6 Week Room Challenge! It’s Bbbbaaaccckkkk!

Welcome Friends!

Thank you for stopping by to watch me transform my much used/loved/ill-treated family room over the next 6 weeks!  And thank you to Linda, from CallingitHome, for inviting all the humble bloggers out there to participate!  I think this go round is definitely going to be the best one yet!


Am I wrong to think that the family room is the hardest to decorate?

You really have to consider the needs of each member of the family, comfort and of course, whether you can actually keep the space looking it’s best.  I mean, it’s all fine and dandy to have a fancy-schmancy room for a day, but will it work a year from now?  Will those little sticky fingers, zillion legos and dripping popsicles ruin all your beautiful work?

Meet my room.


This was after I covered up my sofa with some homemade cushion covers…. about a year and a half ago.  Those covers are still going strong!  Are they the best ever?  Well no, but at $2 a yard the fabric has been surprisingly sturdy and at least I get to sit on a clean cushion.

That’s saying a lot in this house.

Can you see the weird openings?  There are actually doors/openings on every wall of the room.  I love it since it’s so open, but it makes furniture placement a bit tricky.

So what am I thinking?  Well, I’m going to try bringing sexy back!  I think my brood can handle a little bit more sophistication…. but I still need to keep the room fun, get my toy storage on, and figure out how to have lots of seating without it looking like a sofa ate my room.

It’s going to be interesting!  I’m so excited that you’ll be by my side to help me make some tough decisions.

FamilyWordsA few key pieces need to stick around… the couch, the coffee tables and possibly the Asian cabinet.  Beyond that, everything is free game!

In a sewing frenzy I made a bunch of pillows – practice makes perfect, right?!  Well, I’m going to delete a bunch since I’m tired (TIRED) of picking them up off the floor.  And in a painting frenzy, I already painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s Magnolia… oh, and I sure think that the vent looks a lot better.  You can see how I made that easy frame here.


And this my friends, is exactly how the room looks today.  Bare, boring white walls… crazy pillows and a lack of general pizazz.  Whomp, whomp.


How about a vibe like this?


Textural.  Collected.  Warm.


With a sense of humor, for sure.


But totally put your feet up and chill.  If it needs a coaster, take it back!!

Here’s the game plan, subject to change if a wild whim strikes me, of course =)

1.  Build two gallery shelves for the focal wall.

2.  Add a new rug

3.  Do some alterations to my slip covers

4.  Make new pillow covers, But first, decide on fabric

5.  Add a sconce, perhaps??

6.  Side tables and bar stools would be nice

7.  Make all the flat areas interesting and oh, so pretty.

8.  Find, make, steal some art.

I think that’s it!

I can’t wait to have a fabulous new room to relax in!!  Shall we put our sunglasses on and drive off the cliff together?!?

And please make sure that you head over to Calling it Home to see all the beautiful makeovers in progress!!

Happy Creating!  Tootles!  Jessica

Bar Stools and a Dilemma…maybe…


Man, I am tired this week.  Can I get an Amen?!

Well, at least the work week is over and I’ll be able to rest a bit.  Uh, yeah right!  That was a good one!  4 kids = no rest EVER.  At least they’re cute!  And funny.  They ARE pret-ty fun-nay.

You know what else I’m tired from?  Searching the amazing world wide web for a bar stool that I just cannot find.  Grrrrrr!!  Maybe one of you will have better luck?  I know Laura, yes you girl!, is awesome at the searches.  I need your help!

See these stools?  I’m kinda dying for them.


Where are you hiding my pretties???

Are you in need of some bar stools?  First off, you’ve got to measure to see how tall you need those suckers.  I saw this on Pinterest and it’s very handy.


Bar Height Bar Stool – Check!

Do you see how these stools completely make these rooms?  I know that I haven’t given bar stools much thought myself, but honestly they can transform your space.

9bd417640df4dee5041dbc3edab3acb8 midcentury-kitchen 16-Sag-Harbor contemporary-kitchen 9b1b07992537ebfafa46315fb05369f9

There are SO many choices, it’s seriously overwhelming!  I think I went a little cray searching, but chances are that one of these I found might be just the chair you’ve been looking for!  And I didn’t really stick to a budget per se, but I found that bar stools are actually pretty affordable.

Just promise me one thing?  Don’t go for the cheapie leather look?  And don’t just get what’s on sale?  Oh, wait.  That’s two, but whatever!  Find the perfect stool and then… well, just marvel at your awesomeness!



Tam Bar Stool – $219.99




Leather Tall Bar Stool – $279


Sleek Stool – $159.00



Rejuvenation Walnut Bar Stool – $529


Schoolhouse Bar Stool – $159


Breuer Cane Counter Stool – $195.99


Normen Chair – $174 



Kendall Bar Stool – $138


Onda Bar Stool by DWR – $339


Industrial Rotating Barstool – $54.95

As for where I stand on this whole bar stool debacle?  Still standing, actually!  I’ve not found “it” yet… or have I?  I’m just completely overwhelmed and unsure.  I was hoping for something with unique legs, and a back…not too industrial, not formal, comfortable, vintage perhaps.

I’d love to hear your suggestions!  I even saw these on ebay…

$_57Kinda cool, huh?  Local so I could swing by and pick them up.  But maybe too bachelor pad?

Anyhoo, have a great weekend y’all!  And if you see something fabulous in the bar height category think of your ol friend over at TheCreativeWe!

Happy Creating!  Jessica


Ninja Piñata!

Happy Monday to you!

I wanted to share how I made the Ninja Piñata for my son’s birthday party.

You might be thinking, “I’m never going to do this project!”  And seriously, I hear you.  But never say never!  I’ve found that the techniques I used here can be applied to lots of other projects.  You’ll see!!


Here’s what you’ll need:

-Newspaper or butcher paper cut into strips

-Vessel for water

-A few cups of flour

-A balloon

-A small box

-2 paper towel rolls or 4 tp rolls


-Rope for hanging


-Crepe Paper *Optional

And obviously, you need some inspiration!  I found this during a google search – I loved the cartoonish look of it!


1.  Tape your box shut and make a bunch of slits in it.  You don’t want it too secure or else it will be difficult to break…use your judgement for the age group.  Tape the rolls where the arms and legs would go.  Blow up the balloon and secure it with tape.

You’ve got a little body!!

DSCN3058With some extra newspaper, wad up balls and attach them to the ends of the rolls with tape.

DSCN30612.  Secure the Rope to the body.  I used tape to make it super easy!  Just remember that eventually the balloon with deflate and you’ll have a lot of slack on the top.  Also, don’t just tape it to the balloon, secure it around the body.

DSCN30593.  Make the paste!  With a little flour and water your newspaper will dry quickly and strong.  Is your mixture runny?  It should be!  You don’t need much flour, so don’t go for a full paste consistency… think more creamer-like.  Promise!


4.  The fun part!!  Just start dunking your newspaper strips and laying them on the ninja body.  Try to do 2 vertically, then 2 horizontally.  On the limbs, do a few going from body to toes, and then wrap a few strips around, overlapping the strip on itself.  This will smooth all the seams and keep the body from falling apart… before anyone whacks it, of course!


I actually did 3 different layers on this piñata.  I kept my flour water mixture in the fridge, so I didn’t have to start over each time!  Yay, for avoiding dishes!!

Can you see that the ninja’s nose got a little concaved?  When I opened the back, I simply pushed it back out with a knife.  Sometimes solutions are that easy.


Now, paint it up!  For fun, I added a few loops of crepe paper around where the bandana would tie and the sash of the robe.

Cut the back open and fill it with dulce!  Stay away from candies that melt in the sun!  And try to add in a few light toys.


Hang and Enjoy!  Or should I say, smack the heck out of it!

My friend said it was very therapeutic for her.  Maybe I’ll make one for my next birthday…. or bachelorette party?  That would be an interesting one to explain to the kids…why there’s a huge “talent” on the table.  I think I’d rather take the birds and bees conversation over that any day!!

DSCN3139 DSCN3143 DSCN3147

Piñatas are just fun!!  I love ’em!  I even had one at my rehearsal dinner – ’cause I’m dope like that… or a big lush.  Same, same.

Just don’t get hit with the stick.

Happy creating!  Jessica