Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to drop a quick little note to say Happy Holidays to you all!

This year flew by… so much so that I wasn’t quite able to complete everything on my 2014 hit-list.  But not to worry, ’cause there’s always 2015!!

Here’s a small project that I did a few days before the kids got out of school that you can totally do too!  I found a broken frame at HomeGoods for $8 and turned it into a fun sign!

IMG_0025How cute is that?!  Well, the pool man liked it!

I just painted right over the old artwork…

DSCN3427Using this as my inspiration for the background…

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-white-winter-scene-image10289088No need to get all caught up in perfection because you’re going to write something over it.  I just love when I can have fun with a project and not stress about messing up!

Then I used metallic gold paint for the letters.  They really pop!  And it’s hard to tell here, but they shine.

IMG_0026All that was left was to glue the frame back together – Easy stuff peeps.

I love how it makes the front door so welcoming!

And (if it couldn’t get better) I was finally able to put that awesome easel to good use!  I found it about a year ago at a thrift store and just haven’t been able to find the right spot.  Phew, finally!  My $3 dollar investment paid off!!

Of course, you could also do this with a scrap piece of wood or even a sturdy piece of cardboard!

There’s still time for a Happy New Year sign!

I hope you all had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday, Day-off!  Enjoy those last few days of the dreamy music – I know I will!

Happy Creating!  Jessica


Maybe your room just needs… a Shot of Acid!

Acid Yellow, of course!!

I know it’s Christmas and everything is covered in reds, greens and shimmery yumminess, but I for one can’t stop ogling pops of citrus.  Maybe it’s the colder, darker wintery vibe but I could seriously use some acid yellow to get my juices flowing in the am!

Maybe next year I should decorate my tree in this vibrant color… hmmm, tempting.

But for now, how about we all nod our heads together in agreement that just a tiny bit of this color really brings life into a room?

IMG_5193 44a8c67e406569736a35cb3bfac50a01 ce8c7310c27430fcfc2d363522863dd1 17a66e0d7ba4e0838a6f9ecaf8c9c8c8 hbx0212harper04-xa7woe-lgn


Maybe you are feeling like MORE cow bell?!  If a little looks this rad, what about full throttle?

yellow-bed-canopy 2_white-yellow-decor MarrakechMaryamYellowtextilesMorocco amarillo-decor


Think it only works in contemporary spaces?  Think again!

3185d7d82b34c9b78636ed90047f8798 timeless-decor-in-elsie-de-wolfes-own-homeOf course, it’s not for everyone.

But maybe it’s just that pop that your room needs.  I know I have been hoarding a piece of super bright yellow velvet for a perfect project.  These interiors are really inspiring me to finally get on that!

Happy Creating!  Jessica

Santa Baby 2014

It’s time to be real.  Have you been naughty or nice this year?

In my case, it’s not soooo black and white.  I mean, I’m usually on the nice list, but I know there are questionable moments, when let’s face it, I certainly could have been better… My mind is going to those times when the kids have exhausted my patience and I swear I’ve just noticed a few new gray hairs.  Ahhh, the combination of the ravages of time and talking to yourself for the 100th time that day – well, it just gets me every time.

So yes, there is always room for improvement.  I’ll admit that.

But ‘cummon Santa.  I’m pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.  If the kids are healthy, happy, fed and there’s milk in the fridge – I’m doing pretty awesome.  AND If I managed to look halfway decent that day, then it’s rockstar status!!

What do y’all think?

Anyhoos, here are some fun things I have on my Santa list…


Wood Hand ChairPersonalized iPhone CaseFireplace Screen, Large Painting, Red Flower Salad Bowl, Teak Cutlery Set, Gold/Silver Bar Glasses, Sleep Number Mattress, Unknown Craftsman Book


Ugg Tall BootsAbstract ArtLe Creuset OvenNest ThermostatParish-Hadley Design BookPersonalized Charm NecklaceMoroccan PoufChrome Bar Stools

There it is friends.  A wide range of stuff me wants.  Some you have seen, some might be new to you.

Is there anything that you have on your wish list?  Anything you’ve already pulled the trigger on?

For instance, while typing this out, I clicked “add to cart” on the Unknown Craftsman.  That book was calling to me and now it will make me happy.  Yes it will!!

Enjoy braving whatever method of shopping you’re doing this year.  But remember it’s not the thought that counts, it’s the gift… wait, that wasn’t right.  Or was it?!

Happy Creating!  Jessica