Long Narrow Hallways

I think about my hallway about as much as a coach debates their line-up… slight exaggeration?  Honestly, I think not, my friends.

Oh, my hallway.  I love it for the mere fact that it does get me from point A to point B.  But hallway, you are so narrow.  And hallway, you are so dark.  And by golly, hallway, you are so very long.  Why, oh why?!  What can possibly be done to inject some personality into you?  You just might be the space in the house I spend the most time in, (yes, there are LOTS of trips from point A to point B around here).

Here in lies my dilemma… there are many options and yet zero solutions.

Meet my hallway (again)

Bare Naked Hallway

It’s L shaped, so you run into the dead end, with two bedrooms on each end.  Or, of course you can turn left and head to the pool bath or master bedroom.

No windows = no light.  We do leave the doors open, but it’s still not enough.

While spending my few moments of peace thinking about this hallway, I’ve managed to amass a pretty nice list of “maybes.”  And maybe, it might help you too on your long narrow nemesis!

Make the Floor stand out – The easiest to do!  Add a runner, duh.



Embrace the darkness or lighten it up… all with just a change of paint color.  Not too hard to do!




Create a Focal Point at the end of your Hall – Much harder if there’s no space (Hello!!), but not impossible.



Create, or fake, architectural interest.  Uhmm… getting tougher…


Hallway Designer Thomas Pheasant_thumb[1]




Light that mutha UP!  (Yes!  I say only to remember that my ceilings are not all that tall.  Poo!)



And maybe, if you still have strength left, Tackle the Ceiling.

Shocking-Narrow-Hallway-Decorating-Ideas-for-Hall-Traditional-design-ideas-with-Shocking-gray-trim-greenSide note, do y’all see that gerbil thing hanging?  What is that?!?!

Or just hang some stuff… I’ve seen mirrors (which kinda creeps me out), photos of all sorts, kids artwork… whatever you like!  Sounds so easy, but it’s not (of course).



Most of these hallways, though, employ two or three of the options for maximum amazingness.

So back to my hallway pondering.  What do I want to do?  Well, I’ve decided that I’d like to use the hallway for one of my new burgeoning obsessions – Art.  Not just any kind of art, I’m really loving installation art.  How or where it will play, I’m not entirely sure yet, but I think that’s the direction I’m going to go.

What do you have in your hallway?  I’d love to hear your ideas!!  Or maybe see a few pictures of your favorites!

Happy Obsessing Creating!  Tootles, Jessica



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