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Ikea Desk Hack in Tween Room

Hi there!

It’s been awhile since I had checked out Savannah’s room, so last Friday I popped by to drop off a few things for her and surprise her with a quick desk hack!

You guys, these are my favorite projects!  Easy and foolproof!!

Last year I had picked up this Ikea desk for the foot of her bed.  Because of the way the room was laid out, this made the most sense for her.  She could sit on the edge of the bed and study or plop down on one of the cute stools – there was even plenty of room for some of her squad to hang out!

I’m sure you don’t remember, but I had found these stool for $15 at the Pierce College Flea market eons ago…

The chipped paint and shape really spoke to the boho vibe I was going for.

Well, now the space looks like this!!

I had some multi-color thin washi tape, and used it to make a bunch of sprinkles!  Like a yummy donut.  Homer likie.  The stools got a face-lift with 3″ foam and fluffy hot pink fabric (that was cut up from a pillow I bought at HomeGoods)!

I used spray adhesive to mount the foam to the existing seat, then glued and covered it in batting and lastly, I stapled the fluff to the base.  Then the stool got these cute feet added to make sure that they never scratched the new wood floors.

You even get a glimpse of the mural I painted…and why didn’t I take more pictures of it?  I dunno, beats me.  This picture below is waaaay over exposed.  Whoops.

I’m happy to see that she’s still using some of the pieces I created for her and it’s interesting to see how the room has evolved.  Kids just have their own style and seriously, some things that I thought were amazing she hated.  The good thing is that if she’s not a fan of donuts, confetti or washi she can quickly just peel it right off!

A Unique (and easy and cheap) Way to Hang Art!

Got 5 minutes and a bunch of scraps lying around?  Then you can literally do this project right now!

Okay, wait.  Before you run off to forage and gather, this project is best for an art piece that isn’t too heavy.  In my case, I had found this paint-by-numbers sunset at the Rose Bowl for $5.  I loved it, but I didn’t know how to hang it without either framing it (boring) or gluing the back of it with brackets (weird).  Enter my genius solution (if I do say so myself!!) – This wood brace that will allow me to easily hang my art and then CHANGE IT WHENEVER MY LITTLE HEART SO DESIRES.  Ahhhh, I love flexibility.  And no holes in the wall.  Fist pump!

Alright.  Why are you sitting there?  Go gather!!

  • 2 Command velcro hanging strips
  • One thick piece of wood for the base
  • One thin piece of wood slightly longer on the top, to hold the art piece
  • Wood glue
  • A clamp or rubber band

Take the two wood pieces, ugly sides together and glue like so…

Let it dry.  Easy, right?  Once my wood thingie was dried I actually used my saw to cut the ends so they were perfectly straight.  You do not have to do this.  I’m just lettin’ ya know, k.  Then I took a sanding block to it for roughly 12 seconds. Not a lot, cause I’m lazy like that.  Attach your command velcros to themselves, put one side on the wood small piece and then stick it to the wall.  (I eyeballed the levelness, but a small level could be useful for a longer brace.)

You. Are. DONE.

You will place your art right on top so that it leans on the wall slightly.

I hung it as part of a gallery wall in Arrow’s room.  Those seagulls just kill me.  And would you believe there were 4 of these and I only bought 1??  I’m kicking myself right now.

It’s coming along!  I’m not sure I’ll keep it there, but hey, I can simply pull the darn thing right off.  Love it!

I have this vision of a wall of birds sitting on wood pedestals.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  Or what about 50 polaroids in rows?  Or for party decor?  Gah!  Game changer.

Moulding in a Bathroom

I know you’ve seen moulding.  It’s beautiful, amiright?!  But you may not have considered adding it to a bathroom.

Since I’ve got a budget master bath make-over on my mind, I’m thinking that moulding may be a way to add some architectural interest and texture to the room.  Right now it feels like the whole room is covered in the same material.  And let’s be honest, it’s not exactly the nicest material to cover a room in.  I need a way to make it, kind of, disappear.

One way I could do that?  Add interest to the walls – move the attention ova’dere!

Oh, la, la!  The inspiration pictures are VERY tempting!!

Jas Design Build

Tim Barber

Kelly Hoppen

House of Jade

Quarter Design Studio

So far, my progress in the room has been some wall patching, paint testing and I’ve sold the mini chandelier!  You may have noticed that I added a Chairish badge to my homepage – feel free to check out the other things I have listed!!  I don’t have a light fixture yet, but now the space is ready!!

Progress!  Whoot!

Lead Photo

A Master Refresh in the Works

The time has come.  The time is now.

Have you ever had a room in your house that you are just confounded by?  It’s completely immobilizing.  You can’t decide what the heck to do and zero options seem right.  So what do you do?  If you’re me, you do nothing.  For a looooooong time.

Welcome to my master bathroom.


This was right around when the dust settled over 10 years ago.  We didn’t even have lights yet!!  We removed the crazy wallpaper, smoothed out the walls and added the crown moulding.  At the time we were remodeling the kitchen, family room, living room, 3 bathrooms AND adding wood floors throughout – this bathroom was seriously the least of my worries.  Put a bandaid on it and call it a day.

Of course, that vanity drove me insane.  Back in the day (remember?!) light wood was considered evil and dark wood was the thang.  Ed and I were newly engaged and he was still courting me, so I was able to finagle him to help me sand this puppy.  I cut the middle out of the doors, stained the whole thing and voila, it looked like this.


I had the brilliant idea to put glass into the doors.  Okay, not so brilliant.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.35.29 AM

While climbing the cabinet (do your monkey children do this??), one of my boys shattered the glass.  Hey, it was bound to happen and it. was. time.

Here’s the thing though.  I don’t actually hate the bathroom.  Is it awesome?  No.  Am I transported to the 90’s?  Yes.  But is it the worst ever?  Not so much.


The entire room is covered in marble, granted it’s not drool-worthy carrera, but  the work done was impeccable.  Those grout lines are a thing of beauty, let me tell you.  I don’t like this tub situation at all (it’s such a space hog!), but I dislike baths so it seems wasteful to tear out (dated) marble, to put in a new tub that I’ll never use.  And the tub is actually nice and in perfect condition.  The shower?  It’s absolutely fine.  Dated fixtures, that work amazing well – that hideous shower head is hard to hate on.  The water pressure is perfect.  And ‘cummon, let’s get real.  For me to do this bathroom the way I want to do it, would cost AT LEAST 25k, and that’s on the budget side, not moving any plumbing or walls.

I’m not a fan of going half-ass, so that ain’t going to happen.  It’s either all in or band-aid.  Band-aids are cheap, so let’s see how many years I can live happily with another one!!

What do you think?  Am I crazy!?!  Is this room at all salvageable?

The time has come…for something!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM

Progress in Arrow’s Room

Thank you guys so much for being the coolest!  Last week I was nervous to tell you about my rut, but y’all made me feel so much better.  Support and some sweetness are totally just what I needed!  Thank you!!

Remember when I said that even in my funkiness I did some stuff?  Well, I painted Arrow’s room and started on general organizing.  Wanna see?


You’ll think this is crazy, but I couldn’t find the original blue paint color that I used on the walls.  You’d think I would write this crap down or something.  So, I picked another blue that I liked and cut it by 50%.  It’s freaking the SAME color.  Kinda sick.


Bye, bye koi fish.

Heeellllloooo Ikea rug.  You’re so big and stripy.  I just love you.

And tell me the crib isn’t a whole lot cuter!  I won’t believe you!!  Just a few cuts and pastes, and now it looks Scandi.  I have a few more plans, possibly involving olive colored fabric, and new bedding.  But, omg, it’s WAY better now.  High Five!


And the wall is cleared and ready for some art!!  Them were a lotta holes to fill.  I’ve also got a few ideas about the dressers.  That’s next on the list in the room… well, that and a rug pad.  Sheesh, freaking thin rugs and their lumps.

Me:  Rug, you have your flaws.

Rug:  You can’t handle this goodness!!

Me:  I need to stop talking to my furniture.  They’re a bunch of dickheads.


Progress is happening.  I’ve got curtain fabric, an idea for a wall mural (another one?! ), bedding to buy and dressers to paint.  Stuff’s about to GO DOWN.  And that trim’s getting a coat of bright white.  It is pissing me off SO much.

Me:  Just kidding.  I wouldn’t put you through that again.

Stay tuned.

And hey, have you done anything on the Rut List??

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM