Bow Ties for Little Boys

Hola Amigos y Amigas!!

Countdown to the final days of the year… and how are you feeling about it?  I’m actually excited for the festivities to begin.  The boys can’t wait for Santa to come and they ask about presents and cookies every hour on the hour – seriously cute stuff, if ya ask me!

I know all this hurrah comes with a price – the stress of visiting 3 grocery stores (that’s my to-do today) and wrapping a holy-heck lot of boxes, but eh, what’s the alternative?!  Be a Grinch?!  No thank you!  I’ll take the serving of pumpkin pie with my paper cuts any day!

Hopefully, you are all done with holiday stuff and are looking for a small project today?  Get cozy in your jammies, put the pot on and grab a scrap of fabric from the heap.

We’re making bow ties for the little men in our lives!

Here’s what you need:

1.  3 fabric pieces cut to

-7.5 x 10.5 inches

-2 x 18 inches

-2 x 3.5 inches

2.  Scissiors

3.  Thread and needle

4.  Sew-in Velcro

5.  A sewing machine and iron are helpful, but not necessary


Take all your fabric pieces and fold them longways with the back of the fabric showing, so that the pretty side is hidden.  Sew the edge.


Then turn them all right side out.  This can be a bit tricky on the long, skinny piece that’ll be used for the necktie part.  For this I used my tweezers to help me pull it through, and that worked great on all the fabrics except a thick wool one.  That wool required extra patience and time!!  The bow still looked sharp, but yeah, pulling that piece through was a pain in the pa-tootie!

On the 7.5 x 10.5″ piece that is now right side out, use your hands to flatten it with the seam along the center.  Then fold it in half again, with the seam showing, and stitch along the side again.


Now, turn the piece inside-out again and put the new seam in the middle.

Turn the iron on and iron the pieces so the seams lay flat and the corners are sharp.

Using a needle and thread, fold the bow-tie piece the way you like it and hand stitch it in place.  Stitch the necktie piece to the bow-tie, so it doesn’t slide, and then wrap the two pieces with the 3.5″ piece and stitch it together in the back.  I recommend not only stitching the last part to itself, but also to the actual bow-tie so that it doesn’t twist with all the jumping around your little guy is sure to be doing!

Bow-tie is almost done!!

Let’s finish up the ends, shall we?!

Tuck the unfinished ends back into itself.  Lay the velcro over the ends and either use your machine or hand stitch the velcro so that it lays flat and covers the end piece.


You are done!!  I ended up making a few of these, and it was simple project that I could do 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there.


What do you think about my little handsome devils?!  The one on daddy’s lap has got a new bow-tie on.  Very sophisticated =)


Happy Holidays to you all!

I hope you enjoy a lazy day crafting up a storm!



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