Trolling the Restore Store

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this store, but I had read a few diy’ers mention it as their go to for scores and then (as luck would have it) I saw one opening in my neighborhood!  Finally, I’ve had a chance to check it out and yes, it is pretty cool. There is junk, there is treasure and there is fun stuff to just imagine fixed up!  Here are some of my fav’s….

There were a pair of these for $15 buckeroos each!
There were a pair of these for $15 buckeroos each!
Great for the porch or patio – $40 bucks a pair!
Really liked both of these. The foot rest, $30, has fabulous chrome legs and would be easy to recover and the the side table, $35, just needs a glass piece – so Mad Men looking!
This diamond in the rough was only a few bucks!

The last little gem is the piece I took home with me.  She’s currently getting a facelift and should look oh, so cute in the hallway as a lantern.

Happy Hunting!


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