All Primed and Ready!

Yo, Yo!

The Mother is lookin’ gggooooodddd y’all.  I’m feeling pumped!  I can faintly see that the reign of dust, chaos, clutter (all of the above) will be ending soon.  But not soon enough, if you ask me!

So, here she is prepped for priming…


I put plastic inside all the cabinets because I didn’t want to paint the insides – they’re perfectly lovely as is.  If you are going to do the same, make sure that you leave room on the edges so that there is give.  When you turn that sprayer on, the force will knock out the plastic if it’s super tight.

Here’s a picture once I put up the plastic around the outside of The Mother.  You must, MUST seal off the area as much as you can from the rest of the house.  Otherwise you will have paint particles floating everywhere… landing everywhere, messing up everything – you get the point?  It’ll be bad.


I grabbed a bunch of plastic sheeting from the dollar store, which is great for the walls and ceiling.  I doubled up the floor covering with heavier plastic over a layer of painters paper… I don’t recommend the same plastic on the floor because it can easily rip.

After two coats of primer…


You can see that there are still some spots coming through and seams showing…


I grabbed my trusty paintable calk and touched up the seams.  SOOOOOO much better.  Ahhh.  Then I lightly sanded the whole thing and did two more coats of primer.

Anyone counting??  Yes, that’s 4 coats of primer!

The paint guys at Dunn Edwards said this was highly unusual but I think that when you’re using a sprayer you don’t get the same heavy coverage that you normally would with a brush.  Add that to some seriously sanded areas, and you’ve down 4 coats and 3 gallons of primer.

But she is mighty bright in that white, huh?

Now I need your help!  I’m picking paint colors and I have three choices for you.  Help Me!!  I really like them all, so this is going to be tough.

I put my samples on this board so I could move it around and check out different angles and lighting.  Sorry for the blurry picture, but at least you can get some red in there and the bluish-green hall color.


Left to Right –

Overcast Sky



Polished Silver


And (the lightest option) Winter Solstice


Any jumping out at you?!?!

Please help me fill in the last (and probably most important) decision so I can FINISH THIS PROJECT!!

I hope you are all having a great week!  It is so beautiful outside I just want to finish this painting and run around smelling flowers ala Pepe Le Pew.  That skunk knows what’s up.

Happy Creating!  Tootles, Jessica


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  1. polished silver — I think it works best with the foyer green color.

    Nice job — can’t wait to see the finished product!

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