Maybe your room just needs… A Black Ceiling?!

Happy Monday, Homies!

Weekend lazing around is over, and now it’s time to get that to-do list out.  Am I alone on this one?  That’s seriously how I start my week, jotting down all the things that need to get done; Patch some holes, measure and cut some stuff for The Mother Project, pick up groceries, finish a sewing thang, and oh ya, get some actual work done!  This week, I’ve decided that if I can cross off the 5 major things on my list, then I can go to Ikea on Friday.  Nothing like a little motivation to get the engines fired up!

But first, a little inspiration to start the week… and possibly add a new project for your to-do list?

A Black Ceiling.

I want one.

Just trying to figure out where, oh where, would it look best.

The bathroom perhaps?

Love Nate Berkus, by the way, but who doesn’t, right?! Check out the stool he has at Target right now.


Or maybe the bedroom is a better play?  I think it’s kinda sexy cool.

hbx-dark-walls-in-bedroom-0512-de black-ceiling-designs-interior-paint-decorating-ideas-18

Is the dining room too predictable?

dining-after 1eb7cd44cd3fb8d0d9a9a51a5e7a72bb Jill_VanTosh_chocolate_black_painted_ceiling

No one would expect it in a living room, though…

black-ceiling-black-ornate-pendents-green-sofa-living-room-elle-decor-pg-69 0acc7794ec403f4a513e1344ec8b2224 9843728ccc5dbe1c283556314142e785

But the hallway/foyer would make a HUGE statement; “I’m Bold!  Welcome.”

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Though seriously not as ballsy as putting it in a nursery or kids room


Did I just bombard you with a gabillion photos?!  Secretly you’re loving it, huh?

I wanted to show you how extremely versatile this trend is – it looks so chic anywhere!  And the plus is that the black hides a multitude of flaws (vents in the ceiling, unevenness, texture, lack of light and short ceilings.)  I know what you’re thinking, black ceilings are only for lofts.

Well, not anymore.  Painting the ceiling black adds tons of glamour (on the cheap) and it effectively takes the boundaries of the ceiling away completely – you feel like there’s nothing there creating a sense of space.

So, what do you think??  Ready to plunge into the darkness with me?

That’s all for today!  Happy Creating!


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