It’s been 4 weeks since my last confession.

And are you ready for it? ‘Cause it’s a whopper. I have done nothing, zippo, NADA on the bathroom. I have spent the last few weeks putting names on the backs of jerseys and embroidering hats. And if you are wondering if I’ve lost a bit of my brain cells after doing over 200 jerseys and 100 hats – then yes, I would say yes.

Wait. What were we talking about again?

Anyhoo, the good news is that baseball season has started so I’m pretty much done with all that mess!! Yaaaaayyyy! And now I can get back to tooling around the bathroom and buying up estate sales. Smile emoji.

Since I don’t have awesome progress shots, I figured I could show you these super cute party favors that we gave out at my sister’s engagement party on December 30. Why am I telling you the specific date (it’s not just because I’m a crazy lady) it’s so you can get an idea of the time frame… not Christmas, not New Years, but definitely still holiday time.

I came up with this fun mood board that my mom then made into reality…

It’s got plaids, but in pinks, blues and reds, which I think totally spells L-O-V-E winter style! And then we added lots of golds, candles and a dope Champagne Bar!

For the favors, I gave her these options…

These are exactly what I sent her, peeps – I found them in my email (cause I lost a bunch of files off my computer last week, which was super fun. Not.) It ain’t the cutest board I’ve ever made, but you get the idea.

She was very into the mint case. Yes! Love to have mints in the car. Love. It.

I found these cute silver mint cases on Amazon for $0.50 a case! Totally not bad! You’ll also need paper, foam tape, a glue pen and glue tape.

Then I got to work… I was able to cut out some rings on my Cricut and layered ’em all up with foam pieces for height that I cut by hand from foam tape. Like so…

You totally don’t need a Cricut, but it certainly makes the job easier! Once they’re all glued up, fill them with mints and stack them artfully.

They look so cute!!

Just an idea for you guys! I’ll try to get my booty in gear this week. I’ve got to skim coat those darn walls.

Powder Room Can-O-Worms

Hi everybuddy!

You know, and I know, that whenever you start fixing things or changing things, you are just opening one big can of worms. I thought that I was prepared for just about anything on this powder room update… I had planned, measured, thought about this friggin room WAAAAYYYY too much. But alas, I have opened a big, stinkin’, smelly CAN OF WORMS! (Yes, I’m shouting!! Why am I SHOUTING?!?!)

Here’s what’s going down.

Oh wait!! I have walls. Yay, for walls! Let’s give the walls 5 seconds of love because I learned how to drywall!!! Sometimes, I just wanna do myself.

Now that the walls are all patched up, I’ll need to skim coat the entire room. Fine. Not fun, but fine. Of course, before doing all that, I need to make sure that I like where the current sconces are wired. I don’t. Ooooobbbvviioouussslllyyy. So, I enlisted the advice of my stepdad. And he told me (in a lot of words) that I couldn’t move them more than an inch or two (in any direction) because they were old and sucky and there was no extra wire left.

I brought the vanity in to be sure what position looked best. And that’s when a new situation unfolded. Did the vanity look right this far from the wall? Or should it be shoved all the way to the wall? And if I leave some clearance, how much clearance is too much clearance?

Dizzy yet? I am.

I went right to work looking for inspiration on-line. Yup, most vanities have some clearance to the wall. So, that’s good. But it’s not a lot, looks like just a few inches.

Castlewood Builders

At this point I’ve halted all further work in the room until I can figure out what I’m going to do. If I leave the lights where they currently are, then the vanity (to be centered under them) would be about 10 inches from the wall. It just doesn’t look right to me. It’s like something is missing from that space. In the photo I think it seems ok because the door is blocking a lot, but I dunno, it’s perhaps too many inches.

My next little point of contention, is the height of the lights. Where should my sconces go in relation to the mirror? I feel like because they are pointing upward, they should be at the center. Like so…

You can see in this photo, where I’ve pushed the vanity closer to wall (with about 3-4″ gap), that the sconces would go near the top of the mirror. Wouldn’t they look like little antennae or is that just me?!?!

More inspiration. Hmmm… I’m feeling buggy. Are you?

The easiest thing to do would be to leave the vanity farther from the wall than the ideal. Then I could get a larger mirror to accommodate the sconces. OR I could get different sconces that point downward. It’s an idea.

Right about now you are probably thinking, why don’t you just hire an electrician to have them moved, so that they can be in the perfect spot for the vanity, about 3 inches over, and 2 inches down. Then you can keep the round mirror and the sconces… etc. Well, that’s definitely Option 2. I’m hesitant to do it because the wiring is pretty old and I may need to fork out for a new junction box (more fun stuff) because the existing wire in the walls can’t be moved more than 2 inches in any direction.

And if that weren’t enough… I’m unsure how great the lights will look so close to the edge of the wall. AND when I purchased the mid-century vintage lights THEY DID NOT COME WITH THE MOUNTING HARDWARE!! AND I KINDA THINK THAT MIRROR LOOKS TOO SMALL, ANYWAY!!!!

Phew… There I go shouting again.

There’s a lot going on, to say the least, and yet nothing happening. Is one big old stalemate, can o’worms. So much for an easy, budget friendly refresh. Hahahahahahaaaa! Like those even exist.

Tomorrow the electrician is going to come by and we’ll see. Till then.

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Barristers Bookcase

Hi there!

Gah! Where is the time going? I can’t believe we’re already well into January and I’m just finishing up storing all the holiday stuff. I’m not sure what’s worse… hauling it all down or putting it all back? It sucks! And every year, I’m left wondering why we all do this. Well, that’s until December rolls around and I’m back at it again!! We really are a bunch of weirdos.

Of course, today I’m not even thinking about any of this. I’m thinking about barristers bookcases – which I LOVE!! Aren’t they so cool?! Very hip in the nerdiest of ways.

Or am I describing myself?

It’s funny, for years I’ve been scouring high and low to get my hands on one of them for my husband’s office. Yeah, I would spot one once in a blue moon only to find out it was $600 or $800 or $1,000 bucks. And even with that price tag, I was definitely tempted. I mean, wouldn’t his baseball card collection look SO, SO much better in one, than all over the freaking place?, I would rationalize to myself. Well, NO MORE!! I finally found one and now it’s in our home, happily filled with pictures of dudes. Ha. But then the most miraculous of things happened.

I found another one.

You guys?! Isn’t that insane? How did TWO of these creatures just fall into my lap? Right into my tight, little hoarding hands.

I literally just sent it on over to Chairish, so it’s not even listed with them yet. It’s freaking amazing!!

I was tempted to keep both, I’m not going to lie. But then I thought perhaps one of you is looking for one too!! And see all the fun ways you can style it out??

I once saw one filled with bugs and butterflies and old books – It was incredible. Of course, now that I went searching for it, I couldn’t find the photo. This one above, crammed to the brim with books is pretty spectacular though.

I think the one on the kitchen counter is probably my favorite! That’s just so creative. Second? I dunno, that shoe collection is off the chains.

If you happen to be interested in the one I’ve got listed, please let me know! I will definitely give y’all a better deal, wink wink!! And if you already have one, then yay, we are bookcase twins!!

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