Dining Room Reveal

Hi there Friends!

It’s been quite a battle getting this darn dining room photographed… it’s just that it’s always in use.  Not so much as an actual dining room, but it’s where I sew and have project stuff stashed.  It’s my space.  And my space is more often than not, messy.

But it’s time!!  And I can’t wait to show you my progress.  Is it done?  Nope.  But is it ever really done?  Never!!

Remember this picture?


This room was housing all the questionables… old table, that was definitely going, and a screen and cabinet that I loved, but didn’t know where to put.  I had the room painted that red color – which was not quite dark enough and the white chair rail DROVE ME NUTS.  And those vents!  Talk about an eyesore!

But here she is today!

IMG_0058The table was a gift from my grandmother and although it wasn’t my first choice, I think it looks fabulous in here!  I painted and reupholstered the chairs, which you can see here.

And those cabinets!?!  Follow the whole unfurling drama with The Mother Project tab, and you’re sure to understand why I call them “The Mother!”.  I still can’t believe I found these at the Restore!


Wow, I should have really put something on my table.  I need some styling help, Mrs. Henderson!IMG_0061 IMG_0062 IMG_0063 IMG_0065

This is the vase that started my whole collection.  It is from Ming Dynasty and I bought it in Japan.  It’s one for those… if there was a fire, what would you grab kind of things.

And the Buddha below?  Well, it weighs about 40lbs and is bronze.  It is 200 years old and was an anniversary gift from my loving husband.  It’s so beautiful that I stare at it all the time… well, that’s when we’re not having a conversation!



This side board needs something.  Right now it’s just screaming out for a treasure!  The screen is an antique that had a tear in it, so I got a great deal on it.  Nothing a little fabric glue (and steady hands) couldn’t fix!  And the glass art was custom made for my husband before we got married… there used to be 4 pieces, but well, you can imagine with 4 kids in the house.  I think that’s the one time I’ve seen a tiny tear form in his eye!!IMG_0069 IMG_0067 IMG_0068My focus was to make the space more inviting.  I really think the layered rugs add an element of fun and interest… it’s like you want to take your shoes off and have a coffee!  Oh, and if one rug gets messed up you can just stick in the wash!

That’s it for now!  I’d love to share some sources but everything in this room is either antique or vintage.  Crazy huh?!  (Well, except that sheep skin that I found at Home Goods about 2 years ago.)

So, what do you think??

I’d love your ideas on my side table… What can I do there?

Happy Creating!!  Tootles, Jessica



  1. I started following your blog because of this monster. I knew we were from the same tribe. It looks awesome. Love the color. I like the idea that your dining room gets used for things other than holiday meals. My sewing machine is perpetually on my dining table too, btw.

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