Picking Paint Color Using The Inspiration Method


Where have y’all been?!  I’m kidding of course, since it feels like I’ve been off the radar for awhile.  I’ve been busy, peeps, very busy.  I’m in the middle of a few fun projects that I can’t wait to share with you!  Patience my Padawan.  (That was said as much for myself – I struggle with patience!  Don’t you?!)

Last week I was finally, FINALLY able to cross off a big to-do.  I have been itching to paint our hallway/entryway for a few months now.  I tried my best to wait until the boys got older (there’s that patience thing again – recurring theme?) but then I figured, Why live with it now when I can easily change it myself?!

My Entryway Before
My Entryway Before
With the lights on and some paint samples
With the lights on and some paint samples
The Front Door Before
The Front Door Before

Here were my issues… 1. The hallway is a long, windowless space that looks dark and gloomy, 2. There were too many finger prints, marks, scuffs, and crayon residue for my taste, 3.  The butter yellow paint had started to look too mature for our space.

My goal – To Freshen, Brighten and Update!

There are so many ways to pick paint color… Direction of light in the space, matching existing  pieces, following a theme (like zen or cottage, as examples).  In my case, I had seen a few rooms that I was diggin’ – Hence, the Inspiration Method.

I love this but could not find the color.  I searched!!



The color in this picture is Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore.  Fresh, right?  I kept writing that paint color down!  It had to be The One.


I rushed over, grabbed a sample and put it in three distinct places – one where the light is bright, one in the hallway with zero light and one where the wall gets only indirect light.

Sad face.

It looked like this instead


Without all that sunlight, it looked dark and moody.  Not what I was going for at all.  The color just had too much gray in there for my sunlight starved hallway.

I knew I had to go much lighter to get the same look in my space.  So, I purchased two other samples from Benjamin Moore in the white family.

Better but not quite right – sadly.

While I was gathering other stuff at Lowe’s I stumbled upon 2 colors that immediately caught my eye

Valspar's Hotspring Green
Valspar’s Hotspring Green



These colors are actually quite light and looked great on the walls… BUT, one was a little too green and the other was a little too blue.  Weird that the one with green in it’s name was too blue.  Things that make you go Hmmm.

So I did what any other super awesome person would do – I had them mix the colors 50/50.  Does that mean I get to name my own paint color??


What do you think?




Notice how all the lights were on with the butter yellow walls?  It’s much perkier now.

If you’ve seen a color that you’re dying to have in your house, keep these things in mind –

1.  Buy no more than 2 samples at one time.  It’s important to get an idea of what your space needs.  Did you go too light?  Too gray?  For instance, with my brazilian cherry floors and lack of light, greens looked blue and clear blues looked dreary.

2.  With that said, be prepared to spend $30 on samples.  You want to pick the right color the first time!

3.  Test your paint in different areas if the lighting varies.  You might love it where the sun hits it directly, but dislike the color in the evening or in the shadows.

4.  If you like two colors, have them mixed up for you!  I went 50/50, but you can go 60/40 or 70/30.  Just take a photo of the color code and file it in your paint folder!

5.  Take your time and don’t get discouraged!  It’s only paint, right?!

Now the fun part – Dressing those naked walls!

Hooray for freshening up!  Feels good.  And Happy.  Smile.


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