Happy New Year! Let’s Get Cleansing

Happy New Year My Peeps!!

I am feeling so… optimistic about this year. I REALLY want it to be a good one.

And I have to tell you that 2017 was a bit rough for our family – not in terrible ways or even really that bad. It just wasn’t GREAT, y’know? And honestly, it hasn’t started off that well so far because all 6 of us have been recovering from the WORST. COLD. IN. THE. UNIVERSE. It’s the sickness that doesn’t die.
Listen sickness. I’m going to kill you. It’s on.

So, in the spirit of get rid of bad germs/vibes/negative energy, I’m thinking I’ll start 2018 by doing a cleansing of the house. I’m not entirely sure I believe in it all, but hey, I DO believe in the placebo effect!! If I WILL it, IT WILL BE!! I found this easy to understand article here about burning sage or sandalwood. Yes. I can do that. Easily enough, I plopped over to Etsy and grabbed 3 bundles from Weekend Warrior TX for $3.75 for a 3″er. There is a 5″ option, but maybe that seems like a lot… or perhaps I needed a 10″ with these knuckleheads. Who knows? We’ll see how cleansed I feel after one, and the others should make a nice gift to my mom and friend. (Hi Mom!)

So that’s fun.

I’m not sure how crazy I’m going to get with resolutions, but I definitely need to get my butt back into the powder room with some drywall and I’d love to grow my following on Chairish. Selling has been a surprising new hobby, that has certainly taken me away from home stuff, but I’m having fun for now and I’m all about letting my heart roam where it wants. One day, fix up a vintage piece… the next sew up a cushion. I’m happy with that.

Of course, if I had to nail down a few improvements I’m looking to make this year, it’s to keep the house tidier and to drink more water and to HAVE MORE FUN!! My boys have been slowly coming around to helping me more with chores and that’s going to continue (much to their dismay, I’m sure). In the past, I held on for dear life and was just happy if there were clean socks in the morning. But it’s the future now and it’d be nice if I didn’t say things like “dear life.” Or things like, “Did you flush?”, “What’s in that tissue on the floor?”, “How long has it been since we cleaned your ears?” I literally said all of these before 8am this morning. So, baby steps.

And progress is really all we can aim for. Be better humans. Period. And if you’re feeling damn extra, figure out why the lights keep making those weird noises.


All I Want For Christmas is Yoooouuuuu!

Well Hello There!!

Holy Guacamole, Batman. I just finished putting in the links to my holiday wish list and shit. got. cray. I can’t believe how many things my little heart wants. It’s pretty absurd considering the fact that I’ve already purchased this and this for myself. I may need help… Retail Therapy Help?? Wink, wink.

So here goes nuthin’ Santa.


Brass Wireless Speaker, Hearth Mug, Large Frying Pan, Bell Flush Mount Lights, Makan Chairs, Furniture Bible
I’m pretty obsessed with those mugs from the Magnolia line and I’m 100% certain they’ll be making an appearance in my kitchen soon. The flush mounts too… I’m dying to change out the can lights in the hallway into something prettier. The chair and brass speaker are definitely wish items, but the pan – yeah, I kinda need a ginormous pan to feed my little litter.

Bentwood Rounded Mirror, Cricut Shirt Press, Tumalo Front Door Hardware, Turtle Hamper, Anova Sous Vide Cooker
Everyone is dying over the sous vide tech and I’m certainly curious… The hardware? OMG, so beautiful and my current set is killing me softly – it’s like not straight anymore (WTF?). A wood mirror is in my future – could this one be it?

Tie Neck Flannel, ED Slippers, Kompari Coconut Cream, Newsboy Hat, Bow Earrings, Jessa Mule
The desire for plaid is strong here, and I’m loving this shirt with the bow! I’ve lusted after Kompari for SO LONG, I don’t know why I’m being such a cheapo, and should just buy it right now. (I didn’t.) I’m strangely into hats and pins and bows – and apparently mules – which my friends say are all grandma things. Just call me GRANNY!!

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, Banana Phone Case, Cactus Pin Cushion, Erasable Markers, iPhone Karaoke Microphone, Babe with the Power
Are you dying right now? This may be my favorite set – the karaoke phone thing I want real bad, but I don’t know why. The cactus!!! Pitter patter. And if you don’t know where the quote on the shirt is from, YOU NEED TO FIND OUT IMMEDIATELY.

Anything fabulous on your list?!? Shopaholics need to know.

Happy Holidays and

Powder Room Before

Hi There Friends!

Whoa. Two weeks I’ve been planning on posting this darn thing. I have most certainly entered the black hole that is the holiday season – where your time gets sucked into yarn projects, cursing at box loads of haphazardly packed ornaments and (eek) gift buying. I, for one, actually love giving and receiving gifts, but man, the stress of finding the perfect thing for EVERYONE you know can be daunting… exhausting…and hella expensive. I have promised myself that THIS YEAR I will adhere to a strict budget and NOT BUY MYSELF a bunch of stuff. It’s SO hard!!

In the meantime, my guest bath is looking like this. I went in Thanksgiving week and started peeling off the wallpaper, and then the tile. Which PULLED THE DRYWALL off!! My father-in-law, who is super handy, was all like, “You’re doing it wrong.” Then he jumped in there and said, “Oh well, looks like the tile guy stuck these on right to the wall.” (THEN he removed all of it for me!! YASSS!)

Now I need to learn drywalling skills. Ok.

It was hilarious that I decided to do this before a few friends came over – but you know, when you find a moment, you’ve just gotta take it, right?! And they said, “Why are you redoing the bath? I like it the way it is.” Which was seriously, news to me.

But whatever! I’m redoing it because I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I designed it over 10 years ago and I just went WAY TOO literal with the Asian vibe…subtlety, Jessica, subtlety.

I still really love the handmade vanity, but the scale is off. I’m definitely going to list it for sale soon, so email me if you’re interested. It would be amazing in a smaller space! Maybe change out the sink to update it… but the sink IS fun.

Here you can see how the wallpaper was turning on me. For years I had thought about simply painting a pattern on the paper and it would have been cool… but I just could not get over the color. So drab. And those lanterns had seen better days.

My original thought was to put that iron cabinet in front of the toilet area, but now I don’t think it will fit!! I’m soooooo sad. How much room do you really need to do your business?!?!

That’s about it!! I’ve had to lighten and brighten these pictures just to give you an idea because it’s pretty dark in there without the lights. No windows =( That wallpaper should brighten it up – I hope! The good news is that the floor seems to have made it through the demo stage, so all systems point go for painting it!!

This week will be rough to get anything done, but maybe I can eek out some moments for drywall. Maybe????