Week 3 of the One Room Challenge – Pool Bathroom!

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Holy, holy, holy.

3 weeks has gone mighty fast and there’s too much left to do.

Confession?  I started this bathroom at the end of January and it’s still being worked on.  I know what you are thinking.  That I cheated… and yes, I kinda did or am…  But you-know-what?  Who in the name of remodels can do a full bathroom gut in 6 weeks?!?!  And move all the plumbing?!?  That’s just crazy town and although I often reside there, my reno’s tend to err on the long vs the short side.  Why, oh why.

If you are just stopping in, you must see where I started!!  Week One and Week Two.

Linda, from Calling it Home is the boss lady here, and has invited all us humble bloggers to participate in her 6 week challenge.  Thank you sooooo much!!  It’s such a fantastic kick in the patootie!

This week it’s all about the walls!!

Just look at this gorgeous tile I’ve picked out


It’s from Porcelonsa, but I actually ordered it from Westside Tile.  I can’t say enough about them – Great selection and great staff!  Ann Marie, helped me, and she has fabulous taste, a sophisticated eye, and a delightful french accent.  Needless to say, we got along very nicely indeed!

Here’s what the tile looked like in the Beverly Hills showroom –

This is the sand color - still pretty amazing if you ask me!
This is the sand color – still pretty amazing if you ask me!

Poor me, I know.  After dealing with the horrendous parking and traffic, I have to admit it was pretty glamorous shopping.  And of course, I stopped into Ann Sacks.  I had to!!  Yes, the tile was amazing… not what I had in mind this go around, but there is A LOT of eye candy.

And here is what I put together for 2 other walls and the floor at Westside…


I knew I wanted porcelain floors.  It’s for my boys and they literally pee on everything.  I have been going nuts trying to get them to sit not stand while they’re on the travertine or marble… but try explaining the delicate nature of travertine to 2 year old twins.  Giggles and blank stares.

Durability!  Check!!  I picked a simple Avila Gris 12×24 for the floor and a fantastic 4×16 light gray subway for the walls to go the opposite direction of the wave pattern.

It’s all in me head… lots of ideas…

Speaking of awesome ideas, I splurged on radiant floor mats from Thermosoft.  Can you imagine how wonderful it will be on a cold morning to walk on heated floors?!  Luxurious… for these stinky boys that is!

Wiring for the mats
Wiring for the mats
Tile going in over the heated mats.
Tile going in over the heated mats.
The wave tile is going in!!
The wave tile is going in!! Did you notice my rad 36″ linear drain?! It will be tiled to match the shower pebbles. Not sure why this picture is soooo yellow?



And a quick mash-up of a bunch more triggers I’ve pulled!  The vanity and sconces are from Restoration Hardware, the task lights are from Lamps Plus, paint for the walls will be Tempered Gray from Valspar and the fan/light/heat combo is Panasonic, which ain’t pretty but is super necessary.  This model is the creme de la creme, but in my next life, I think I will design vents, fans and grills.  There’s just got to be better out there, am I right?!

Which pretty much leaves my shopping list to towels, rugs, accessories and art.

I’ve got a few DIY projects to share with you, and I’m doing my 34 week preggo best to finish them up!  I think they will be awesome – fingers crossed!!

So that rounds up my week 3 – insulation, drywall, heated floor mats and the birth of tile! I will definitely be happy to have less dust in the house in the next few weeks!!

Please check out all the other great bloggers/designers!  I try to catch 1 or 2 a day over hurried sips of tea.

Happy Creating!!  Jessica



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