How to Make a Rose Cupcake Display and other fun things!


How’s your week going?  I’m trying to finish up as much as I can for the finale of the One Room Challenge going down on Thursday morning.  SO MUCH TO DO CANNOT SIT STILL

Not good for my cankles, yo.  Week 37.  Oh, yeah that’ll be going down very, very soon too.  And do you think this kid’s got a clean car seat and bed to sleep on?  I swear, Next Week!!

But I wanted to continue the fun in sharing a few of my nifty projects showcased at Yaso’s Bridal Shower.

Namely, these


They are Rose-flavored, rose-shaped cupcakes on a rose bush.  And in keeping with the Mad Hatter theme, of course, they’re white roses that the queen has decreed should be promptly painted red.  I think I was the only one who got that reference, but I thought it was terrific.  (No confidence issues, here!!)

You can use this technique for ANY kind of cupcake!  Sky’s the limit!!

And do you know what?  They only cost me $2.50 to make!!  And seriously about 20 minutes each.

That’s bomb.

Start off by purchasing a strainer and 1/2 yard of felt.


Turn the strainer over, and cover it with the felt using hot glue.

Seriously.  That’s it.


Put in toothpicks were the strainer slits are.  Should be nice and snug.

And using the leftover felt, make some cute little leaves.


I made these a week before the party and on the day of, I simply secured the cupcake rose onto the toothpick.


Not too tough, right?!

How about a super cute cone display for popcorn or cotton candy or whatever else you can dream up??

All you need is a trash bin sold at most dollar stores, some ribbon and wrapping paper.


I used tape to secure the ribbon (in a basket weave pattern) and put a few drops of glue between the ribbon to give it more strength.


To make the cones, simply cut squares out of your paper.  Mine were 7×7 inches, and I secured them with a bit of hot glue.



Here is the Eat Me template I made for my heart shaped blueberry scones.


I cut these and poked ’em through tooth picks.  Yummy!!  I could totally go for a few of those right about now…


Another simple but charming little craft I did, was to gift each guest a vintage tea cup.  I used a butterfly punch to cut these out and they stood up perfectly on the rim!!


Hopefully there are some ideas in there that get your wheels spinning!

I’d love to see any photos that you may have of your celebration creations!!

And as always, Happy Creating!  Jessica


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