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Lighting in the Bathroom

Hi guys!

The school year is in full swing for most of the household and I, for one, am loving it!  Of course, I dreaded going back to a full-on routine with checking homework, regular showers (for them!) and finding lost shoes when all hell has broken loose in the am.  But now that we’re at it, it’s nice…

You’d think I’d instantly have some free time, but I’ve still got the tiny at home until Sept. 1 when he starts preschool.  Once he’s in school (cue Hallelujah!!) I’m really hoping I can knock out some projects that require all my brain cells.  I seriously cannot focus with a 3 year old around.

I’ve got a few projects in mind but I’d love to finally get a chandi back into the master bath.  I don’t want to force it though… it’s gotta be PERFECT!

Awhile back, I ripped out this photo from Architectural Digest.  It was one of their best bathrooms of 2016… Feast yo eyeballs!!

What strikes me most is the vibe… masculine, clean, timeless, sleek, modern.  I just love it.  And I LOVE the Rewire chandelier.  It’s a measly $9,500 plus tax.

So, uhm, that’s out.  But I think I can still get a similar look, hopefully at a fraction of the cost!

Here are a few that I’m considering…

First up, the ubiquitous West Elm mobile chandelier.  I’ve seen it in person and it is very nice.  I don’t love the cord situation, but it’s not terrible or anything… I wouldn’t be reinventing the wheel here, but it’s a good option for sure.

Surprisingly, I found this great option on ebay, Industrial 2/4/6 Lights, and I think it looks pretty awesome!  It’s just that for the price, I’m not really sure how it will look in person.  But it’s pretty close to what I’m looking for… and I like the 4 light version too!!

Though not sputnik-style, there is something I really dig about this Restoration Harware Cosmos option.  It’s classy and traditional, and with RH you know the quality is there.

This amazing find, is called Miro and it’s SO good.  But at 25″, is it too small??

What do you think?  I know that I want to get rid of the steps, and eventually change out the tile, but I’m not sure about the tub… keep it built in?  Get a free standing?  SO MANY IDEAS!!

Entry Vignette

Hi guys!

Per the norm, I’m switching things up around here.  I like trying out different pieces in new areas of the house and whenever I buy a new toy I’m all about putting it front and center!

I decided to take a few quick shots of how the area across from the front door has changed – quick shots, people.  I have this small wall space where the Nest and a light switch live.  It used to look like this,

And now, it’s looking like so…

I’m not sure if you remember that I found this antique with a broken leg for around $40… refresh yo memory here.  Luckily, I was able to remove the glue that was previously used and fix her up!!  The dresser sticks out a little farther than I’d like, but I really love it and this is probably the only place I can put it.  I changed nothing else, as you can tell, and didn’t even bother covering the light switch.  Doh.  Hey, maybe I’ll even plant something in that pot one of these days!

I’m not entirely good at vignettes, though.  I just gather things that I like and hope for the best.  I tweak here and there until it’s not hurting my eyeballs, and really just roll with the theory, “If I like looking at it, it’s working.”

Of course, there are people that make a pretty penny out of fabulous vignettes!  Here are a few, in entryways, that caught my eye…


Nate Berkus

AVE Styles

I prefer the collected, haphazard look to something so perfect that there’s no way people actually live there.  You?

And right now I have my vintage Asian console for sale on Chairish.  Check it out!

I’m Getting a Sofa – Part 1

Can we just scream together for the next 10 minutes?  It’s all happening and I’m DYING of happiness.

After years of searching, obsessing, questioning and reasoning, I’ve finally given the thumbs up (and dolla dolla bills, y’all) to a Clad Home custom sofa.  It feels good.  Real good.  And scary – ain’t gonna lie.  Because you can’t touch and feel what you’re getting when you order custom, there’s a BIG trust factor.  And a big reason why I went with Clad Home.

The wall that I’d like the sofa to fit on is 169″, which is 14 ft long.  Where in the world was I going to find a sofa that long?!?  I tried, though.  Ideally, I would have found a place that sold the perfect sofa that I could test nap on and um, return if I didn’t likie.

I had seen this room on Amber Interiors and knew it was where my room needed to go.  I loved the long bottom cushions and the denim look of the fabric!  I sent Clad Home the photo and since they are awesome, they said I could get exactly that sofa, right there.  Just the way it was in the photo!!

You guys, that was 1 year ago.

Then I got scared and took a break.  Not so much a break-up, just a short separation to reevaluate my feelings.  I knew I wanted them to do the sofa, but was I ready for that commitment?

My (very vocal and very anti-new sofa) husband kept telling me I was crazy.  These boys would tear the thing up.  And yes, they will… but it’s like this, I will be happier that they’re tearing up a beautiful sofa instead of the beast we have now.  That slip cover was only supposed to last a year.  NOT FOUR!!

Is it the worst ever?  No, but there are a bunch of things we’re going to fix.  See how the current sofa goes past the door way?  Our new beauty will perfectly fit on the wall.  And all those bottom and top cushions will look more streamlined, less busy.  AND (getting excited!!) there will be zero holes for the remote to get lost into… yeah, it can go between two cushions, but it won’t make it to the floor.  ‘Cause it’s one piece.

It’s also going to be on a plinth.  Dreams coming true, people.

The hard part is deciding on everything.  I took FOREVER picking the fabric and FOREVER picking the wood tone of the base.  It’s hard.  I ended up putting ketchup and mustard and coffee and pen marks on all my fav’s and washing them in the laundry.  I thought I would pick Lucky Denim, but after the wash it seemed more frayed than the others.  Bennett Indigo washed beautifully.  A winner!!  Everything came out except the pen… which I don’t think comes out in the wash on anything, (but it was worth a try)!!

And of course, I went into the store (around month 4) to see the product first hand.  Quality!  I think that if you can visit the store, it’s a must because, not only is it super cute, but you can see everything first hand.

I left changing a few things up… I went with the Dawson instead, and asked for extra thick cushions on the bottom.  I also like having the cushions on the sides of the sofa too, whereas my inspiration sofa doesn’t have them… it gives you more options for lying on the sofa and also protects little heads that want to try and practice flipping.  Which are NOT allowed.  Not that those monkeys listen to me.  Whatev.

Once you figure it all out (and pay), you get a rendering.  Here is mine…  All the cushions will be slip covered, but the frame won’t be.  Fingers crossed we can control ourselves!!

It’s good, right?

I’m excited!!  In 6 weeks my new sofa will be here!  Stay tuned!