Powder Room Before

Hi There Friends!

Whoa. Two weeks I’ve been planning on posting this darn thing. I have most certainly entered the black hole that is the holiday season – where your time gets sucked into yarn projects, cursing at box loads of haphazardly packed ornaments and (eek) gift buying. I, for one, actually love giving and receiving gifts, but man, the stress of finding the perfect thing for EVERYONE you know can be daunting… exhausting…and hella expensive. I have promised myself that THIS YEAR I will adhere to a strict budget and NOT BUY MYSELF a bunch of stuff. It’s SO hard!!

In the meantime, my guest bath is looking like this. I went in Thanksgiving week and started peeling off the wallpaper, and then the tile. Which PULLED THE DRYWALL off!! My father-in-law, who is super handy, was all like, “You’re doing it wrong.” Then he jumped in there and said, “Oh well, looks like the tile guy stuck these on right to the wall.” (THEN he removed all of it for me!! YASSS!)

Now I need to learn drywalling skills. Ok.

It was hilarious that I decided to do this before a few friends came over – but you know, when you find a moment, you’ve just gotta take it, right?! And they said, “Why are you redoing the bath? I like it the way it is.” Which was seriously, news to me.

But whatever! I’m redoing it because I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I designed it over 10 years ago and I just went WAY TOO literal with the Asian vibe…subtlety, Jessica, subtlety.

I still really love the handmade vanity, but the scale is off. I’m definitely going to list it for sale soon, so email me if you’re interested. It would be amazing in a smaller space! Maybe change out the sink to update it… but the sink IS fun.

Here you can see how the wallpaper was turning on me. For years I had thought about simply painting a pattern on the paper and it would have been cool… but I just could not get over the color. So drab. And those lanterns had seen better days.

My original thought was to put that iron cabinet in front of the toilet area, but now I don’t think it will fit!! I’m soooooo sad. How much room do you really need to do your business?!?!

That’s about it!! I’ve had to lighten and brighten these pictures just to give you an idea because it’s pretty dark in there without the lights. No windows =( That wallpaper should brighten it up – I hope! The good news is that the floor seems to have made it through the demo stage, so all systems point go for painting it!!

This week will be rough to get anything done, but maybe I can eek out some moments for drywall. Maybe????

The struggle to find the perfect family rug is real


I have been counting down the days until Black Friday because I have a few things on my mind that I want to buy… And this gal wants it on SALE!! I’ve asked a few friends what they have on their lists for this week and they’re all like, “oh nothing” or “I don’t do Black Friday.” Ahem, I know the truth. Women. Be. Shopping.

Anyhoo, first and foremost on my want list, is a new rug for the family room. Look, my heart wants a Beni Ourain, ivory, wool beauty but I know that my reality is just not there. I will go freaking crazy trying to keep that rug looking decent. So, I need something with enough color variation to hide spills, low pile so that I can run a carpet cleaner over it 1-2 times a year, and obviously, it has to look nice and be affordable. I’ve been eyeing those vintage knock-offs that I don’t particularly love, but that really do check off a bunch of boxes for me. Do you think they look so fake that they’re bad?? OMG, I DO NOT WANT CHEESY. I really love this

I want background noise, not a show-stealer. Y’know? I’ve been digging around on-line for the last few weeks and I think I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to these four. Maybe you could help me pick one?!?

Safavieh Evoke

Safavieh Adirondack

Safavieh Arizona

This one is more of a shag, which would be great in the comfort department – but keeping it clean???? Hmm….

Tatianna Rug

Not the most exciting post ever, but it does help to see the options in the space… Looking at them now I’m definitely leaning one way.

What say you??

Have a wonderful week shopping and chomping!!

Powder Room Mood Board

Well hello there!!

I’ve been making a tiny bit of progress in the powder room.  And by that I mean that I have slowing begun buying and hoarding things.  I have done zero demo and it’s starting to get real REAL with my timeline.  Timeline?  What timeline?!?  Said I, with a crazy little laugh… so what if it looks like garbage through the holidays…. hahaha…. no one will care, except MMMEEEEEE.  Whhhaaaaaa.

Anyway.  Moving on.  I will survive.  Hey, hey.  Shopping is fun.  And demo is not. Which is probably why I’m right where I am.  You guys, I am SCARED to rip tile off walls.  Cause, walls.  And um, fixing of walls.  Right.  Moving on…

So, here’s kinda where I’m at right now.  I’ve picked a wallpaper!!  Yaaahoooo!!  One freaking MAJOR decision made and trigger PULLED!!  If you don’t remember, these were the ones I was mulling over –

And how I made a decision, well that involved the opinions of 5 very opinionated man boys.  My husband really disliked #1, which oddly (or not) was one of my favorites.  I loved the bright blue in it, but I guess I should maybe respect his disdain if it’s something so bold in our house.  So there went #1.  #6, I loved, but it has an ivory/yellowy background that I swore I would stay away from – so buh bye #6.  #5 looks great, but seemed a little too trendy.  That left #2, #3 and #4.  I nixed #2 because I was really feeling that blue was the right way to go.  I still love this one and just might use it in my master bath – who knows.  The final call, I made with my gut… #3 is the winner!  It’s fun, but classic and I’ve loved this look forever!

Here’s a basic idea of things I’ve snagged up in the last few months.  I already have the mirror in there because the last one wasn’t doing too well – I like it and works well in the space.  Keeper.  Then I scored the American of Martinsville dresser for $40!!  It had a major booboo on the top, but not a problem if I put a sink on it – YES!!  And it has the perfect dimensions!  My husband hated it, but well… I’ve got plans.

The yucky top

Then, while I was perusing Ebay, I stumbled upon these Maison Lunel sconces!!  They are from the 60’s and amazing.  I love them and they are definitely going in this bathroom!!

My thought (right now) is to leave the travertine floor and just paint it.  I tested an extra tile in the garage and it’s adhered really well!  I couldn’t scratch it off.  I’m thinking that I’ll try this first and if it looks like crap, I’ll redo the floor.

So what else?… Of yeah!  The etagere!  I bought it from EBTH and it’s SOOO heavy and perfectly narrow and I want to make it work in this tiny bathroom.  I haven’t attempted to put in there yet (hello! heavy!) so it may not fit and it’s wrought iron.  I was pondering the addition of black to toughen it up – modernize it – and this could be my answer.  FINGERS CROSSED!!

Which leads me to a few what-ifs…. The faucet, the vanity handles and possibly buying the SELF-CLEANING TOILET OF MY DREAMS, with a black toilet seat, perhaps… hhhhmmmmmm….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Should I go with a black faucet? Black hardware?

Or perhaps I should go with a brass faucet and/or brass hardware?  But then I need something else that brings in some black…

I know my renderings are a bit weird, (and the colors are a tad off, should be more blue and less purple) but we can get a general idea.  I’m in the middle of getting this vanity looking it’s finest and my palm sander just broke.  F!!!!  So, next week I’ll try to show you some progress there… hopefully there is some – HA!

Cultured Stone Sink, Maison Lunel Sconces – Vintage, American of Martinsville Dresser – Vintage, Kallvik Wallpaper, Round Brass Mirror, Wrought iron shelves – Vintage, Varathane Worn Navy, American Standard Self-Cleaning Toilet, Bemis Black Wood Toilet Seat,