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Color Crush – Claret Rose

Howdy Do!!  How is everyone today?!

I am in good spirits, ready for a swim day today with the family…. at least that’s how I feel now.  Swim days are always super fun, but draining.  Even the kids crash out by 6:30 and then it’s Date Night!  Well, that’s what our date nights look like these days – a passed out kid snoring on the couch (probably drooling on my hard work!), Ed and I laughing through our exhaustion over the antics of these boys, maybe getting an hour to watch WHATEVER WE WANT!!  True Happiness, folks.

Enough gabbering on…

I recently pulled out a page of HGTV magazine showing a mudroom done in Benjamin Moore’s Claret Rose.


It’s not a red, not a pink, not an orange… It’s really a mix of all three.  And I think it would go great with all the ethnic prints and tribals going on these days.  Are you questioning me now? Is it kinda starting to grow on you… a little…??


Punchin’ up that White!  This room would be such a yawn without it.


Dare to go there?  Or here?  Or you know what I’m trying to say!

red-livingroom red-den

Please note the grey ceiling… keeps it from being too much.  And the white trim is necessary to break it all up… or else ya might get a cavity.

This is a happy room.  Yes?


This is a happening bar.  Yes?

I myself would probably go more like this…


The lucite pieces are Johnathan Adler, the Kilim is currently listed for sale on eBay, the stool is originally from Africa and is vintage, the art piece is made for you and is only $30 on Etsy by MyRoots (it’s a map of your home country!!), the console was custom made and the lamp is a mid century laurel chrome dome (which you can find on 1stdibs, eBay, flea markets).

I’d use Claret Rose on all the walls (’cause I’m bold like that) and then add punches of navy to ground the color, with a range of textures for playfulness (like the rough wood, patterned rug, and trimmed drapes).  Then, to add glamour, the lucite and shiny stuff- Classic, pretty and a welcome that says, I got IT going on.

Do you have any color crushes??  Any new fun color combinations??

Have a great weekend!  XOXO!

Wall Tape!!


I’m a bit bummed today because I accidentally warped my saw blade.  Do you ever try something and in the middle of doing it, you just know that you should stop, but you don’t??  I think it’s that curious kid in me… maybe, just maybe, this will work and come out ok.  In the case of my saw blade, it’s a fallen casualty to my experimentation.

charlie brown2

Won’t be messing with my saw too much in the future.  Lesson learned.  Especially now that I’ve realized they don’t sell Bosch blades in the stores.  Grrr!!

But, since I’ve been having fun looking at stuff on-line you have to check this out!

Wall tape!!


Okay, I’ve seen decals and I’ve seen stick on wall paper, but this is like a giant roll of Washi tape, which is more opaque.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

gallery_construction21_01 gallery_construction03_01

And yes, you could do stripes on your wall or frame out the molding, but aren’t these ideas much, much better?!?  People are so creative – Amazed!

And it looks super easy and doable!  Then when you’re bored, peel it off.  Can’t beat that with a bat!!


If you are interested check out the website:

Later Dudes!!

A Few Styling Options

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been having fun styling my new fun area, thanks to a neat new art piece made by yours truly.  But… it’s hard to do, isn’t it?!  For one, I’ve got lots of little fingers and curious minds around always wanting to touch “mommy’s things.”  And secondly, it’s just tough in general to find a nice balance – I feel your pain.  I’m a fan of trying things out and shuffling pieces around.  I live with things for a few days and then switch it up, until I’m pleased… of course, that lasts only until I’m getting bored with it or (my favorite!!) I get something new.  Me love new toys.  Happiness.

Anyhoo, here are a few options I put together for your enjoyment… and mine.  Thank you for indulging me!

Yes, I’m cultured and like to read. How did you know?!?
Decorate with toys?! Why not! Kinda looks retro cool!


Can we just call this one pagoda passion? It’s a sickness, really.

And here is a quick shot of the side of the art piece.  The wood really looks cool… all grainy and au natural!


And here is a picture of that awesome light at the top of the painting… I got it on ebay for $20 (which included shipping)!  It’s vintage and I LOVE it!  It’s so cute and tiny and I’d like to keep it in my pocket.


Shopping on that darn, addicting site is like playing roulette… you’re either the smartest person with incredible vision or you’re a lame-o sucker.  In this transaction, I gave my self a big ‘ol pat on the back!  I have seen newer versions on if you’re interested and they are not too bad, about $40 bucks.

Styled anything lately??  I’m not sure which option I’m going to go with… but I will let you know!