Maybe Your Room Just Needs – A Moroccan Wedding Blanket!


I have long lusted over these amazing blankets.  Haven’t you?!?  The texture is incredible and can seriously turn a boring, flat bed into an instant statement piece.

Just see for yourself…

real blanket in room 3 ja

An authentic Moroccan Wedding Blanket is hand woven with lamb wool found in the Middle Atlas Mountains.  They are made by the women in the community weeks before a bride is to be married, given as a traditional wedding gift.  The blankets are said to be infused with Baraka, or blessings from God, for a happy union, fertility to the wife and protection from evil eye.  Though with a blanket this beautiful, can you blame anyone from having the wantsies?!

Each blanket is decorated with metal sequins/mirrors that are hand-stitched.  Obviously, the more embellishment, the more time it took to make the blanket and the more valuable it becomes.


Of course, I thought, what a perfect wedding gift for my bestie that just got hitched!

When I gave it to her and her new hub, I said it was a baby-maker.  Too much pressure?!

If you are interested in purchasing a blanket, there are several places you can look at.  I decided, in this case, to purchase from MoroccanTribal, a seller on Etsy.  You can see the blanket I got for my friend by clicking the link or see it below…  There are some on Ebay, but if you read the description, many times they are damaged in some way.  I might go that route for myself, in the future, but I didn’t want to give an imperfect blanket.


I opted for a blanket with more blingy areas and less fluff since I thought she would use that more and it would be easier to take care of.  But omg, in person, it’s so fabulous!!!  The sequins are not those dopey plastic things you’re used to seeing.  They are actual metal and make a little clinking sound when you move the blanket around – not an annoying sound at all, it’s actually pleasant.  The seller said that you could even wash it in the washing machine!!  But you must be careful to dry out the sequins or else they will rust.  Maybe dry cleaning is the way to go?!

Anyhoo, on the bed the blanket is amazing, right?  We’ve all seen this.  But I also told my GF that she could use it on the couch, hang it on the wall or use it as a rug.

So versatile.  Me want.  Me want real bad.

moroccan-wedding-quilt-sequins-sofa-couch-living-room-pillow-rug31 moroccan wedding blanket hanging on wall Moroccan-Wedding-Blanket-Handira-White-Outdoor-Patio

What do you think?  Are you as smitten as I am?  Would you just love one as a wedding gift?

Do you have one?  I would love to hear how you care for yours because one of these days… buhahaha… I will have one.

Happy Creating!  Ciao!  Jessica



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