Decorating for the Year of the Wood Horse

Hi and Welcome Back, my ol pals!

It’s confession time.  And this involves me not being a very good friend.  I hate to admit that because you definitely deserve SO much better.  You know how you’ll have big news and then call your friend for the explicit purpose of spilling the beans, but get so caught up in their news or whatever and never get the right intro??  It just feels forced to blurt out something like, “I’m pregnant!”

Well, the cat’s outta the bag… or rather the belly is outta the shirt ’cause there’s no hiding this secret anymore.  Surprise!  Me is knocked up again!

And this little guy (oops another whopper I’ve been itching to share) is coming at lightning speed!  What have I done to prepare?  Ab-so-lut-ely nuthin’.

So, I am sorry!  But in all fairness if you had emailed me that you were pregnant, I could have had that perfect lead in!  I could have just said, “Me too!!”  So, really, this can’t be all me.  Right?

Are we going to make it through this?  Of course we are!  I need your help, and you love helping so our relationship really works – or at least I think it does!!



2014 is the Year of the Wooden Horse, which I think is super cool.  Right now our house is filled with one Earth Oxen, two Metal Rabbits, a Fire Dragon (my husband of course) and a Metal Monkey (me!).

So what can we expect from this little Earth Horse?  Apparently those born during the horse year are highly energetic, outgoing, spirited people with strong personalities that do not like to be constrained by rules.

Ooookkkkaaayyy.  Sounds good in theory, but a 4th boy with unlimited energy and a strong will to boot…?

Yeah, this should be interesting.

Maybe you were born in the year of the horse or know someone who’s expecting this year also?  Well, horses love the colors red, purple and green – energetic, vibrant colors to match their center-of-attention personalities – with areas for different activities, since horses tend to lose interest quickly.


Consider unique combinations of colors (perhaps a muted purple/gray instead?) and decor, to ignite their artistic side.



Or maybe just indulge in a horse theme?!  It’s really quite timeless and versatile!  I’d go more animal themed and less equestrian, but that’s just me!




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For the adult born in a year of the horse?  Keep your spaces welcoming so their restless spirit will always find their way home.  But of course, don’t skimp on the drama to accentuate their flair for entertaining.

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I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration this fine morning!

Have fun sharing some neat trivia and rubbing it in to your preggo friends – seems we’re in for a roller coaster of a ride!!

Happy Creating!  XOXO, Jessica


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