Things I can’t get my mind off right now…

Hi Friends!

Can you believe that I wrote this totally gung-ho post about getting outta a rut and I’m still lagging SO much?!  Grr.  It’s hard, man.  I’ve been pretty busy at work, which is great, but also not – you know what I mean?  I love my day job actually, but after a stressful day, do I want to sew some curtains?  No.  I do not.

Alas, my struggle to get into the Madonna groove continues…with a teeny bit of progress here and there.  On the plus, I’m feeling a WHOLE LOT better.  Phew.

So, what’s up with me?  Well, I’m very happily drooling over some cool stuff.  Maybe you are into a few of these right now as well!!


Goddammit collars are cool.  Like all my shirts must now have a collar and I’ve got to button it all the way up.  Shirt, get in my cart NOW!!


Elle Decor’s cover photo has been whispering to me.  Nonstop.  And, you guys, it’s from June.


I don’t care if every room in the world is white right now, I still love a fiery red!


Deep breath.  It’s so good, right?!  Is it plaster?  Is it stone?  I NEED to know.  ASAP.  And the chairs – I’m obsessed with them.  In fact, I want to know more about this whole house, but where o’ where is this photo from???  Does any one know?  I found it here



Is this the sofa I’ve been dreaming of?  It could be.




Like this one, from Nordstrom for only $113.

It’s so genius and versatile.  Imagine a lovely plant… it would really spice up a drab bathroom.

I think that’s it for now.  These are the fun things that have been occupying my mind when I’m not scrambling to get 4 boys out the door or making grocery lists… How can such little people eat so very much?

Talk to you soon!

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Progress in Arrow’s Room

Thank you guys so much for being the coolest!  Last week I was nervous to tell you about my rut, but y’all made me feel so much better.  Support and some sweetness are totally just what I needed!  Thank you!!

Remember when I said that even in my funkiness I did some stuff?  Well, I painted Arrow’s room and started on general organizing.  Wanna see?


You’ll think this is crazy, but I couldn’t find the original blue paint color that I used on the walls.  You’d think I would write this crap down or something.  So, I picked another blue that I liked and cut it by 50%.  It’s freaking the SAME color.  Kinda sick.


Bye, bye koi fish.

Heeellllloooo Ikea rug.  You’re so big and stripy.  I just love you.

And tell me the crib isn’t a whole lot cuter!  I won’t believe you!!  Just a few cuts and pastes, and now it looks Scandi.  I have a few more plans, possibly involving olive colored fabric, and new bedding.  But, omg, it’s WAY better now.  High Five!


And the wall is cleared and ready for some art!!  Them were a lotta holes to fill.  I’ve also got a few ideas about the dressers.  That’s next on the list in the room… well, that and a rug pad.  Sheesh, freaking thin rugs and their lumps.

Me:  Rug, you have your flaws.

Rug:  You can’t handle this goodness!!

Me:  I need to stop talking to my furniture.  They’re a bunch of dickheads.


Progress is happening.  I’ve got curtain fabric, an idea for a wall mural (another one?! ), bedding to buy and dressers to paint.  Stuff’s about to GO DOWN.  And that trim’s getting a coat of bright white.  It is pissing me off SO much.

Me:  Just kidding.  I wouldn’t put you through that again.

Stay tuned.

And hey, have you done anything on the Rut List??

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Getting Myself Out of a Rut

Hello my long lost pals!

It’s been awhile and I’m sure you’ve guessed what’s been going on with me based on the header.  Yup, I’ve been in a big, ol’ stinky, don’t feel like it, shrugged shoulders, funky-town, rut.  And it’s been no great helper to the blog.  Or my self-confidence.  Or my self identity.  Or that long list of projects.  Sigh.

After a few weeks of feeling “off,” I came to the conclusion that I needed to step away from the extra stuff.  Just take the pressure off, you know?  I still did a few things here and there, but I gave myself the option to binge watch The Good Wife, if I wanted to.  Freeing myself, allowed me to face my rut head-on.  Why wasn’t I feeling like myself?  And how the heck was I going to get out of this rut?!  You guys, I need out of this apathy STAT.

What’s a to-do lister like me supposed to do?  Ha!  I decided to come up with a list.  DUH.  Kind of like a 12 step program, for lame-o’s, to get my Stella groove back.  And then I thought (lightbulb!), wouldn’t it be even better if say, a few friends joined me along the way?!  Like YOU, hint, hint, wink, wink.

Anyway, after lots of day dreaming and commercial munching, here’s the list I came up with –

  1.  Retail Therapy.  Of course this is on my list.  It’s easy and damn it, staring at something new and pretty will make my eyes happy.  This will for sure start me in the right direction.
  2. Watch something FUNNY.  Watch something SAD.  Movies heal, y’all.  We can all agree to this one, right?

    If only we could all feel this kind of joy every day!
    If only we could all feel this kind of joy every day!
  3. Give myself a guaranteed win.  Will it feel cheap?  Maybe.  But hey, I deserve something on my to-do list that is easy, awesome and guaranteed not to suck.
  4. Get my body moving.  I’m thinking rock climbing, yoga-ing, cross training.  Shit ANYTHING at this point.  I’m sure that getting the blood flowing will certainly help my endorphin level, or whatever it’s called.  Those may be a stretch, but I KNOW I can at least do a video a few times a week.
  5. Give my kids a win they never saw coming.  Omg, how awesome is it when you surprise someone with something they were not expecting at all??  It’s kinda amazing.  I need to do something that will up my Mom cred, even if it’s a short lived high.
  6. Enjoy some time with my man.  It’s sad to admit, but we rarely spend time with just the two of us.  But we should… not just because I still like him after all these years, but also because I remember my other self… that (kinda) sexy, funny, daring girl, who’s still in there but doesn’t come out to play as much.  It’s fun to be her every once in awhile.
  7. Tell my mom I don’t feel good.  Mom’s (or BFF’s) are the best at pumping you back up.  After a lunch with my mom, my head will be so big it’ll barely fit in the house.

    My son, Cruz hiding his fear on the gondola and his little brother, Arrow, taking it in stride!
    My son, Cruz hiding his fear on the gondola while his little brother, Arrow, takes it in stride!
  8. Look your best, feel your best.  This one is really hard for me, but honestly it’s a difference of about 3 minutes in the morning.  Do I wear a little blush or go without?  Care about my shoes or wear what’s comfortable?  I’m really, really going to push for those extra 3 minutes so I can strut just a wee bit.  Or fake it… that’s also an option!
  9. Do something challenging.  What this will be, I’m really not sure.  But I think it’s a good thing.

    My twins getting a red stripe! They never give up!
    My twins getting a red stripe. They never give up!
  10. And lastly, when I start to feel down on myself, give myself a pat on the back.  (That’s a lot of myself’s!)  I DO work hard.  I AM a great mom.  My ideas ARE flipping cool.  Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves.  Why?  I was yammering on with a girlfriend of mine about some dumb room mom crap, totally caught up when I realized that ROOM MOM CRAP IS BORING.  I apologized for bringing up the most boring sage ever told, and my friend said (you won’t believe this), “Jessica, you couldn’t be boring if you tried.”  Friends, it made me cry.  That’s how eff’d up I’ve been.  So, yeah I need to cut me a bit o’ slack.

So, that’s kind of what I’m thinking.  ALL super fun things.  ALL really great things for my mind, body and spirit.  I don’t need shit right now.  I need HAPPY.  I need smiles, and hugs, and kuddos.

Wanna do the list with me??  I say we start NOW.

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A Persian for Me

I’ve always loved Persian people, so it’s no wonder that I love their rugs too.

You throw in a Persian (rug, that is) and instantly your room is rich, textured, special.  It’s like inviting the “world’s most interesting man” to your dinner party – it just livens it up.  And you?  Well, you have just upped your decor status to world traveler with fabulous taste.

Needless to say, I’ve had Persian rug on my “Finds” bucket list for a very long time.  You know how some people have a travel bucket list?  I have a list of stuff I want to own and horde and stare at and not ever share with anyone else.  Don’t you?

The best news in this whole post?  Here’s the beauty that just got a cleaning in my garage


I found her last (last) Sunday at the Pierce College Flea Market for $350 big ones.  You guys, this rug is massive.  And so beautiful.  It’s in perfect condition.  Like a totally and utterly squeal worthy find, which caused me so much anxiety….I only had $300 in my hot little fanny pack but I wanted the rug badly.  (I’m bringing Fanny Pack – Ya!)  Would she take $300?  Nope.  I left.  I WENT HOME.  I twisted my hands into knots for the next two hours, at which point I finally could NOT take it anymore and hurried my dumb ass back.  Clouds parted, yaddiyaddiyaddi, and the rug. was. still. there.  Like, that never happens!  She’s mine, all mine!!


I’m planning to keep it safe from young boys and their non-stop spillage.  Don’t you think a Persian rug in a bedroom is just the best?!  I do too.




The Nesting Game



Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 8.11.22 AM

Houzz – Midcentury Eclectic

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 8.20.06 AM

Houzz – Contemporary Bedroom

So that’s what’s going on here.  I’m sure that once my new rug is in place, I’ll totally want a new bed.

I’m so predictable.

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A New Path with DIY Stepping Stones!

Hi there Friends!

Slowly progress on the side yard is happening.  In this hot weather, it’s been harder, since who wants to be cooking themselves in the sun?!

Baking… well, that’s another story.  I’ve been having fun “baking” my very own stepping stones, after failing at finding any round ones around my neighborhood home stores.  And, you know what?  It’s totally easy.  I LOVE this project and it’s got my mind spinning… What else can I do with a bag of Quikrete?

Plus it’s sooooo cheap!  A bag of concrete costs less than $3, and most of the supplies I found at the dollar store.  For all my stones (10 large and 26 small) I spent about $35 dollars!!

So, let’s dig in and I’ll tell you how I made these super cute ROUND stepping stones.


  • A bag of Quikrete
  • A Mold; in this case I used CAKE PANS!!
  • Cut up pieces of chicken wire.  I had left over hardware cloth, so I just used what I had lying around, and I’m sure you can dig up something in your garage that’s similar.
  • Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly
  • A bucket and mixing stick
  • A tarp was a nice to have, but not required

For the majority of these, I went down to the dollar store.  One small vaseline jar was enough for 20+ stones, and I was lucky to find a bucket, tarp and cake pans there, too!  They only had 9″ though (and I purchased 7 of them to make a bunch faster).  After making about 14 stones, I knew I needed some larger ones mixed in.  For that, I used these cake pans I found on Amazon.  They are super big, beautiful and still look great – even after using them!!


In fact, the largest pan was so big, at 14″, I didn’t even use that one.


Now this can get pretty technical – HA!  Not.  I scooped out some Quikrete into the bucket, and added water until I could mix it up into a thick batter.  I measured nada.  Slather your pans with vaseline and then pour in about half way up.  Next, add the chicken wire…


Then fill it up with the rest of the concrete.


Let it dry for a day.  You guys, listen to me here.  Make sure to take your new stones out of the mold the very next day.  I didn’t do this one freaking time and it took me forever to get it out of the pan, and actually, I broke two of them trying to get them out.  Learn from my mistakes.  Okie dokie?

What to do while they dry?  Well, prep the area of course!


I had decided to use some decomposed granite to create a base and filler for my new stones.  You don’t have to do this, but it’s how I made mine.

Once your stones are dry, literally just turn over the pan and let ’em slither out.


They will get stronger and stronger, so just let them chill for a few days or in my case, a week or so.

Then you can play around with your pattern…


The big stepping stones were something I had in the back of the house… so I used a few of those and then filled in with my new stones, making sure that they were all on the same level and at the same height… easier said that done.

As you can tell, at this point I only had the 9″ stepping stones made… it just wasn’t enough.  Right??  Tweak, and tweak, that’s what we do.

Then I just filled in the space in between with more dg.  I wet it down really well, and then tapped it down.


This path is done!!  And so tough.  I can push a wheel barrow through it, no problem.



As you can see I’m still finishing up this whole side yard, but at least I can cross this little project off the list!!  YAY!!

This was where I started…#Progress


Now what to do with that dirt next to it?  I’m taking a minute to pause… since I’m having a bit of an internal battle…Artificial grass?  More rock?  Succulents?  Mulch?  I have an issue with all of these options.  What say you?

Hopefully I’ve inspired some new bakers out there!!

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