Totally a Boys Bathroom

Hello world!

How is it freaking February already?!  Uck.

January has ffllloowwwnnnn by and I’ve not done too much.  Remember, when I had this goal of filling up my Chairish shop with 200+ items?  Well, I’ve been hunting and photographing (cleaning and fixing) like a beast, but I’m still a few short.  As of this morning I have 190 items for sale with 6 pending approval.  I’M SO CLOSE!!

But what that has meant, is that I haven’t been keeping up on anything in the house.  Mostly I’ve been doing maintenance which is the most boringest, tedious-est crap in the world.  You try keeping up with the stuff my 4 boys break/ruin and tell me if you don’t notice more grays popping in!!  The thing is, lately I’ve been feeling like I’m missing something…. selling and buying is REALLY fun, but I think it’s about time I got my hands dirty again.

Insert the room I try to avoid at all costs.

My boys bathroom.  Dun, dun, ddduuuunnnn!

Why do I avoid it?  As if you’re even asking me that… BECAUSE 5 GROSS DUDES USE IT!!  Regularly… If you know what I’m sayin’.  Very Regularly.

With that in mind, I want to update it but not put anything too precious in it.  You see that teal Ikea bath mat that was probably like $5?  That is the perfect thing in here… They can ruin it and mama won’t even care.  For the last year or so I’ve been hoarding things that could work.  I have a few mirrors that I didn’t use in the powder room, a new light, a toilet paper holder, etc… My goal is to update it for less than $100.

I will give you all the juicy details – Promise!!

The tile in the room is a chocolate brown with gray grout – it’s not the fanciest, but I really love it in here.  I’ll get a shot of the shower for next time, since I forgot to take one – duh.  Right now it has these bamboo decals on it, which were fun for baby stuff, but now that the boys are older, those will go.

Here’s what’s in my head…

I have it in my mind to paint the room the green color you have seen 100 times already.  I could do a blue… but green would nicely with the room.  We’ll see, it’ll be fun.  I’ve picked up a few samples to make sure that it won’t be too dark with the brown floors and the teal vanity and black granite.  The ceiling will stay gray, but a new coat will go up… For the life of me, I can’t find the original gray that I used in here and I need to do a bunch of touch ups.  Painting ceilings.  My favorite.


I picked up some sample pots last week, so I’ll snap a few photos of ’em to see what y’all think.

Any ideas on how to remove that granite?  Seemed like a good idea at the time… Oopsie.

I think that’s it for now!  I’m off to patch!!

Peek of the Dining Room

Happy New Year, my peeps!!

Today is officially the first real week of the year… the kids are back in school, sports are starting up and wow, people are actually working.  Yup.  It’s a little sad, since the break has been so nice and having the kids home for 3 weeks did not put me into the cuckoo house, as suspected.  Not this year boys!  Not. this. year.  The only negative is that I didn’t get as much done around the house as I’d hoped to – I wanted to clean out their closets, toys and clothes, and I wanted to list a bunch more goodies on Chairish – Instead, I made a zillion meals a day (the insatiable hunger of 4 boys is ASTOUNDING), washed way more dishes than I cared to, and mostly piddled around… not accomplishing much, but having an immense aspiration to.

Oh well.

It was a GREAT holiday and end to the year.  I’ll take it.

Around the end of November I decided to actually clean off my dining table to use for (who’da thought?!?) dining.  Normally, I just pile up my special little finds, clean them, and photograph them here, so it’s a hoarders DREAM but not the prettiest sight to see.  You guys, I hid things in places you wouldn’t believe to achieve a clean table.  I envisioned my family, shaking their head when they found a chandelier where the toilet paper is stored.  Ahhhh, that Jessica is an odd bird, they would think and love me all the more.  Wink.  At least that’s how it will go in my Lifetime reenactment.

So, here’s the dining room as it stands now…

Wait!  Hold the phone!  Here it was the last time I showed it to you

Gah, my shelves have really gotten full.  Hmm… do I like that?  I need to ponder.  I sold my grandmother’s chairs, but kept the table.  I also, changed out the chandelier and rug.  Sadly, that plant died llllooooonnnngggg ago.

On the table I added an antique Japanese obi, which are used to tie a kimono.  The gold flecked candles and holders are from the 50’s, which I was supposed to sell, but didn’t.  On the wall you can see one of my new paintings.  It was painted by Annette Sabbah, and I love it!  I was able to get two of her pieces for my aspiring art collection, but this one is by far my favorite.

I’m happy… I like it… I’m just, well, I’m thinking about selling the 80’s chrome chairs (I recovered these) and there’s a 30% part of me that wishes I’d gone for the black finish on the chandelier vs the brass.  I could paint it – Or is that just CRAZY?!?

One of these days I’ll change out the rug for the vintage Persian I currently have in my bedroom.  It has the same vibe, but this one up here is a knock and the other is the real deal.

What do you think about that MCM Moroccan inspired side table?  I have had it for about 6 months and just can’t seem to list it for sale.  ARG.  Why do I have to like everything?!?

I also started to recover the brown leatherette benches (that I bought here) but had to take a break since the leather I purchased was much harder to work with than I originally anticipated.  Have any of you recovered with leather??  I need to pick your brain!

So that’s about it, y’all!

Happy New Year and all that.  I loves ya.



Ho, Ho, Ho! Happy Gifting!

Happy Holidays to my cheerful peeps!

I have been shopping like a FIEND.  Like it’s my job, yo.  The good news, is that I LOVE giving presents… I love shopping, I love spending the dolla-dolla bills y’all!  I even love wrapping gifts with painstaking care, only to have them ripped apart like the animals my closest friends and family are.  LOVE. IT.

But, I also really love to GET gifts.  Maybe it’s because I never felt spoiled as a kid, but dang, I love me some presents.  These days, I pretty much spoil myself, because, well, it’s cheaper than therapy!!  I do try to hold back on the “wants” though, and focus on the needs.  Like I need  cute shoes to go with this dress vs. I want this dress I’ll never wear ’cause I don’t have a life.  See??

So to help my family out, I concoct these pretty pictures (that take hours, omg) so that I’m guaranteed a happy dance and they’re guaranteed an authentic performance!

Cozy Sweatpants, Funnel Sweatshirt, Vionic Slip-on Sneakers, Ember Mug, Elizabeth Arden Capsules, Copper Infused Sleep Mask, Over the door Mirror, Horne Tea Kettle, Spatula Set

Cozy sweats, yes please.  Every year the same thing, you say.  Hellz to the yes.  Personalized wooden spoons make my heart happy and a warming mug that is waaaaayyyy toooooooo expensive, is just the ultimate luxury for my coffee addicted soul.  The shoes, perfection.  I would wear those OUT.

Levi’s Sherpa Bomber, Betsy Johnson Belt Bag, Clinique Eyeshadow, Sculptural Flushmounts, Zak Waterbottle, Heart Earrings, Laser Hair Remover, Magnetic Eyelashes, Pizza Wheel, IPhone Case

I want those flush mounts in a bad way.  I think they’d be magic down the hallway, so Santa maybe sending those in the new year if they’re not under the tree.  Wink.  I find myself drinking more water with a cute bottle, the jacket is amaze and the fanny!  Sing my fanny song with me…”I’m bringing Fanny Pack!  YA!”  Yup, I rock a fanny pack and YOU CAN’T STOP ME.

MagnoGrip, Black Marble Bath Tub, Pixie Lip Butter, Loghan Sunglasses, Heat GunWarm Boot Socks, Velour Shirt & Pants,  Good Genes Serum, Tea Variety Set, Diffuser

A velour outfit that I could actually wear… it just looks cool for pick-ups.  I want that serum…. it’s marketed like magic in a bottle and my dry skin could use some magic.  A heat gun?!  It’s a gun that shoots heat, which is also like magic.  And everything else here would totally get used and loved.  I mean, who doesn’t want socks and lip gloss?

If you’ve look through these you’re probably wondering why I’m so darn boring!!  I like my comfort!  HA!  I’m obsessed with sweaters and tools, easy make-up and plants that won’t die.  A cheeky, retro t-shirt would totally be my jam!  I’m a simple girl.  What can I say?!?  (Said the girl who wants a marble bath tub.)

So, there ya have it!

What’s on your list?