Welcome to the world, Baby Arrow!

Hi Friends!

Can I introduce you to someone very, very special to me?  Actually, he’s the newest keeper of my heart – Mr. Arrow


If you’ve missed me, now you know where I’ve been… snuggled up next to an angel.  (I’m allowed some cheese in these situations, right?!)

But seriously, 4 kids in and I can attest that holding your baby for the first time never gets old and never gets any less amazing.  I’m high on baby scent and baby love… thank god, ’cause I’m just praying those are equal substitutes to sleep!!

Are you still mulling over the name Arrow?  It’s funny, people either gush that they love the name or have a quizzical look on their face.  Maybe it’s my love of Katniss, or the Green Arrow, or the symbolism of arrows as momentum with purpose, but I just think it’s a super cool name for my super cool son.  Yes, I can tell already – he can handle this name.  Plus, he’s got 3 older brothers, so good luck to the kid that tries to say sumthin’!!

It’s funny how, once we had decided on the name Arrow (or rather, our boys decided, whole other story there) I just saw arrows everywhere.  And I like.  I like ’em a lot.

Maybe you’d like your own little Arrow?

contemporary-stencils a954151c25c3c229ab6e918ee693342d f3b0076b6bc6e90e7834d33cf6dfcd09


Arrow Removable Wallpaper


Marquee Lighted Arrow


Arrow Fabric


Wood Art



Envelope Necklace


Vintage Arrow Sconce

Loads of fun arrow inspiration!

I’m still getting my bearings straight, but there is A LOT to share.  I’ve gotta get my post on!!

I can’t wait to show you all the colorful things I’ve been up to!

Happy Creating!  Tootles, Jessica


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