The Mother Revisited – A few changes and a decision to be made

Hey, hey, hey!

How are my lovelies today?  It’s been a bit busy at the office so things around the house have been moving at a snails pace.  Actually, it’s been kind of nice to step back a little and survey the progress I’ve made.  Sometimes, at the end of a project tweaks need to be made and you may reconsider your original plan… Always be open to new ideas!

And in today’s case we’re talking about The Mother… my beaut cabinets that are still a bit too naked for my likes.

Today, here she is…. Notice anything different?


If you said hardware, then you are right!!

After buying and trying a BUNCH of different options, I went with these from The Home Depot.



Close up, you can see that they don’t match.  I debated a few options to get the same finish but ultimately, a little elbow grease and a steel wool pad did the trick!  Phew!  I was nervous about using rub n buff, or something similar, since that stuff is potent!  Every once in awhile (more like never) the solution is an easy one – thank you hardware gods!


I’m sure you’ve notice that I ain’t got no shelves.  Um ya, that’s a huge piece of the puzzle that needs to get done.

That’s where you come in!!  I need your decorator eyeballs… These are the options I’m considering.  What do you think?

Option 1 Option 3 Option 4Remember I made a little desk area to keep the vent open.  I’m still undecided as to whether I will actually use it as a desk, but having the option would be nice.

What does your gut tell you?

Hopefully, we can all decide soon since I’d love to get going on those shelves next week!!

Have a great day!!  Happy Creating, Jessica


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  1. I’m guessing these shelves are going to be adjustable? I hope so, so that if you change your mind on layout later you won’t want to kill yourself… I personally like the first completely symmetrical layout -but you could omit the one shelf above the work station for headroom.

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