Turquoise and Navy – Boy’s room inspiration?

Hi there friends!

So, I just found out that one of my bestest friends in the world is having a boy!!  She already has a little boy (who is my son’s bff) and a little girl (that is soon to be the bride of one of my twins) so, she’s got aaallll the baby gear.  What she needs now is design inspiration (!!!) so that her new tiny joy can have a space all his own.  And let’s be real… besides having the actual baby, the best part about being a parent is getting to decorate with all the fun and colorful kids stuff!!  (Can you tell I’m in boring cabinet world at the moment with The Mother??)

Of course, she’s got it covered, but since I can’t get enough of this stuff, here are some ideas and maybe what I would do.

I’m loving the combination of turquoise and navy!!  It works anywhere, but how cute for a little boy?!  Something bright and poppy mixed with a color that can work as a neutral to keep it all grounded.  LOVE!

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Fresh, happy, beautiful.  Here’s a little inspiration board I put together… Let’s call it Robot Cool!  I think my boys would dig it… they really love robots… and cars… and squirt guns… and bugs.  They like a lot of stuff, but robots seem much cuter than a room full of bugs; Plus we can leave that design gem to the crumbs they drop 24/7!!1Congrats GF!!  You are a great mom and great friend!  Maybe you will let us do a little project for you and post it for all?!  Project!!  (Said in my opera voice, of course.)  And anyone else out there embarking on a new decorating mission – maybe you’ll consider this awesome color combo!



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