Happy (late) Halloween and a bit on the 6 Week Challenge!

Hi Friends!

So, so, so sorry for going a tad silent this week.

Will you forgive me if I was finishing up these little ditties, for these super cuties?!?

IMG_2881They are my Lego Super Hero’s!

I’m sure that if you have kids, you know that Halloween is a BIG ‘OL Production!  There are parties, festivals, trunk-or-treating, trick-or-treating, cookie decorating, pumpkin carving, face painting, and on, and on, and on.  It’s like it’s own force of nature…luring children in one Snicker’s bar at a time.  My cousin, who is 9, even asked “Why do we have to go to school on Halloween if it’s a holiday?”

I’m feeling a bunch of head nods and “seriously’s” over the web.  It’s a bit of a pain, but WOW, it IS SOOOOO MUCH FUN!  I can’t help shoving a few Snicker’s into the ole piehole myself.

So, now do you understand what happened to me on Thursday morning?  But here I am, and definitely ready to get back to the family room action.  And I’ve got a few updates…

First off, the fabric.  Here’s what I’m thinking.


Do you likie?  I found that pencil drawing fabric in a box from a scrap store!!  I have just enough to get 1 pillow.  It’s so cool and I feel like I won the fabric lotto.  The stripe and the textured weave should inject a bit of modernism.

What about this for a surprise?  It may turn out to be my secret weapon… it’s like your hip grandma’s sweater.  So soft and pretty.  The hub is politely saying no (Grandma’s are not cool, in his opinion)… but I’m still debating.


The room maybe feeling a little too tribal.  I’m crossing my fingers that art and those chrome chairs will fix that up… and possibly the secret weapon.  (Is it that I like the fabric or I just want one $%#^& feminine thing in this room?)

Speaking of the chairs!!  Does anyone know a trick for fixing up chrome?  It’s a bit more beat up in the back than I originally thought.  I NEED SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE.  Spray paint just seems like a no-no here.  I ended up purchasing a strie black fabric that is coated for stain protection at $14 a yard at Michael Levine’s in downtown LA for those.  Such a deal!!  Now I just need to get to work.

Art?  Well, you’ve seen a few pieces, but what about some black and white photography ala


More flowers!  Buahhhahhhaahhhhaa!

My Crate and Barrel tables are out of the boxes and … hmmm… I’m just not sure.

DSCN3353Do you see those dark lines on the edge?  That’s how the table came out of the box.  Weird.  And then while I carefully lifted one out, I scratched it.  Oops.

I’m still torn whether it’s a neat used look or it’s a bad look.  The good news is that it’s really sturdy – a must in this room for sure!!

Oh!  And the flea market gods smiled on me last weekend.  I found two of my favorite things ever!!

DSCN3348 DSCN3349Yes, that is a handwoven wool rug.  OMG, amazing, right?!  The fringe makes me want to squeal. And that table?!  I could literally put it anywhere in the house and it would work.  I just love pieces like that!

Anyhoo, that’s what’s going on here.  Only a few days left to pull it all together!

Wish me luck!


And please check out all the fabulous updates at Calling It Home!  Linda has invited great designers and they’re killing it.  Not to mention the other 90+ bloggers strutting their stuff!  It’s a definite cup of coffee, weekend reading treat.

Happy Creating!  Jessica

Week 4 of the 6 Week Room Challenge – Family Room Update

Welcome Back, my hommies!

It’s Week 4 of the 6 Week Challenge!  Hosted by Calling It Home and man, it’s getting good up in ‘der!


You still got my back, right?  ‘Cause I could really use it.  This week was a literal back-breaker.

I have been hunchbacked, twisty-backed and achy-breaky aaaalllllll week long.  On Sunday night, my back died… at least that’s what it feels like.  I’m either turing one hundred or I may just have too many children.  Hmmm…. tough call, as I clean up the 3rd cup of spilled milk today.  Some days there’s just a lot of spilled milk.

And some weeks, you just grin and hope that you’ll have the strength to fight another day.  With that in mind, I did my best (I swear!) to take it easy so that I can see you at the finish line.

Luckily, I was able to get my tail in gear last week and actually get some things checked off the list.  Phew!

The shelves are up and now I’m working on the styling part.


I have a few pieces of art that probably won’t stay like this but you can get a peeksie!

DSCN3338This I made by painting, tearing and pasting some textured water color paper on an old canvas.  I like the organic nature of it and I was even able to get the monkeys to help!

DSCN3339I found this beauty at a flea market about 6 months ago.  I adore it and I’m so happy that I didn’t let my husband talk me out of it.  Just the hefty metal frame is fabulous!

The I took a few red metallic frames I had and spray painted them a dull gold.

DSCN3341I had this quote from Jerry Maguire printed in 11×14, ’cause you-know-what?!  It totally fits me!

As for the other frames, well, I’m still working on that.  These shelves are 10ft and 7ft long, so I still need a bunch of art.  Fingers crossed I can find the perfect pieces!

I also started to deconstruct my upholstery project….remember these?

DSCN3324Well, underneath that fuggly blue velvet, is… fuggly brown fake leather!!!??!?!

DSCN3343Oh, the surprises of decorating.  Needless to say, there is much, much more to be done with these.

I bought one of these for the back of the couch.  I hate when the cord digs into the back!


I’m considering these from House of Hardware for my bar area.  Have any of you actually seen and touched them?



Now for a little help, please.  Which do you think looks better?

A sectional where most of the pillows are matching on both sides



A sectional where the pillows relate, but are all different?

dbc28795961b7c19642617cba2f7c917I need to get going on sewing some pillows, but I just can’t decide if I want to keep them more neutral since there is a lot going on with the shelves or do I want to do a bunch of different fabrics.  Help please!

I am so loving these, that I think I may have to make some yarn tassels!


I think that might be it for this week!!

Now let’s see where we stand…

1. Build two gallery shelves for the focal wall. 

2. Add a new rug

3. Do some alterations to my slip covers

4. Make new pillow covers, But first, decide on fabric

5. Add a sconce/light, perhaps??

6. Side tables and bar stools – I think I will fix up the ones I have for now.

7. Make all the flat areas interesting and oh, so pretty

8. Find, make, steal some art

9. Revamp woven wall art

10. Reupholster chairs…say, what?!

Making progress, but this week I’ve gotta start making some major leaps!  Wish me luck!!

Happy Creating!  Tootles, Jessica

6 Week Challenge – Week 3 of the Family Room Revamp

Hi Everyone!

It’s 6 Week Challenge Time!  Hooty-Who!  And I’ve certainly got my sweats on, ala Rocky style, jumping up and down, rocking my head from side to side.  I’m trying to keep my head in the game, since I’ve still got (almost) the entire checklist still to complete and I keep adding to it!


If you’re new, please check out Week 1 and Week 2 here!

And of course, you HAVE GOT TO see what’s going on with all the other room designs by hanging with Linda at Calling It Home!  I’m loving so many that I think at the end of all this, I may just have to show you my favorites!

And how have I done this week?  I’m giving myself a B- grade, but an A for effort!

My shelves?  Well, they’re in the garage awaiting a few coats of sealer.  Poo!

2462d4d08d340d5f233d80fa9b746428 106f43abc1af578b8b94020e2ebce334

I’ve always drooled over rooms with black trim, so I decided to do my own little iteration.  For a few bucks and a half an hour, your room can get a mini update!  It’s a bigger change than you would think!

DSCN3300 copy

And with a bit of washi tape


Sweet, huh!?!

And I’ve been brainstorming on ways to make this woven piece one-of-a-kind, so we’ll see if that makes it to the to-do list.  Any and all input welcome!!!!

The rug?  I pulled the trigger and went all tribal, baby!


You can find the rug here, and it’s a great deal!  I need something that’s nice but not too expensive since my kids eat in the room and well, yeah they spill… They spill A LOT.  The only thing I’m worried about is that it’s black and the dogs are white.  We’ll see how that plays out.

I also managed to get my Restoration Hardware light up!


Horrible picture, but you get the idea… and a few more sneaks of the black trim!

And, (I know!  There’s an AND!!) I did a few tweaks to my slip covers.  I put some self adhesive velcro on the back legs.  Of course, I was in la-la land thinking it would stick to the fabric (cheers to optimism), so I had to hand stitch it in place.  You can’t run that gummy stuff through a sewing machine.  Just a few tiny pieces of velcro and the covers are not moving around as much with all the gymnastic training.


I can’t have my cheapie fabric poking out the back!!

And then the craziest thing happened last weekend!  While I was at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, I saw these…


Could these possibly work in my family room???  I’m in love with the wood and chrome detail.  That (as my cousin put it) airport fabric has gotta go, but what about a boucle?  Something nubby and modern?  Wouldn’t that just make these chairs ah-maze-ing???  And could I even recover them in time…. oh, the insanity.

Let’s take a look at that list, shall we?

1. Build two gallery shelves for the focal wall. (ALMOST DONE!)

2. Add a new rug

3. Do some alterations to my slip covers

4. Make new pillow covers, But first, decide on fabric

5. Add a sconce/light, perhaps??

6. Side tables (ORDERED) and bar stools would be nice

7. Make all the flat areas interesting and oh, so pretty

8. Find, make, steal some art


9. Revamp woven wall art

10. Reupholster chairs…say, what?!

Now, please leave me your suggestions, advice, help ’cause we all know that I need it!  And then head over to Calling It Home for great eye candy and inspiration!

Happy Creating!  Tootles, Jessica