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A Rustic Kitchen Island!

Hi Guys!!

So, awesome news – I think I scored last week with an amazing find!  One that, sadly I can’t use myself, but that I can SHARE WITH YOU!  It’s a kitchen island!!  Aaaahhhhh!  It’s so purdy that I just want to stare at it all. day. long.

As you may know, I have a Chairish shop where I’ve been listing all the fun pieces that I can’t cram into my house.  Please follow me so you can be the first to see what’s new.  And, my friends, this beauty should be up there next week!!  Handmade, one of a kind, weathered to perfection.  LOVE IT.

So just for fun, I thought I would put her into some kitchens that are all over the inter webs and see how she would look.  (I did a bit o’ cutting and pasting, so it’s not perfect, but you get the idea!)  I especially think this piece is spectacular in a more rustic kitchen, but dang, all of these be looking good!  It’s really a perfect jumping off piece to design a whole kitchen around.  Here’s a bit of inspiration!  Enjoy!


Bright White Kitchen, Elle Decor Rustic Kitchen, Gingham Green Kitchen, Exposed Brick Kitchen, Black Ikea Kitchen

Do you love this island as much as I do?!?  I’m especially enamored by the wood covered screw holes and how the maker carefully selected some wood pieces that had holes in them – it’s just so special.

Shopping the 4th of July Sales!

Haaaaapppppy Fourth of July Week!

I’ve joked that the older I get the more patriotic, but it’s so true!  I love being an American – I take for granted liberties everyday that parts of the world are fighting for.  Yes, I know that we’re not perfect, and we have a way to go where everyone is treated equally, fairly and with respect and love.  But I also know that in this wonderful country I can truly choose my own path – even as a woman, mother, daughter of an immigrant, former sorority girl!  If you work hard, and believe, then YOU CAN FULFILL YOUR DREAMS.

My favorite way to celebrate?  Fireworks, of course.  But 15 minutes of celebrating is never enough (for me or my 4 boys who beg for more), so in that case, I enjoy a discount or two!!  I’ve already put a bunch of these in my cart and I’m seriously contemplating the chairs… are they good?  I can’t tell if I’m just in awe that I can get TWO for less than $100 and they’ll wipe clean.  That sounds so luxurious…. clean.  Fantasies, folks.  Just my sick, clean fantasies.

However you enjoy the festivities, either shopping or stuffing your face with watermelon….

Happy Celebrating!

Measuring Spoons $13.96, Bone Inlaid Side Table $280, Light Blue Dress $22, King Linen Pillowcase $8.98, Embroidery Caftan $26.99Eyes Print Pillowcase $3, Gold Trivet $7.99, Soap Dispenser $7.99, Ruffle Blouse $14.99, Island Pendant $165.99, Pair of Faux Leather Chairs $95.99, Clementine Painting $300, Tripod Plant Stand $17.50, Stripe Fedora $12, Ethnic Fabric Napkins $13.99

Finds – Spring 2017

Holy cow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted some finds!  Time to clear out the photos on my phone from my last few visits to the flea market and thrift store!

Let’s see if you can guess which of these came home with me!

A Pair of Henredon Nightstands for $40. These needed a bit of tlc, but I LOVE the drawers!
This huge armoire was $375, in perfect condition, and would be amazing in a master bath! I wish I had the room for it!! Look at that wood!
So, you guys I almost bought these chairs. They are Italian with chrome legs and leather backs. The seller wanted $800, I tried to get them for $400 (he was wavering but wanted a bit more) and now they are on sale on Chairish for $1,500!!
Two things to check out here… this awesome vintage sectional and the weird dude hiding in the back!! Omg, it kills me! I actually bought this guy for $120 and it’s now in my dining room. It needs a reupholstery job, for sure, but I’ve never seen something like it and I think it’s cool for a table!
A gorgeous dresser for $250 – why are you still available, you’re so pretty??
I debated this one, but it does have potential. $90
A jungalicious magazine table for $30, you really can’t go wrong with that.
A vintage,chrome and glass EXTENDING table! Ah!! I love this table, it’s so cool!! They sell for 1,000’s and this one was only $150.
I tried to buy this sweet lady for my goddaughter, but she is a bit of a commitment at over 3 ft tall. For $45 though, I’m having a major case of remorse… the inside was totally clean and in need of wallpaper and furniture. Whaaaaa!
A brand new outdoor table for $50, in a super sweet shape. Yes, please.
Let’s call her, the one that got away. $47. Yes, you read that right.
Here’s another fab find that came home with me! I’m smitten and have NO IDEA where I’ll put her, but who cares?! For $38 I couldn’t resist… she’s got a broken leg, so that’s something to figure out, but dang, baby got style!! Those knobs!
I also bought this dresser which I’m thinking I may sell in my Chairish shop. I paid $90, which isn’t nothing (and it needs some work), but I’m very much in love with the shape. Maybe I should just cram her somewhere in my house?!? I. can’t. let. go.
The Overman Pod sofa for $600. It needed new upholstery but dang it, I adore this sofa. I’d put it in my bedroom in front of the bed. In a tribal print? Omg.

So there you have it!  All my dirty little secrets!

Any great finds you’ve had recently?!?