C-Tables for the Family Room

Hola Amigos!

Ya gotta love a 3 day weekend, but man does time get away from you!  It’s already the end of the week and I have accomplished zippo.  Well, actually I did fix a sprinkler head… that I broke on Sunday.  Seriously, I think most of my time is spent on fixing stuff that went wrong or just maintaining the things that I like!!

As some of you know, the one room challenge is fast approaching.  I’ve all but committed myself to making over my family room space.  We are in there all the time and it really needs a bit o’ TLC.  So, with that in mind (and trying to be proactive) I’ve begun looking for two C-tables.

Do you have any in your house?  A coffee table is cool and all, but C-tables are so fantastic!  They’re exactly the right size for noshing on the sofa and enjoying a cup of tea.  Way back when, I used to have a little table for this very purpose, that my husband hated and I adored…anyway, that table was the first casualty of having children in the house.  It broke after a rough toss (as did my heart).

Sadly, that was years ago and no table has made me pull the trigger yet.  But maybe one of these will??  What do you think?  Am I missing a C-table option that you think should be on the list??  SPILL!


Siena – $199.00


Teak Side Table – 119.99 


Tray Table with Drawers – $59.99


Peekaboo Clear – $179.99


Adjustable Laptop Table – $149.99


Lumisource Zenn – $73.99

Truth be told, I do have a favorite in the bunch.  Can you guess?  I’m super digging the Crate and Barrel Siena, choice numero uno.  I think it will age well… I certainly don’t want another heartbreaking experience.  Once I commit to a C-table, it’s going to be for the long haul.

Happy Creating Peeps!!  Ciao, Jessica




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