Unique Wall Hooks you might actually want to use

Hi Amigos!!

So. Ssssoooooo.  Today is my due date and yes, I’m still Kanga-ing it.  Need I say more?!

Any day now, kid.

In the mean time, we’ve been enjoying the sunny weather with lots of swimming and lots of messing up the new pool bath.  Seriously good times.

But now that we’ve got a zillion towels, wet suits, pool shoes (etc) I really, REALLY need to find a way to get these boys used to putting things where they should be vs leaving them all over the floor.

Long story short, I needs me some hooks and a lot of ’em STAT.

I’m thinking that something organic, maybe made of wood?, functional, maybe with dual functions?, would be right up my alley.  What are your thoughts on these??


Workerman wooden hooks – $22 for a set of 3


Round Mirror hook – $53 each


Stick Hooks – $25 for a pair


Numbered hooks – $69 for 6



Umbra Coat Hook – $40


Oak Hooks – $25

What do you think?  Do any of these scream, “I’m a hip and stylish hook.  Hang stuff from me, baby?”

Or am I missing some fabulous hook out there that would totally make my bathroom.  Share!

Happy Creating!  See ya all soon!  Jessica


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