I got the bells

I’m really feeling bell details in decor right now!  Look how creative this bell installation is.  There is just something so cool about it… modern, but calling on the past.  Loves!


So, I’m thinking that I’m going to channel my bell obsession right not into my Restore find.  Here’s the eye candy I’ve been using as inspiration.






I’m having a girlie moment…wait for it…”OMG!  Those teensie bells are just sooooo cute!”

I realize my little fixture is not a lantern, not bamboo and not even square, but there’s some neat fish-scale details there that I think channel an Asian flair.  And I gotta worth with what I got, right?!

Am I on my own here or are you having the bells today too?

By the way, these super purdy lights ain’t cheap and my little masterpiece is currently clocking in at $7!  Hope you like her too… should be done in a day or two.


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