Week 4 of the One Room Challenge – Pool Bath Remodel

Phew!  I’m back on-line baby!

It’s seriously been “one of those mornings.”  Woke up with no internet connection.  Zippo.  Nada.  And after my super awesome husband spent an hour with TW they finally said that one of their devices was no longer functioning.  That commenced to a mad scramble to get it all back and running and thank the technology gods, we’re back baby!  Whoo-hoo!

With all that excitement, you’d think I’d have some miraculous stuff to show you… well, not so much.  This week I tried my best to finish painting the bathroom, but dang, it’s time consuming work!!

Ed, the hub, took this pic while laughing at me.  I guess pregnant ladies balancing on toilets are funny to him.  It is kinda hilarious… what am I thinking?



I decided to paint the door and trim the same color as the rest of the house to keep it uniform, but there’s an issue.  Of course, right?!

Over the years, the color has yellowed and now it looks so white next to the other door.  Oy vey!  Can’t anything go smoothly?!  I’m still deciding what to do… my tired self just figures I’ll deal with later, because the thought of painting every door and moulding in the house seriously makes me want to cry.

Other than that, I’ve started my little art project which will be inspired by this…


I can’t show you more as I’m still working out all the details, but next week fo’sho!

I did purchase some new, fresh towels



and can you believe these great baskets were on clearance at HomeGoods?!



Only $10 each!!  And I think they will work perfectly for holding TP and sunscreen… or whatever else I can think of!

So, that’s it for this week.  I promise something really good next week and hopefully an early start with functioning internet!!

Happy Creating!  Jessica




  1. I have developed a thang for luxurious towels – and I really like the ones you’ve chosen! The baskets are a definite score! I love the tile – it looks perfect for a bathroom! Please be safe!

  2. I love that tile… I just recently put that same tile in my master bathroom, except with pattern going vertically. I can’t wait to see your art project!

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