Week 5 of the Pool Bath Renovation!!

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Yowza!!  Next week is the final reveal and I’ve seriously got to get my little act together.  I have a few projects that are in mid-process and some decisions that seem to be keeping me up at night.  Ah, the joys of redoing a room.  Is it bad that I couldn’t be happier?  I mean, how lucky am I to be stressing about where to find the perfect bath rug?!?!

Sometimes you just need to take a moment and laugh at yourself, right?!

Well, here’s where I am…

Door hardware is being updated.



Here you can see my paint dilemma still exists… and actually, I put in new hinges (no picture yet, sorry) and the door doesn’t fit now!!  Arg!  Can nothing go smoothly?

I need to finish up my open concept medicine cabinet.  I put this little cutie together using scap pieces of wood let over from The Mother.  Since there were several different types of wood, I opted for a dark grey stain, hoping it would make all the wood look similar.  Two coats down and we’re kinda getting somewhere!  Here are a few pics…

After painting the walls...
After painting the walls…
Moulding added and nice and sanded.  All taped for wood conditioner....
Moulding added and nice and sanded. All taped for wood conditioner….
1st Coat of stain
1st Coat of stain
2nd Coat of stain...
2nd Coat of stain…

After looking at these pictures, I’m thinking maybe two more coats.  It looks darker in person, but those brush strokes are killing me.  Then I’ll seal it all up with a few coats of poly.

Of course with that dark wood, I’ll need accessories that pop… just add that to the to-do list!!

The other few missing pieces?

Well, I need to get that shower guard made and installed!!

Kinda like this inspiration bath.

Patrick Dempsey's Bathroom
Patrick Dempsey’s Bathroom

Right now my shower area is all (Gasp!) exposed.

What else can I show you?

How about a neat place for a plug?  I didn’t want it in my beautiful tile, so I had the electrician put it on the side of the vanity.  Sooooo convenient!  He did that while adding a little mood lighting under the vanity to keep the whole room looking bright.

Lighting is such a game changer.


That’s about it for this week!

I managed to finish painting the walls, start my art project and get a few coats in on my open medicine cabinet and mirror shelf.

For this week?

  1. Shower Guard
  2. Get the door fixed
  3. Figure out where the towels will hang
  4. Finish the art and get it hung
  5. Finish the shelf and cabinet
  6. Functionalize and Accessorize
  7. Maybe, just maybe find the perfect rug??
  8. Give the whole room a good cleaning

That’s A LOT.

Better dig in and get my big girl pants on.

Please go to Calling it Home and see what everyone else is up to!!  It’s really so much fun to spy on someone else’s space!!

And thank you again Linda for letting me join in on the fun!  I’m so loving that bench and can’t wait to see the whole space!!

Happy Creating!!  Tootles, Jessica




  1. I like the open shelf very much, it’s a nice little detail. I didn’t know you could get a glass shower guard on short notice. What is your source for that, inquiring minds want to know! -Caitlin

    1. Of course! I ordered it from Tampa Glass in Northridge, CA. They came out this morning to measure and said it will be 3-5 business days… so this may or may not happen on time. Nuts! Still a good turn around time, though for such a custom piece since they have to notch out the brackets. I’ll keep you updated!

  2. I really like your recessed cabinet. The stain did a great job of covering the different species of wood – the color’s awesome too. Good luck with the remainder of the project, I hope you get your door situation taken care of.

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