Color Crush – Grenada Green

Hola Amigos!!

Are you back in the swing of things yet?  Me?  Uh, no… not quite.  But I’m feeling very inspired by this springy color!

It’s just so… well, it’s so welcoming and happy, and simply perfect on this stable.  I’m not sure it’s a color that I should add to options for my house, but I just LOVE the vibe!


It’s Benjamin Moore’s Grenada Green.  The trim is custom- Poo.



Dig the chairs and table?  Williams Sonoma and Ikea!!  They look fabulous together!

Inside, I think Benjamin Moore’s Macadamia on the rafters is genius.


In fact the color of this stunning stable is so sublime, it should almost be retired… or used only on stables, in the Bahamas by Ms. Amanda Lindroth.


You can see the full details here!

I hope this got your creative juices flowing!!

Happy Creating!  Jessica


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