Hiding My Unsightly Vent

Howdy All!

I’m back with another little project that I hope can help some of you out too.

Do you have (dun dun DUN!) an unsightly vent?  Does it just bug the holy heck out of you??  I have one and it’s right in the middle of the wall behind the sofa in my family room.  You know, where all the pretty stuff should be.

Exhibit A – My first attempt at hiding the vent was to seriously just paint it black like the frames below it.  I know it seems counter-intuitive, but my thinking was that it would just look like part of the grouping.


And, it kind of does… but it also kind of doesn’t.

Well, I’ve got Summer Palace plans for this wall with a beautiful makeover headed it’s way  and that vent just HAD TO GO AWAY!

My new plan of attack is to try to blend it into the wall and (later) into the pattern going on the walls.

So, how bouts it?!  Let’s make a new vent!

*I must preface this by saying that you only want to do this on a vent where airflow is not a major priority.  Because this vent we’re designing just shoots air all over the place.  Fine with me!!

Gather your supplies….

2″ thick wood piece (or pieces depending on size) for the frame; I purchased two pieces in the lumber section at Lowes and cut them to size

Measuring tape and pencil to draw yourself a little mock up

A vent – these can be found in the building supply section in the bfe part of the store; Waaayy in the back

A hand saw with miter box or a miter saw for cutting the wood to size

A staple gun

Wood glue



And if you’re super cool, you’ll reward yourself with a strap clamp… and maybe a frappuccino.


Okay, measure that fugly vent on the outside and subtract half an inch from all sides – that way you’ll have a little bit of the frame inside the vent.

Mark the measurement on your wood pieces with the 90 degree angle going out from your measurement – meaning, that your measurement will be on the smaller side of the angle and then the other side of the wood will be longer.

Put some glue in the joints and grab that strap clamp!  I just like saying strap clamp.  Strap Clamp.  Strap C-l-a-m-p.


Gently, but firmly, place a staple in each corner.

Enjoy that coffee while the glue dries… If you’re like me that means for a week.  Whoops!  We all get busy, right?!

Or forgetful, but whateves.  Time to attach the metal vent to the back of your frame.


I did this with a few more staples.

And you can see here that I actually had to trim the vent a little to fit.  Used my handy-dandy Dremel for that.


Now, drill some holes in the sides and as a bonus, use a countersink bit at the base of the hole so your screw lays flush with the wood.  Not necessary, but you are a G, right?  Oh and please, please make sure your holes are level.  No wonky holes, please.  Weird how you can take that in soooo many ways….

My mind is all over the place today, huh?!

A-n-yhoooo, grab that sandpaper and smooth out your corners.


Hard work it done!  Now paint it or stain it to match your wall.  Then just screw it in back in place. Voila!



As soon as the weather warms up, I think I’ll paint the inside of the vent to match the walls too… then it won’t look so dark.

And because you’re so perceptive, yes, I did paint the walls!  They are now Gardenia by Benjamin Moore.  It is very white.  And it’s the first time I have ever, ever painted a wall white.  It’s a nice change for now, but color is coming!  Thank goodness!  I needed the base for the designs to come, so here’s living with blank walls for awhile!

What do you think about the vent?  It’s a lot less noticeable now I think and it’s not bugging me as much.  Of course I still want to strangle the people that picked that wall for a vent, but now I just kinda want to hurt them, not end them.

See?  Little changes can really make us happier (and nicer) people.

Let me know if you attempt this project!  I’d love to share your success!

Happy Creating!  Jessica


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