One Room Challenge – Week 4

Hi Everyone!

Well, I knew it was coming… in that pit area that you can’t ignore, but want to sometimes.  Yes, I knew that I would have a week where there would be more stumbling blocks than progress.  Week 4, you’ve been a real killer!

First off, I received my brass pulls.  Remember?



And I don’t likie them.  Back to square one.  Gotta find those stat.

Then I drove like a billion miles to the nearest Restoration Hardware only to be told that they don’t carry all their items in the showroom.  Travesty!  And a reality check for me… um, did no one tell me we invented a telephone for a reason?!?  Der.

But the third straw are the chairs.  I’ll start from the beginning…

In my inspiration photos I loved how the chairs in the room were a blue color – so bold!  And yet neutral like a pair of good ol’ blue jeans.

tr red rooms



I started sanding down the chairs that I inherited from my lovely Grandma Jane.  With each stroke I prayed that she wasn’t shaking her fists at me in heaven!  But, oh ya, I had already painted them a white color last year… And I wondered if she was doing some fist shaking then too!!

So, here’s version 2 of what I started with.


After (what seemed like forever), I cleaned the chairs up and “constructed” a plastic room to do some painting in with my sprayer.  I simply used tape to hold plastic to the top of my garage door rails and actual garage door.  Then I made super sure that there were no open holes on the floor or between the sheets.

DSCN1860 DSCN1859

Here’s a picture of how I protected my shoes from getting too jacked up!


I selected Indigo Streamer by Valspar because I loved the paint sample and it matched my vinyl well.


I sprayed those thangs.  Oh, I sprayed ’em good.  It’s not luxurious work… I’m still so sore, I feel like I’m eighty.  Is that you Grandma??

DSCN1862While the chairs dried for 48 hours (and I tended to my achiness!), I played with some embroidery… just to see.  I found some really neat designs on Embroidery Library.

DSCN1848 DSCN1846 DSCN1849

I really liked the bird… it’s kinda sweet, huh?  And I thought it would look cute on the corner edge of the chair.


Here’s one chair all put together.


My heart sank when I put the chair in the room.  It’s just waaaaaayyy too dark.

Just to kick me while I was down, my oldest asked, “Why’d you paint the chairs black, mommy?”

Grr.  Even he can see the color is all wrong.

Damn you lighting variation!

Of course, I’m going to repaint them.  I must.  Mama doesn’t want to, but doesn’t Mama always do what must be done?!

Well, at least I can show you how I painted them, if not the finished project.  I have already repainted 3… I decided it would be easier to split up the 6 chairs since my spraying area is not that big and you really do need clearance between the chairs to maneuver.

I hope you have had better luck this week than I did!!

As I’m typing this, drinking my tea, I’m getting recharged for the finish line.  It’s gonna be an all out battle to the end.

Happy Creating to You!  Jessica



  1. Wow, that’s a lot of work, but your right it does seem more black than blue, so good luck with the re-painting Jessica, at least you already have the set-up just make sure your get the right tone on your next try!

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