Decorate with things you ALREADY HAVE

Hola, hola, hola!

Can we agree that we like to shake it up sometimes?  We like to rearrange things, tweak them, maybe just give our rooms something new and pretty to admire.  I am seriously always doing this.  I “shop my own house.”  You do it too?!  I knew it!

Well, here are some fun ideas for us to try decorating with that we already have either collecting dust in the kitchen pantry or maybe scattered throughout the house.  Which do you like best?

Books – We all got ’em, but probably not a full libraries worth.  So what to do with a stack of literature?

Put some in your fireplace or on the hearth – Love this idea!!


Stack them in a lonely corner


Tie some with ribbon and put them in the bathroom in a haphazard way


Scarves – Got a few that were handed down from Granny or maybe that you’ve been hoarding from the flea market?  Well, you already know you can make pillows and tablecloths, but what about…

Hanging some off a ladder?


Or grabbing repositionable hooks and adding color to a wall?



My gosh, this girl has got belts, hats, scarves and even nail polish on display!



Does it get easier than putting your favorite into a frame?


Serving Pieces – Why do we store our crystal and china only to be used once a year?  I for one have such a hard time finding a place for my tiered stands and punchbowl that it would be nice to find other uses for them.

Perhaps hanging them from the wall would be cool?


This tiered stand looks so cute with greenery, but would be equally chic with desk supplies, thread spools, or seasoning jars!


I thought, “towels in the punchbowl” and you know what, there was actually a picture of it!  Bling up the bath!


Boxes – I am a serious lover of boxes and can’t get enough!  But, of course, what to do with them??

Stack a few for an instant display shelf – zero commitment on this!


Replace your books and office stuff with lots of different sized boxes.


And lastly, a few random ideas that came to mind…

Hang some left over NYE bottles for an instant spring feel


Fold a rug or throw over your headboard for a quick change


Hang all your gorgeous woven bowls on the wall.  (I actually have this in my home and love it as a trick for disguising a wonky wall!)

I know, who’s got this many bowls?! But kinda cool, huh??

Hopefully you’re a teensy bit inspired to grab something out of the back of a shelf and put it on display.  It’s always fun to mix things up!

Happy NYE everyone!  See ya next year!  Jessica


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