2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back??

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been reminded (yet again) why I ever named The Mother, THE MOTHER.  If you need to catch up, make sure that you visit my past posts on this very lengthy, time-consuming, and at times, frustrating project – just click on The Mother Cabinet on the right.  Hurry, I’ve got lots to tell you!!

Yes, there were a few “Mother, Mother, Mother!”‘s uttered… and yes, I did have a Donald Duck moment.  But I’m putting that behind me, because this week is all about progress.  It’s also week 30 in baby bump land, which means that channeling my inner yogi is key, but also means that the clock is ticking!  I’ve got to get this done FAST!

So, what happened?  Well, two things…


The color was waaaayyyy too light.  I ended up selecting the middle option, Polished Silver and once it was on the cabinets, me did not likie at all.  Nuts.

My 2nd problem arose after contacting the nice people over at Graco about a spray issue. I noticed that after spraying the primer my cabinet walls were smooth, but that the actual counter top was super rough.  I tried all sorts of ways to spray, but ultimately that over-spray was just killing me.  I want peanut butter smooth cabinets, people!  Isn’t that why I’m spraying them in the first place?!

So, they suggested a new tip, NAR 311, and seriously I felt like the clouds parted.  What? Different tip options!  It’s like I had a new Barbie doll that I could dress up – Whoo hoo for accessories!

It took a few days to get my new tip, then of course, I had to get new paint, this time I went darker with Overcast Sky.  AND with this new spray tip, I had the added bonus of having to strain my paint with what looked like a hair net.  Nice.

New tip attached, new paint, new found excitement = Victory Dance Drips all over the place

Insert the crazy Donald Duck lady here.

I swear I almost went into labor.


If you’ve got gnarly drips then you must get your putty knife and carefully scrape them out.  I know!!  It sucks!

Then sand it down with 120, then 220 grit paper.

All that work you already did…. sign.  I know!!  It sucks!!

If it’s a small drip and you’ve given the paint time to dry (like a day or two) just go at it with the sandpaper and you should be ok.  If it gets sticky… uh oh… you need to let it dry a bit more.  I’m such the bearer of bad news today, huh?


I then took a small paint brush that I use on art projects, and touched up the primer.  Once dried, yup, you guessed it, I sanded it one more time.

If it’s not smooth before the paint goes on, it will not be smooth later.  I know!  It sucks!!

Once again, I contacted the person at Graco that’s now on my blacklist, and I was told that I did not spray fast enough.  Great.  The one thing I’m seriously lacking these days is speed.  Maybe I should give up channeling a yogi and think, “Speedy Gonzalez, I am Speedy Gonzalez”?

So, that’s why you haven’t seen an amazing reveal yet.  It IS coming, though.  I promise you that!!

Now if only I can just make good on my promise before this baby touches down!

I hope you’re in less of a pickle!  Happy Creating, Jessica


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