t show much emotion unless it involves baseball or farts).

1,3,10 – For you to wear to cheer me on every weekend and 4 nights a week.

2 – So that we may mark you, like a dog marks their territory.

4,10,12 – Because sometimes you look kinda ok and we’re not totally embarrassed by you.

6 – We are tired of hearing that your feet hurt.

7,15,16 – Refer to the above as to why you have no time to visit the spa, and we think you’d like to, but it’s never going to happen. So here’s some stuff so that again, you don’t embarrass us, and that we can secretly smell and open when you’re not looking.

5 – My dad says girls like twinkle lights, and this is a project he can do without my mom’s help.

8,11 – Because you like weird things, but one looks like a crazy doctor butt tool, so we like that.

13,14 – Can we say this? Mom, you look tired. You should take a nap…when you have time after washing our laundry and making us 8 snacks.

17 – Because you’re nicer after coffee and we’ve broken oh, so many mugs.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOM’S!! Who runs the world?? We do. Obviously. We do it all, in heels, wearing sunscreen, rolling in those dope minivans. We’re awesome.

Keep it up. And hang in there.

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