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Powder Room Mood Board

Well hello there!!

I’ve been making a tiny bit of progress in the powder room.  And by that I mean that I have slowing begun buying and hoarding things.  I have done zero demo and it’s starting to get real REAL with my timeline.  Timeline?  What timeline?!?  Said I, with a crazy little laugh… so what if it looks like garbage through the holidays…. hahaha…. no one will care, except MMMEEEEEE.  Whhhaaaaaa.

Anyway.  Moving on.  I will survive.  Hey, hey.  Shopping is fun.  And demo is not. Which is probably why I’m right where I am.  You guys, I am SCARED to rip tile off walls.  Cause, walls.  And um, fixing of walls.  Right.  Moving on…

So, here’s kinda where I’m at right now.  I’ve picked a wallpaper!!  Yaaahoooo!!  One freaking MAJOR decision made and trigger PULLED!!  If you don’t remember, these were the ones I was mulling over –

And how I made a decision, well that involved the opinions of 5 very opinionated man boys.  My husband really disliked #1, which oddly (or not) was one of my favorites.  I loved the bright blue in it, but I guess I should maybe respect his disdain if it’s something so bold in our house.  So there went #1.  #6, I loved, but it has an ivory/yellowy background that I swore I would stay away from – so buh bye #6.  #5 looks great, but seemed a little too trendy.  That left #2, #3 and #4.  I nixed #2 because I was really feeling that blue was the right way to go.  I still love this one and just might use it in my master bath – who knows.  The final call, I made with my gut… #3 is the winner!  It’s fun, but classic and I’ve loved this look forever!

Here’s a basic idea of things I’ve snagged up in the last few months.  I already have the mirror in there because the last one wasn’t doing too well – I like it and works well in the space.  Keeper.  Then I scored the American of Martinsville dresser for $40!!  It had a major booboo on the top, but not a problem if I put a sink on it – YES!!  And it has the perfect dimensions!  My husband hated it, but well… I’ve got plans.

The yucky top

Then, while I was perusing Ebay, I stumbled upon these Maison Lunel sconces!!  They are from the 60’s and amazing.  I love them and they are definitely going in this bathroom!!

My thought (right now) is to leave the travertine floor and just paint it.  I tested an extra tile in the garage and it’s adhered really well!  I couldn’t scratch it off.  I’m thinking that I’ll try this first and if it looks like crap, I’ll redo the floor.

So what else?… Of yeah!  The etagere!  I bought it from EBTH and it’s SOOO heavy and perfectly narrow and I want to make it work in this tiny bathroom.  I haven’t attempted to put in there yet (hello! heavy!) so it may not fit and it’s wrought iron.  I was pondering the addition of black to toughen it up – modernize it – and this could be my answer.  FINGERS CROSSED!!

Which leads me to a few what-ifs…. The faucet, the vanity handles and possibly buying the SELF-CLEANING TOILET OF MY DREAMS, with a black toilet seat, perhaps… hhhhmmmmmm….

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Should I go with a black faucet? Black hardware?

Or perhaps I should go with a brass faucet and/or brass hardware?  But then I need something else that brings in some black…

I know my renderings are a bit weird, (and the colors are a tad off, should be more blue and less purple) but we can get a general idea.  I’m in the middle of getting this vanity looking it’s finest and my palm sander just broke.  F!!!!  So, next week I’ll try to show you some progress there… hopefully there is some – HA!

Cultured Stone Sink, Maison Lunel Sconces – Vintage, American of Martinsville Dresser – Vintage, Kallvik Wallpaper, Round Brass Mirror, Wrought iron shelves – Vintage, Varathane Worn Navy, American Standard Self-Cleaning Toilet, Bemis Black Wood Toilet Seat,

Step 1, Wallpaper!

Well howdy there!

Now that I’ve finished up the fireplace and I’m still scratching my head on the master bath, I think I’ll move on to our powder room.  Why not?!  And this is a project that I want to have done before the holidays – Because I’m a crazy person who likes to be stressed.  Honestly, I’m not sure I can do it, but heck it’s worth a shot!  (Insert my husbands panic here.)

The room right now is ok… It’s covered in wheat colored grasscloth, has travertine floors and a custom (albeit small) vanity from Thailand.  The combo isn’t the worst.  But it’s in NEED of repairs – the wallpaper is lifting above the sink from moisture, the drain isn’t working properly, and the wheat color is kinda blah in a room with zero natural light.  (Never again will I go with a yellow undertone if there are no windows!  Lesson learned.)  Plus, little boys and natural stone are not a good fit – I didn’t know 10 years ago that I’d have so much “splashing” to deal with.  And yelling, “Just sit down!!” or “Watch where you’re pointing that thing!” doesn’t seem to be working.

So, I’m slowly formulating a plan.  I really want to have all the elements ready before I start tearing stuff out.  And I figure the perfect place to begin is with wallpaper!!  I just LOVE wallpaper.  It makes a huge statement, for not too much dough, and it’s fairly simple to put up.  In a powder room I know I can go a bit bolder with my choices and make this tiny bath super fun!  The feeling I’m going for – Fresh, California, Happy, Collected, Fun.

Both bathroom inspo photos – Tracy Hardenburg

I immediately went to Wallpaper Direct and ordered a bunch of samples – 12 actually!  I’ve ordered samples from them before and theirs have always been shipped so nicely and the prices are great!

Here are my favorites…

Banyon Tree,  2.  Dancing Cranes, 3. Kallvik,  4.  Oodi Blue White,  5.  Vertex,   6.  Sussex Downs

As you can see I’m definitely leaning blue, but grey and green are also options.  I think I could honestly make an argument for any of them, but I’m curious which one you’d pick!!

Once I nail that down, I can move on to floor tile and ceiling color decisions.

Or shall I just start demoing this mutha out!?!?

Well Hello, Blue Goddess


Wanna see my new napping buddy?  Hahaha (add 5 more minutes of laughter/sobbing) NAP?!?  HA!  As if!  Okay, well she is a very nice spot to watch Project Runway and Superstore, with my eyes open, surrounded by 4 boys who giggle when models try on clothes or when Glen says just about anything.

After years of waiting and plotting, I have my new sofa.

You can now see that there’s actually a doorway there to the right and hey, walk into the other room… what a concept!  Except that the last sofa completely blocked off this door so we are still walking around like a bunch of idiots.  Habits are hard to break!

I really didn’t change too much to take the photo – I kept lagging because I wanted new pillows and I wanted to restyle the shelves and a new rug… But hey, THAT SOFA IS BEAUTIFUL and so only look there.  I do have plans (don’t I always?) but in time…it’s enough training my wild boys to not spill food or sit on the cushions naked, I really don’t think I could handle rug duty too.

And would you believe this beauty is already over a month old?  And has not been burned to the ground!!  There were a few nay sayers, but I’ve showed them!!  As of yet, I have not removed or washed the cushion covers, but I was told that it may be an ordeal… Like, say what?!

No Cinderella Sofa tale is without a little drama, and mine is no exception.  Originally the plan was for the sofa to be one whole piece.  Then no legos or remotes or ANYTHING could get lost in between the crack.  Well, a few weeks before D-day (delivery day) I get an email that making a 14 foot sofa was just not going to happen.  I could get it in two pieces that would connect together – it would be seamless, it would be perfect.  I wasn’t thrilled, but I kinda figured that might happen.

When she arrived, the delivery guys couldn’t get the two pieces any closer than this.  Oh no, this would not do, so I sent a photo to Clad Home and they called me the next morning and sent a tech within 48 hours to my house.  BOOM.

The guy was super nice and made it right.  That’s when he told me that it may be difficult to put the covers on the bottom cushions.  Of course, you and I both know that I got these specifically so that I could wash them regularly.  So, I have fear in my heart that it’s going to be a P.A.I.N.  But I will let you know when we get there.  Right now, I’m pretty thrilled.  It’s beautiful, comfortable, cleans well with a rag and makes the room look much bigger.

I’m not embarrassed anymore.  There’s that too.

And now I don’t find as much crap IN the sofa and nada underneath it.  Small victories.  We’re all enjoying it… some more than others…

So, that’s all folks!  I did get the fabric we chatted about and it’s on it’s way from Thailand.  And the rug we have now is way too small for the room, so I’m thinking Black Friday deals may be when I pull the trigger on something new… I can train them by then, right?!?