Out of hiding and a Bathroom Update


You guys, I have been hiding from you. In the messiness that is my life, I’ve been struggling to find the time to accomplish anything in the bathroom. I’ve had 20-30 minutes here and there, but man, it’s been rough!! I know you feel me, ’cause, Life. I’ve gotten sucked into so many little things, fun things, great things, but they’ve taken me away from actually getting anything done.

So here we are.

After a bunch of weeks, I finally have patched and primed the walls.

Here’s with the primer… so much prettier. Ahhhh…..

You maybe wondering what in the world took so long, and the truth is that I was battling some opinions on what to do about the residue left on the upper half of the walls from the wallpaper. Day 1, I said that I had to find a way to clean it off. But… then a contractor (my stepdad) said that I could just prime over it. It’s like the sane part of me KNEW he was wrong, but the lazy part wondered if perhaps he was on to something.

Well, we started skimming the bottom and the stuff would just not stick at the seams where the wallpaper used to be. It just kept pulling in the most horrific of ways.

Enter sanding. More sanding. Tears… Curse words… the whole onslaught of almost epic PMS proportions. WHY DIDN’T I JUST LISTEN TO MYSELF?!?! Anyway, I ended up spending two days with a spray bottle of vinegar/water and soapy water to get it clean with lots of rags. That stuff is super sticky so you have to keep switching out your rag. After a few scrubs with the soapy water and an abrasive sponge, grab that towel and finish with the vinegar. Worked like a charm!!

Lots of words. Blah, blah, blah. I know my friends!! I’ve been trying to read some of the One Room Challenge stuff, and I’m like Show Me the Pictures!!! Sometimes home improvement is so boring.

Did I mention there was a shizzzzzzz load of sanding. Snnnooorrrreeee.

So, wanna help me with something?

Okay, I’m not sure if you remember but I bought these fabulous Maison Arlus sconces. I got them from French Art Deco Dealer, on ebay, and they have some seriously beautiful antiques. I’m smitten with these; They are so beautiful!!

And you know I got a great deal on them… or so I thought!! HA! I opened them around November, loved them and stored them away so the kids wouldn’t mess with them. So when I started questioning the placement of the lights, I naturally pulled them out. That’s when I noticed that they didn’t have any mounting hardware.


There is literally NO way to hang them in their present condition. I figured there was a solution, but I wasn’t loving my prospects… I could make a wooden base? Or something that could be covered in wallpaper? Perhaps I could find a sconce somewhere with a useable matching base?

Then it happened. After looking on Grand Brass 3 previous times, they got something new in stock.

I took the leap and hoped it would match well, and I think it looks pretty darn good. Not perfect mind you, but darn close!

So here’s my quandary… shall I put the light together as you see it above? Or should I take the rectangular part off the sconce so that the curved part comes directly out of the square? It will take a bit of deconstructing, but I think I can do it… and I’ll have to find fittings to secure it all together.

What do you think?? Square wasn’t my first choice, but will it still work?

Here’s a similar Arlus sconce and I just love the petit base of the light!

I’m so sad that I have to use a larger attachment…A small rectangle would have been my first choice or a rounded shape. Oy vey. Maybe you have an idea??

Linen Window Shade

Hi guys!

Remember like a gazillion years ago when I said I was going to change out the blinds in my bathroom? Well, I finished it and FINALLY photographed it!! (That last part is the hardest IMHO.)

Here was that window… just to refresh the ye ol memory…

The window had a basic wood blind on it. Which, seriously, worked great. Functionality = A++. Looks = C-. Why is it that most things that are functional just don’t look the best?!?

I have always wanted a roman shade in this spot, but when I started looking at custom prices I was a bit put off by the $500 price tag! This window is 65″ long, so it’s a big job and the shipping? Fuggetabouit! That’s when I had a thought to use the existing hardware and sew a fabric panel right on top. Genius!!

And it wasn’t that difficult. You can do it too!! I was lucky to find this amazing linen stripe fabric for $3 bucks a yard in the remnants section of a designer store – It’s gorgeous!! But a little too see through, so I snagged a liner from Joann’s that still let light in, but obscured the view (if ya know what I mean). I started by finding a straight line and sewing the two fabrics together, leaving about 2″ on each side for finishing the edges with the nicer fabric. Then I divided my window into sections and sewed little pockets into the liner fabric only!

From Lowes I bought some wooded dowels and put them into the little pockets. In my case, the dowels weren’t quite long enough so I had to cut and glue to make them long enough, but hopefully you won’t have to do that! They have held up great though with Titebond.

Wondering why I don’t have pictures? Well, that’s because at this point I really wasn’t sure how the dowels would look. But trust. They look good. Just cut them about 1.5″ shorter than the width so that you can stitch them inside the shade.

Okay, let’s kill the spirit of the old blinds.

And then snip the cords you will no longer need…You NEED the middle one.

Then I used epoxy to glue the fabric shade to the top of the blind. For the sides, I used velcro so that I could take the shade off if I ever needed to paint the trim.

Now we’re getting somewhere!

Grab these rings and put them on your blind cords.

I sewed the rings by hand through both fabrics to where the dowels were lined up. If you use matching thread you can’t even see it in the front. All you have to do is make sure the cord is unobstructed and the shade will automatically roll up into a roman shade because of the dowels.

Easy Peasy!! (Except for your arms, ’cause they get ttiiirrreeeddd after a few rings!)

For the bottom, (I left a lot of extra just in case) I simply trimmed and glued it to the weighted part of the blind.

DONESIES!! Hand clap!

I think it looks great! I don’t move the shade all that much since it’s a total pain to climb over the tub – who designed this shiz anyway?!? But one day I’ll get rid of this monstrosity and be able to have unfiltered sunshine whenever I want. #victory.

Hey, want a little table like the one I have in the corner? I’ve got one for sale – vintage, guilded goddess!! The plant is a fern, which will probably die soon but is SO pretty! The pot is an antique from Italy and yes, I am reading that. Trying to, at least!!



It’s been 4 weeks since my last confession.

And are you ready for it? ‘Cause it’s a whopper. I have done nothing, zippo, NADA on the bathroom. I have spent the last few weeks putting names on the backs of jerseys and embroidering hats. And if you are wondering if I’ve lost a bit of my brain cells after doing over 200 jerseys and 100 hats – then yes, I would say yes.

Wait. What were we talking about again?

Anyhoo, the good news is that baseball season has started so I’m pretty much done with all that mess!! Yaaaaayyyy! And now I can get back to tooling around the bathroom and buying up estate sales. Smile emoji.

Since I don’t have awesome progress shots, I figured I could show you these super cute party favors that we gave out at my sister’s engagement party on December 30. Why am I telling you the specific date (it’s not just because I’m a crazy lady) it’s so you can get an idea of the time frame… not Christmas, not New Years, but definitely still holiday time.

I came up with this fun mood board that my mom then made into reality…

It’s got plaids, but in pinks, blues and reds, which I think totally spells L-O-V-E winter style! And then we added lots of golds, candles and a dope Champagne Bar!

For the favors, I gave her these options…

These are exactly what I sent her, peeps – I found them in my email (cause I lost a bunch of files off my computer last week, which was super fun. Not.) It ain’t the cutest board I’ve ever made, but you get the idea.

She was very into the mint case. Yes! Love to have mints in the car. Love. It.

I found these cute silver mint cases on Amazon for $0.50 a case! Totally not bad! You’ll also need paper, foam tape, a glue pen and glue tape.

Then I got to work… I was able to cut out some rings on my Cricut and layered ’em all up with foam pieces for height that I cut by hand from foam tape. Like so…

You totally don’t need a Cricut, but it certainly makes the job easier! Once they’re all glued up, fill them with mints and stack them artfully.

They look so cute!!

Just an idea for you guys! I’ll try to get my booty in gear this week. I’ve got to skim coat those darn walls.