Dreaming of a new sofa…

I’m still working on these darn cushion covers for my ginormous couch (seems ginormous, at least) so, of course, my mind has been dreaming of the day when I can get a new sofa.  A brand spanking, shiny, untouched work of art.  The oldest is 3 1/2 and the twins are 21 months… I think it’s going to be awhile cause you know these kiddos don’t give a hoot about upholstery!  At least for now I can oogle some works of art… which made me wonder why everyone has such “normal” looking sofas.  Next go ’round, I want something less ginormous and more spectacular!






But I think my favorite is the next one!  Whoever came up with this definitely has a sense of humor!

12 Most Awesome Sofas 8

Have a fab-u-lous weekend friends!  I hope I didn’t give you any ideas on what to do with all those stuffed animals your kids have lying around the house!!


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