Ikea Hack – ROXO Kid’s Table

Hi Friends!

How is everyone doing?  I have been a super busy bee with Mr. Arrow and have been bad, bad, bad with the posting.  I have been up to some fun things around here, I just need to get my butt in gear and share.  I will just add it to my to-do list!!  Oy!

So, do any of you have kids running around?  If you do, you know how annoying it is to find cute kid friendly furniture that doesn’t cost a fortune.  Obviously, you’ll go to Ikea because that’s where we all wind up and most of us with the same crap-o-la table table.

Exhibit A – What I started with…


I bought this table, with the 4 chairs for like twenty bucks or something crazy like that, and went home thinking I was a genius.  Then, one by one, those POS chairs broke…most of them because of the cardboard seat that wasn’t even strong enough for a 2 year old.

That put me on the hunt for sturdy chairs that could handle some loco boys.  Insert these vintage chairs that I found at the Rose Bowl.  They are SO strong!  Perfect!  But they were way to tall for my cheap table.  I figured that while searching for an equally cute table I would just raise the height with legs from the hardware store.  I’m ashamed.  It’s so ugly.

But now I’ve redeemed myself!



I actually got this table for less than $10 dollars because Ikea bought my family lunch!  How rad is that?!?  (If you spend $100 at Ikea, then they will comp your lunch!  Love it!!)

Here’s a full list of what I used…

You can find the ROXO at Ikea for $29

A birch plywood sheet – $14

Green spray paint – had it left over

Plastic sheet – Dollar store hoard

Glue Dots – $4.95

Acrylacq Wood sealant, which is food safe – left over from the concrete counter project

You will also need – a sander, sandpaper, jigsaw with wood and metal blade, screw driver, clamps, paint tape.

Step one – Buy your table!  And the rest of the stuff.  Duh.


It comes in green and white and is part of Ikea’s outdoor furniture collection.  Dur-a-ble and hose-a-ble!

Step Two – Measure and cut your legs to size


This is when you will use your jigsaw with a metal blade.  You could use your Dremel but I find the jigsaw better for bigger jobs like this.

Then remove the table leg pads and reattach them.  Using a screwdriver made this a cinch!


Step 3 – Paint the legs… Optional, of course, but so cute!!


Step 4 – Table top Time!

Lay the table face down on your wood panel and trace the outline of the table onto the wood.


Then use your jigsaw with the wood blade and slowly cut your circle out.  Slowly, so that the edges are smooth and not wavy, k?!

Then sand the whole thing with 120, and 220 paper.  I wouldn’t recommend anything too coarse because this wood will chip on you.  And that would be a bummer, to say the least.

I made sure to round the edges with a detail sander too, just to make sure everything was super smooth.  You definitely don’t want rough edges on a kids table.

Finally, I used the Arcylacq sealant I had in the garage.  This stuff is seriously awesome – I love it!  3 coats and that wood was looking pretty sweet.

Step Five – Put it all together!

I purchased this,


and put a bunch of dots on the top of the table.  (Make sure to put them close to the edges.) Then I clamped the whole thing together and left it for 24 hours


Were you worried about messy glue?  I wasn’t feeling it either, and I have to say that these have held up really well.  Easy and no mess – can’t everything be like that?!


The kids are loving their new table and christened it the first day with lots of beautiful crayon marks.  They have just wiped right up.  Phew!


Overall, a great little project that you can do in a day or two!  I’d love to see your Ikea Hacks!!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Creating!  Jessica


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