The 3 Levels of Rug Layering

Hello Party People!

Today I’m totally feeling the aches and pains of DIY!  Yesterday I painted the chairs, after hours upon hours of sanding, and I can’t wait to show you how they look!  For now, and the next day, they’ll be in hibernation drying and curing.  I would say that waiting is the hardest part, but it’s not… it’s not at all.  Painting those suckers was quite a feat, lemme tell ya!  Anyhoo, I’ve said too much – that’s to come on Thursday.  (If all goes well!!)

Today, I’m thinking about the coziness of layering rugs.  Maybe because the weather is cooling down or because the look is easy/casual but I’ve been loving all the layering going down!  And I think it will be a nice look for my dining area… just another way to get the “stuffy” out and bring the comfortable in.



Here are the basics of layering and it’s super easy.  Start with a sisal or jute rug, plain in color and low pile, and then insert texture and color with a smaller rug on top.  Seriously, anyone can do that, right?  Elementary, my dear Watson!

Then, another step up from beginner, let’s say the high-schooler of rug layering, is based on mixing colors and patterns.


Now you’ve got a tougher look to pull off.  Black and White, a classic, keeps it a no-brainer though.  Phew, not so tough, huh?!  Pick two colors and stick to that scheme to keep it from looking fussy – it’s more modern that way.

But let’s say you want to play in the big leagues of rug layering… want that look to stand out.  You want people to say, “Dang, that’s a lot of layered rugs!”  It looks so effortlessly easy… of course, you and I both know that there is a bunch of thinking, hunting, and crazy placing that goes behind these “haphazardly laid” rugs.

This is master rug layering, people.

kristoferjohnsson1 rug layering layered-rugs-5

Instead of picking colors, per se, you pick a look, a mood.  In the first picture, it’s modern shapes and graphic patterns that tie the rugs together, along with the black and white, of course.  In the other photos, it’s a bohemian feel with kilim rugs in intricate patters… yes, the colors are harmonious but you don’t get bogged down on the exact colors because the “feel” is cohesive.

So, where do you rank?

For the dining room, I’m trying to go for master, but that “a lot” of rugs thing is kinda tough… you literally have to have a bunch to layer.

Back to the hunting part!!

Happy Creating!  Jessica


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